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Dru Delmonico

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Assistant Professor
Swiss Team
Dru is an artist at heart, originally from California, she lends her voice to the Angelica Yoga video project. She is also an assistant professor at the UCM Teaching & Research Center.
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Discover the biography of Dru Delmonico.

Dru's background is in Classical Studies, which she sees as a wonderful study of the human condition: as we discover the core of what we share with our ancestors, we can also appreciate how much humanity is changing. Dru returned to school for a second degree in Computer Information Systems, during which time she developed an interest in interactive learning methods and educational design and publishing.

It is a joy for her to be able to put her skills to work for UCM, participating in the development of the website, translations, evaluations, proofreading, and having made the recordings of the English version for the Angelica Yoga videos. For Dru, serving humanity and helping the non-profit UCM organization as a volunteer are particularly profound and humbling experiences - to connect with others and share Knowledge.

Dru is originally from California and discovered UCM with her husband Nils during one of Christiane and Kaya's tours. It was Fate that arranged for them to host the founders of UCM, a visit that would change their lives. After moving from the Bay Area to Nils' native Switzerland, she began the DSSI Training (Dreams, Signs, Symbols Interpretation), which will transform her, both individually and as a couple.

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