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UCM artists

Creative geniuses who have made a magnificent contribution with their talent and inspiration.

A painter with an extraordinary talent... An extraordinary light in his works, which reflect the depth of his journey.
Dominique Grelot
An exceptional draughtsman and painter with a natural talent... A deep dimension in each of his works, both modern and spiritual.
An artist, draftswoman with so much heart and freshness in her creations... Happiness and hope illuminate each of her drawings.
A draftswoman and painter who uses art as a spiritual path... with a real natural talent for symbolic illustrations.


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For decades, hundreds of people around the world have supported UCM on a daily basis. Thank you to all these heroes who are dedicated to making this planet a better place, one dream at a time.


Creative geniuses who have contributed with their talent to the diffusion of the UCM Teaching and Research Center.