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Decode your Dreams

Every night, you dream and experience intense things, but you don't always know how to understand them... With Kaya, discover the multi-dimensions of dreams through these conferences presented live every 2 weeks. An expertise of more than 25 years in the interpretation of Dreams, Signs and Symbols.

Decode your Dreams

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Other themes to discover

The pilot’s paradox – 10.06.2024
The doubts of a future pilot. Lizards at 3000m. And a radical change...
The tenant’s turmoil – 27.05.2024
A rich tenant. Mike and the Baba. And a sad wedding party.
Naked art and train sleepover – 13.05.2024
An art lesson turning into a naked bath. Trying to sleep at the train station. And a fruity restaurant invitation.
Back to the past – 29.04.2024
A visit from the future. A harsh teacher. And a risky van rooftop.
Inside the well – 15.04.2024
Rescuing my son. Following the white tiger. And more than friendship ?
Memories of Chennai – 01.04.2024
Colonialism inside a cupboard. Trusting too much. And a reparation inside a furnace.
The dark in the mountains – 18.03.2024
A mountaintop house. Zig-zag on the roads. And the coming of the dark...
Loving like a leopard – 04.03.2024
A situation at work and beyond. Dispersion at a kissing challenge. And deep teachings about love.
Constipated on vacation
Constipated on vacation – 19.02.2024
A lady with a necklace. A boy's letter. And a challenge in the toilets.