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Santhosh was born & brought up in Mangalore, a beautiful city by the sea in India. He feels blessed to have had a beautiful childhood with all round love & affection from his entire family. He liked academics & went on to complete his studies in engineering & management. He was deeply influenced by his paternal grandfather who was a man with values, integrity and altruism. What connected Santhosh to him was also his devotion towards family and nobility in actions.

He comes from an Indian traditional family with strong beliefs in religious practices & sentiments. But he always wanted to understand their true meaning as part of human evolution. He was exposed to all the beautiful culture & festivals of India throughout his growing years in his family. However, with all the amazing aspects of the family, he was in the beginning driven by the forces around him to choose a path of materialistic abundance only, which was of course his own resonance since he had to learn the importance of matter in the journey of spiritual evolution. Spirituality was not a part of his life until his marriage to Haritha. It marked a new beginning; quite a profound one since she brought the essence of spirituality in his life that was missing till then.

He worked for 14 years across various corporate companies handling Sales & Marketing before deciding to embark on his inner journey with UCM, which was to become his life mission in the future along with Haritha. It was a sudden shift which was very surprising for his family & friends, but it was probably waiting to happen for a long time. The transition was smooth & seemed totally synchronised by Up Above.

For Santhosh, his spiritual journey started directly with the UCM teaching of 72 Angels, Dreams, Signs & Symbols Interpretation. He feels very blessed to have discovered, or should we say re-discovered, this knowledge in this life yet again that helped him to understand the real truth of life and importance of marrying the spirit and matter. It was probably a continuation of the Angelic knowledge from his past lives. He met Kaya & Christiane Muller at a Global Conference in Bangalore in 2013 and since then, they have been his spiritual teachers & guides to help him to learn to attain spiritual autonomy on his journey of self-realisation.

Santhosh, along with his wife Haritha, now lives in Goa & manages the UCM Foundation in India to help spread the dissipation of this knowledge of true spiritual autonomy. He loves being an eternal student under Kaya & Christiane who have been training him since 2014 to become a better person, which has helped him to connect to his important life mission with UCM to serve humanity with the light of wisdom.