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Angelica Yoga

Angelica Yoga is a yoga that combines qualitative intention with movement to build balance between body and mind. It is for all those who wish to improve their inner and outer health.

Angelica Yoga

A yoga of consciousness

Angelica Yoga - 1.1 The Celestial Bow
Heavenly Reverence - Angelica Yoga - Lesson 1.1
This exercise leads us to live the sacred meaning of...
Angelica Yoga - 1.2 The Golden Heel
The Golden Heel - Angelica Yoga - Class 1.2
Each step of our daily life becomes more conscious and embodies...
Unification - Angelica Yoga - Class 1.3
This powerful exercise helps the practitioner to reharmonize his or her polarities...
The Celestial Plug - Angelica Yoga - Lesson 1.4
This exercise favors the union of the two polarities, feminine, interior...
Circle with the dot - Angelica Yoga - Lesson 1.5
Through the movements and the mantra accompanying this yoga, the...
The Suspension Bridge - Angelica Yoga - Lesson 1.6
Allows our being to integrate a new structure both internally and externally.
Energetic Advancement - Angelica Yoga - Lesson 1.7
This way we can move forward with more stability in our...
Awakening to Divine Power - Angelica Yoga - Lesson 1.8
The discovery of the Divine Power is part of the path of...
Elevating the Senses - Angelica Yoga - Class 1.9
This yoga allows us to create the alchemy within ourselves and to...