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Christiane Muller

Position : Vice-president, Founder,
Member of the Board of Directors: UCM Canada, UCM France, UCM Switzerland, UCM India, UCM Vietnam
Christiane Muller is Vice-President and co-founder of the UCM Teaching & Research Center. She has been a teacher, author, therapist and international speaker for over 25 years. A modern woman of her time, she inspires all those she touches with her wisdom and great emotional intelligence.
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Discover the biography of Christiane Muller.

Christiane Muller is Vice-President and co-founder of the UCM Teaching & Research Center. She is also a professor, author, therapist and international speaker for more than 25 years. A modern woman of her time and place, she inspires all those she touches with her wisdom and great emotional intelligence.

Christiane grew up in Geneva, Switzerland, in an affluent yet simple environment. Her parents were grocers on the rue de Lausanne. She spent her early childhood and adolescence in service, daily work and devotion. She helped her parents in the mornings and evenings, while continuing her studies. She was also raised by her great aunt who changed her life completely after her husband's suicide. 

At a very young age, Christiane identified with her aunt's search for compassion and humanism when, after an accident, her aunt lost her leg. However, through her kindness, she helped the missionaries and financed their work and Christiane followed her, inspired by her presence and her concrete actions to help others. Thus, from the beginning of her life, she was led to develop her emotional intelligence.

Live without expectations, and yet expect everything... - CHRISTIANE

After having raised her son alone following the separation from her first husband, Christiane began a career in banking in Geneva. She was a listed broker on the New York Stock Exchange and later became Human Resources Manager for a bank in Switzerland. She was also the assistant to the president of an American bank based in Geneva and held prestigious positions with the richest men in Europe. Her career was perfectly situated in the heart of material abundance. Everything was there, at her disposal, following a logical path in the sense that society perceives it.

However, Christiane's inner self was revealed during a trip to India in 1988. This trip plunged her into numerous reflections and questioning of her values, her life and her achievements. She began to question the true meaning of life and took an interest in various training courses in the field of personal development. She became a graduate in different techniques of personal growth and integrated humanitarian aid in her daily life. 

She was probably the first person to provide energy healing within the banking structures. Her bosses let her do it knowing that her influence could only be beneficial for the staff and the employees. At the same time, she devoted herself to accompanying people in terminal illness.

Obviously, as one moves forward in one's journey and develops inner faculties, one seeks to go further in order to become a better person. In helping others, Christiane opens herself up and discovers the strength and potential that resides in emotional intelligence (EQ), dreams, signs and symbols. 

In 1992, she voluntarily left her wealthy background and promising career and began giving workshops for the unemployed, teenagers and the elderly, helping them to understand the meaning of their lives and the trials that come their way. These experiences changed her profoundly and the material world became a much less important part of her life.

In 1994, she moved to Canada and deepened her ability to dream and understand symbolic language by meeting her future husband, Kaya. The similarity of their destinies is surprising. He too came from a background of abundance and had left everything behind in order to find answers to his existential questions. Both of them had worked on themselves, preparing themselves to follow their common destiny.

In 1996, Christiane Muller's first conference was held in the basement of her home in Saint-Sauveur-des-Monts in the Laurentians, Canada (Quebec). Five to six people listened for the first time to this white-haired lady share how the power of emotional intelligence guided her and helped her to transform her weaknesses and to live well through the changes, difficulties and initiatory trials along her path. All are touched by it. Her great strength, her beautiful charisma, her deep and sincere wish to help others, the news spread quickly by word of mouth and many requests arrived from everywhere in Quebec.  

Two years later, she and her husband gave conferences in more than 35 cities in French-speaking Canada as well as conferences in English in the New York area. In 2002, in Europe, Switzerland, France and Belgium hosted their conferences in 60 to 90 cities for many years.

Over the years, the couple has written numerous books, including bestsellers, which have been translated into several languages (already available in French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Vietnamese, and in preparation for Hindi, Romanian and Portuguese) and distributed in more than 43 countries worldwide. They regularly tour the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa offering conferences, workshops and training.

In 2014, with her husband Kaya, Christiane began the first cycle of the Dreams, Signs and Symbols Interpretation (DSSI) Training. The courses are given in French in Canada and Europe. 

One of the objectives of this training is to train professionals in the field of health (doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, nurses, caregivers), education (teachers, professors, educators, etc.), but also business people or any other person who wishes to develop his or her emotional intelligence and reach a  multidimensional consciousness through the study of symbolic language and the understanding of dreams, signs and symbols. 

Since 2016, the DSSI Training is also offered in English in India, and in February 2017, it began in Vietnam.

In addition, the couple presents with the team of UCM and the Swiss Foundation Source Code Technology (SCT), The +|- Code School Program in India, USA, France, Vietnam and other countries. This unique and innovative program is already reaching thousands of young people around the world. Other schools are continually joining this fascinating school program that inspires youth to understand the importance of healthy and balanced development of emotional intelligence in order to use physical and metaphysical knowledge in the right way, and to learn to marry mind and matter.

Christiane and her husband Kaya are founders of the UCM Teaching & Research Center, a non-profit organization now established in Canada, France, Switzerland, Belgium, India and Vietnam.

In 2010, the UCM Therapeutic Care Clinic was created with many therapists and now welcomes hundreds of patients each year for consultations on the interpretation of dreams, signs and symbols, as well as the symbolism of lived situations in order to develop emotional intelligence and understanding of the cause of illness.

They also work closely with their daughter Kasara and her husband Anthony Di Benedetto in the many projects of UCM, which is experiencing great growth around the world.

Love is the most beautiful source of life... - CHRISTIANE