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Benefits of Angelica Yoga

When you combine a movement with a deep intention, with pure Quality, you become it, ever more deeply.

The cleansing of our memories

A regular practice of Angelica Yoga helps us to cleanse our memories, weaknesses or unconscious blockages, to transform them into positive strengths, into extraordinary potential.

Self-improvement through knowledge, understanding

Any profound process of transformation requires knowledge, awareness and deep understanding of oneself.

Activation of dreams and the ability to remember them

Angelica Yoga activates dreams, that is, our ability to connect with our unconscious and the multi-dimensions of our soul states, thoughts and actions, offering us keys to evolution.

The ability to recognize and decode everyday signs

In order to unite Spirit and matter, to remain spiritual in the heart of action. By practicing Angelica Yoga on a regular basis, our daily life becomes a meditation.

Opening the heart and developing emotional intelligence

When we practice Angelica Yoga, we rediscover our immense hidden emotional potential, our capacity to love unconditionally, to open our heart, while doing so with wisdom and discernment.

The opening of the third eye and the development of spiritual intelligence

Our spiritual powers are activated and our vision and understanding of ourselves and life expands.

In summary

In summary, this initiatory yoga helps us to discover our universal, angelic nature. 

Through the power of the recitation practice combined with sacred movements, there is an opening of consciousness that allows us to get in touch with what is hidden in our unconscious regions.

Then, gradually, Angelica Yoga brings out from the depths of our soul the most beautiful and pure aspects of our being, until we embody the Angelic Qualities, Virtues and Powers fully, on all planes and in all spheres of our life.