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Claire Favre de Thierrens

Position: Project Manager,
Trained as a nurse and experienced in dream interpretation, Claire joyfully shares her insights into symbolic language, her environment and herself.
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Découvrez la biographie de Claire Favre de Thierrens.

Infirmière de formation et expérimentée en interprétation des rêves, Claire partage avec joie les compréhensions qu’elle peut faire grâce au langage symbolique, de son environnement et d’elle-même.

Claire discovered the teachings and research of the UCM Association on symbolic language a little over 10 years ago. This approach has given her a different way of approaching life, as well as a different way of practicing her profession.

By continuing this and by being involved as a volunteer for the UCM Association, Claire continues to learn and develop her approach to symbolic language, which allows her to better understand herself, but also to better understand the people she can help or support.

She shares this constant desire to improve with her husband Thibaut, who has also been involved in this journey for over 10 years.