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Blanaid Rensch

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Assistant Professor
Swiss Team
Originally from Northern Ireland, Blanaid is fluently bilingual in French and English and has been a dedicated translator of UCM books for many years. She is also a teacher by profession.
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Discover the biography of Blanaid Rensch.

Blanaid was born in Northern Ireland into a happy family of 7 children. After successfully completing her university studies in teaching French and English at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland, she accepted a teaching position in Switzerland, where she settled, married and started a family. She still teaches English in a secondary school there today.

After fulfilling all of her childhood wishes - to marry a good man, to start and raise a happy and healthy family, to find a job that would allow her to complement her life as a wife and mother with a meaningful career, she found herself, at the age of 40, wondering what could brighten up her daily life, which had by then become quite routine. She felt a slight dissatisfaction since her childhood dreams had been fulfilled and wondered what the next step could be. She began to think deeply about the meaning of life. There had to be a deeper meaning and purpose to our existence, right?

The absolute certainty of the reality of a Higher Power had awakened powerfully in her at the birth of her two sons, and she felt the call to rediscover that Connection after many years of experiencing the material. Organized religion did not have the answers she was looking for; however, she remained very grateful for all that she had learned there. The multitude of books she read and lectures she attended, while helpful, had only a short-term effect on her; they either lacked depth or were not practical or logical enough to feed her deep and abiding desire for Truth.

Then came a meditative period in her life, where she spent a lot of time alone, regularly taking long walks in the forest and questioning herself in her search for the real and profound meaning of Life. It was then that she encountered the Teaching of Traditional Angelology. Through a brochure announcing conferences, including one given by Christiane Muller, received by mail in October 2003, Heaven answered Blanaid's question by making her meet this practical, logical philosophy, bringing changes and improvements at all levels.

A little reluctant at first, Blanaid remained open-minded and after reading the first Angel Book, she attended a conference and discovered a Teaching that proposed self-reliance... a Teaching that showed people how to spread their wings and fly on their own... a Teaching that opened her horizons to the vast potentials of human evolution... a Teaching that spoke gently but deeply to her being, to her soul...

She decided to practice the recitation of the Angelic Mantras thoroughly, and indeed, not only did she begin to dream more often, but she also began to remember them in detail. Gradually, she discovered the Source Code of Life and the treasures of the symbolic language and the world of dreams, signs & symbols, as well as the real and deep meaning of Life on Earth: the development of qualities and virtues, to evolve and become a better person. From that moment on, she felt that all her past knowledge and experiences were merging into this profound and practical Teaching. Blanaid felt that she had found her spiritual home.

To express her gratitude to Kaya & Christiane Muller for their wonderful, generous Teaching, she offered to translate their work into her native language, English. Thus began a wonderful adventure as a member of the UCM team, which continues to lead her to deeper and deeper understandings and learnings. Every day is filled with new discoveries about herself... about Life...

Blanaid successfully completed her DSSI Certificate courses in 2016 and is currently a DSSI Bachelor's student. She is deeply pleased to offer her support as an assistant teacher and continues to enjoy the privilege and honor of translating this Teaching, which has enhanced her own life so profoundly and on so many levels.

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