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Meditation and Mantras

The mantras take us far beyond time and space, through the multiple realities of our inner and outer life.

The Angelica Mantra

An Angel is not a little man with wings, but rather a metaphor that represents our ability to dream and travel in the multi-dimensions of our consciousness. And basically, working with angelic mantras is simple, just repeat the name of an Angel, like a mantra, for at least five days; this way we focus on the development of a specific quality that it represents. 

An Angel is our Qualities at 100 %

What is Mantra Meditation?

It is a work of purification, of transformation of our negative memories into positive memories. Thus, the memories that are tainted with distortions are rectified one after the other by the mantra, if we do it with a qualitative intention. In this way, we focus our will on purity. In this work, the intensity of our intention is an important aspect.
An intensification of concentration and focus occurs in all those who discover that spirituality is not a hobby, but a profound process of transformation that leads us through multiple initiations, which are all stages on the path of the purification of consciousness.
Throughout our lives, we record all kinds of experiences, just like a computer records data. Thus, all our fears, sufferings, limitations, but also all our qualities are recorded and influence our behaviors and our feelings on a daily basis.

Become the Qualities

It is then possible to gradually become the Qualities represented by an Angel, to integrate new knowledge and potential as well as to change our memories and who we are. Depending on the content of the memories located on the affected ray, the Angel manifests in a pure way, or brings out our human distortions. But He manifests Himself, it is absolute. Thus, and this is extraordinary, we meet in our dreams and in everyday situations exactly the characteristics of the invoked Angel.

The mantra activates dreams

By paying attention to our dreams and the situations we experience, we can recognize their content in the lists of human qualities and distortions associated with the Angels. This allows us to consciously participate in the work that the Angel is doing and to have a very precise map of our consciousness and of our travels via our dreams in the multi-dimensions of the Parallel Worlds.