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Claire Favre de Thierrens

Position: Project Manager,
Nurse by training and expert in dream interpretation & Angelica Yoga, Claire shares with structure and deep knowledge. She is a fascinating UCM teacher & lecturer to hear share her observations & symbolic discoveries. Claire lives a modern spiritual life every day and represents this constant search for balance.
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D├ęcouvrez la biographie de Claire Favre de Thierrens.

Infirmi├Ęre de formation et experte en interpr├ętation des r├¬ves & Angelica Yoga, Claire Favre de Thierrens partage avec structure et connaissance profonde. Elle est une professeure & conf├ęrenci├Ęre UCM fascinante ├á entendre partager sur ces observations & d├ęcouvertes symboliques. Claire vit chaque jour une vie spirituelle moderne et repr├ęsente cette recherche constante dÔÇÖ├ęquilibre.

Claire, who is an assistant professor at the UCM Teaching and Research Center and a nurse, is now one of the pillars and main educators and contributors to UCM in France and around the world and inspires with her devotion and knowledge of the multi-dimensions of consciousness. She worked for a few years as a nurse in a psychiatric ward and was very touched by the lack of resources, knowledge and deep understanding of mental illness. Having discovered UCM's teachings and research on symbolic language, this approach brought her an understanding beyond the words and the current basis of the medical systems in place. Today, her knowledge of consciousness, dream interpretation and symbolic language makes her one of UCM's leading experts in this cutting-edge field.

Her profession as a nurse, which has always been for her a mission of service to help others and to put into practice her personal development and her extensive medical knowledge, is a key to her destiny and also represents the will to heal oneself, to grow and evolve in physical and metaphysical consciousness.

The teachings she receives through her dreams, as well as the signs of her daily life, are for her based on a great logic and help her on a daily basis to marry spirit and matter in a concrete and metaphysical way. Claire has always had the desire to develop symbolic knowledge in order to truly discover the true meaning of her life and to transcend the illusions of appearance, which is why she has chosen to invest all her heart in the DSSI Training proposed by the UCM Association in order to become an expert in this field that has always fascinated her. A solidity and a great peace emerges from her when she analyzes and understands or explains a dream. She is one of the main assistants of the UCM research center and this mission is for her a real vocation on a daily basis.

The level of deepening of the symbolic language has now become in her a library of knowledge that only grows day after day through each analysis and revision in which she participates. This teaching, which has changed her life profoundly, is a revelation, because of its accessibility and universality, which allows for the real development of spiritual autonomy.

Claire is now an ambassador par excellence of the IRSS Training because she has personally discovered a wonderful support and mutual aid between teachers and students, through the evaluation and weekly review of the dream journal, which is a real springboard for evolution that allows a better understanding of each other to integrate this knowledge of the symbolic language.

She now participates every week as an assistant teacher in this great and beautiful mission with heart by supporting the IRSS Formation teachers in the revision of the students' assignments and dream journals. She is also now an expert in Angelica yoga, which she has practiced for many years with her husband Thibaut. Together they have built a love and emotional life in the heart of multidimensional understandings of the development of consciousness and it is with joy that they help and get involved in the UCM Association. Their participation in the Angelica yoga video project is a source of angelic inspiration and beautiful embodied experience. They have both become, through their great work on themselves, living examples of what the study of consciousness and the multi-dimensions of existence can create in us.