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Position: CEO & Founder,
Member of the Board of Directors: UCM Canada, UCM France, UCM Switzerland, UCM India, UCM Vietnam
Francis L. Kaya is CEO and founder of the UCM Teaching & Research Center, established in several countries. He is also a professor, author, editor, international speaker and specialist in the field of emotional intelligence, dream interpretation, signs and symbols. Kaya is recognized worldwide as the foremost expert on dreams and the unconscious mind.
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Francis L. Kaya is CEO and founder of the UCM Teaching & Research Center, established in several countries. He is also a professor, author, editor, international speaker and specialist in the field of emotional intelligence, dream interpretation, signs and symbols. Kaya is recognized worldwide as the foremost expert on dreams and the unconscious mind.

I can tell you about dreams... I have had so many every night for over 20 years... Today I understand that our life is like a dream... that we grow through our experiments and mistakes... that even the negative is a school where we learn to improve. - KAYA

This extraordinary philanthropist inspires millions of people around the world with his example of devotion and humanitarian aid. His ability to understand and explain the workings of emotional intelligence and human consciousness with symbolic language is a source of truly profound knowledge. Through his kindness, his eloquence and his depth, he makes us discover the importance of our inner potential and our autonomy of consciousness... He helps us discover the deep meaning of life, in all its facets...

The dream is a reality... The reality is a dream... - KAYA

His journey and his path testify that each human being has the power to improve and transform his life, to rebuild it positively. His life story reveals the multiple stages and changes he went through to become an exceptional philosopher, a visionary of modern times...

The knowledge of symbolic language will become one of the major insights of our century... The revelation of the understanding of consciousness... for symbols are expressions of our memories and constitute the foundations of our being... - Kaya

In the 90's, during an intense period of self-work, which always continues, Kaya methodically studied his dreams in order to find coherence in his nightmares and his deep questions about symbolic language. He emerged from this period inspired to devote his life to research in the areas of emotional intelligence, dreams, signs & symbols.

It's easy to build evil, but it destroys itself with time... When you build good, it's not easy, it takes time, but it stays forever after... - KAYA

Today Kaya teaches at several universities around the world as a specialist in symbolic language and is a frequent guest lecturer in this field. His students include doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, professors, business people, etc. He shares with his wife Christiane Muller this devotion to teaching and helping humanity understand the multi-dimensions and powers of consciousness and the unconscious.

Together they wrote books, including several bestsellers translated into several languages. In 2001, the couple founded with their philanthropist friend and lawyer Jean Morissette the UCM Teaching & Research Center, a non-profit organization now established in several countries including Canada, Switzerland, France, Belgium, India and Vietnam. Now, a team of authors, designers, editors and translators, as well as more than 1000 volunteers from many countries collaborate with an altruistic conscience in this wonderful story that has become UCM.

In 2010, the UCM Clinic was created and now receives several hundred patients per year from all over the world. The UCM Clinic offers holistic health care with therapists from several countries to understand the interpretation of dreams, signs & symbols, and also to study the events of our lives through the importance of emotional intelligence to get in touch with the information contained in our memories. The Clinic is also a wonderful support to be able to become aware of the true causes of illness and dis-ease. This new approach is based on symbolic language that reveals the interaction and interconnection of the metaphysical and physical planes.

Happiness is simple... It's when you want it too much that it's complicated... - KAYA

In 2014, the first cycle of the DSSI Training (on the Interpretation of Dreams, Signs and Symbols) began with courses given by Kaya and Christiane and a team of teachers in Canada and Europe. One of the objectives of this training is to train new therapists and teachers and to open up the medical community (doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses, care workers) to this approach. 

Since March 2016, the DSSI Training is also held in India, and in February 2017 began its first cycle in Vietnam. Kaya also offers in several countries the +/- Code School Program designed through the Source Code Technology (SCT) Foundation of Switzerland in collaboration with the UCM Teaching & Research Center of Canada. 

This innovative program helps children of all ages understand the workings of emotional intelligence (EQ), symbolic language and the interpretation of dreams, signs & symbols. Thousands of students are benefiting from this program and the number of schools joining this unique and fascinating school program is growing every week.

Kaya has also published a major work in the field of dream, sign and symbol interpretation: The Dictionary, Dreams-Signs-Symbols, The Source Code which has already become a worldwide reference and bestseller. This unique dictionary is for Kaya the fruit of more than 25 years of work and research, and during the last 10 years, of collaboration with a team of over 100 people, including doctors, nurses, therapists, teachers, etc.

As part of the SCT Switzerland Foundation, Kaya is currently working with a team of computer engineers to implement a new, highly advanced technology that will be used in the medical and therapeutic world as well as in education. In 2018, an office of computer scientists was set up in Goa, India, where SCT's engineer and computer specialist, Jean-François Bohémier, leads a team of computer scientists and researchers.

In addition to his work as a teacher, Kaya gives interviews around the world to promote the importance of understanding our emotional intelligence, our dreams and the signs we continually receive in our daily lives. 

He also regularly presents webinars in English and French - Decode Your Dreams - which offer participants the opportunity to learn about the decoding and interpretation of dreams, signs & symbols, and to deepen their knowledge of symbolic language.

He shares the happiness with his wife Christiane, of living this Life Mission with his daughter Kasara and her husband Anthony Di Benedetto. Kaya and Christiane are now grandparents to four grandchildren, and seeing them grow up healthy, surrounded by love and care, is one of life's greatest gifts to them.

Today, Kaya is the world reference in the science of the unconscious, symbolic language and understanding of memories. He is the bearer of a unique wisdom that inspires all generations... By his kindness, his humanism and his depth... His simple presence transforms us... Brings out the best in us...

The more you understand the world, the more you will love it... - KAYA