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Understanding Symbolic Language

The symbolic language is the Source Code of our consciousness, which is like a living computer.

The code of consciousness

The symbolic language, which is the basis of dream interpretation and the decoding of signs and symbols, makes us understand that behind each person, each object, each situation or event there are states of consciousness related to qualities and/or weaknesses.

Everything is a symbol

Thus, everything that exists in the universe - cars, boats, rockets, planets, wind, policemen, firemen, tsunamis, volcanoes, etc. - also exists within our being in the form of states or fields of consciousness. That is to say, every object, every color, every character, every animal represents forces that exist within us. In reality, everything that is created is created first and foremost on the metaphysical level, within our being, in the form of states of consciousness.

Dreams are a movie, whose setting is a part of us, in the form of symbols

When using symbolic language to interpret dreams, one must always be aware of the fact that the elements that make them up (people, objects, scenes, atmospheres...) translate first of all states of consciousness, as well as qualities or weaknesses, or a mixture of the two, in terms of percentages; these indicate whether a dream has a positive or negative tendency