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Understanding Angels

Modern and inspiring courses presented by Christiane Muller, to understand what an Angel represents, and how their energy can manifest itself in our daily lives.

Understanding Angels

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Ange 29 Reiyel - Reaching the High Peaks (English version)
To develop the spiritual autonomy that leads to the highest summits of consciousness.
Date: 29/August/2022
Time: 09:30

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Becoming better, one Angel at a time.

Angel 11 Lauviah - The inner victory (English version)
Envy or reject celebrities. Likes that create joy or sadness. And the real Success that confers the feeling of Victory.
Angel 16 Hekamiah - The Divine Laws (English version)
Feeling betrayed. The complex problems of the ego. And developing leadership by being loyal to the Divine Principles.
Angel 23 Melahel - Natural Medicine (English version)
Disease, a curse? When vegetarianism creates dualities. And find the properties of medicinal plants in oneself.
Angel 27 Yerathel - Radiating full confidence (English version)
Being overconfident or lacking confidence. Being optimistic without becoming hyper positive. And understanding to regain true self-confidence.
Angel 34 Lehahiah - Obey what is right (English version)
Being bullied by a "dictator". Stress in the face of responsibility. And understanding true obedience and authority.
Angel 38 Haamiah - The sacred meaning of rituals
Making sacred to transform the monotony of everyday life. Possession and exorcism. And stories of extraordinary love.
Angel 71 Haiaiel - The true inner hero (English version)
Unresolved conflicts. To shield oneself from feeling one's own sensitivity. And the ability to find the hero within.
Angel 9 Haziel - Universal Love (English version)
When love makes you cry, envy or create a striking void. The smooth talkers. And true Love.
Angel 14 Mebahel - Commitment to what is right (English version)
Under- or over-help. To be able to say no to respect one's values. And activate a true altruism to help Humanity.