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Haritha Nayak

Position : Director India,
Haritha is now the Director of the UCM Teaching and Research Center in India. She has a fascinating background as a teacher, therapist and lecturer based at the UCM Center in India.
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Discover the biography of Haritha Nayak.

Haritha Nayak grew up in a town in the Himalayas in India. Born into a family where spirituality was important, she wondered about the meaning of life from childhood. Her parents were lawyers, and when she was little and her weight was very light, her father used to swing her crib by putting his Law books on one side. As a child, she spent most of her time with her grandfather, who would tell her about the ancient sages, Vedas and Yogis and help her chant Mantras. She often sat in silence and meditated focusing on her third eye, the 6th chakra, believing that this was the point of communion to connect with the Divine. She regularly saw people around her praying to God asking Him to fulfill their desires, but she was not comfortable with this. So one day she asked her grandmother, a very spiritual person, what was the wisest thing to ask God. She said, "We have been given everything we need to learn to be a better person, so we should only ask God to give us strength and patience if we have to go through difficulties to learn something. This sentence had a great effect on her. As she grew up, she became interested in the Buddha. One day in class, she was introduced to the Buddha's teachings and when she heard the mantra "Buddham Sharanam Gacchami...", it acted as a positive trigger in her and she cried tears of Joy.

Teaching came naturally to her. At only 8 years old, she was teaching children in her community about multiple subjects. Being an excellent student herself with an interest in computer science, she did her Bachelor's degree in Computer Applications. During her first year of graduation, she was already teaching computer language and programming at an institute in her hometown to students doing their master's degree in computer science and engineering. She went on to complete a Master's degree in Administration at one of India's most prestigious women's universities, Banasthali Vidhyapith. She moved to Bangalore in 2007 for her job at Bennett, Coleman & Company in their internet division. Since the universe had planned a synchronicity, the first day she started her job, she met Santhosh, her twin soul and now her husband, knowing that she would live her whole life with him and that they would learn together. After a seven-year career in different companies in India, such as the Times of India, Oracle and Lenovo, she began to receive signs to take the next step in learning. Since childhood, she had been receiving powerful dreams, knowing that there was a message in them, but at that time, she could not understand them. Her soul was continually searching for the right guidance to come into her life.

Finally in 2012, after experiencing a rewarding career, Haritha decided to explore the true meaning of her life and went to Rishikesh, to an Ashram on the banks of the Ganges. She stayed there for some time but her soul was demanding more and was searching for the absolute truth. In this quest, she went on a silent retreat in the Buddhist tradition and for the first time felt peace within her. Still feeling that something was missing, she learned past life regression techniques and became a therapist in 2013. She still asked the universe every day to bring her the true knowledge intended for her soul's evolution. And finally, she received the answer to her prayers in October 2013 when she met Kaya and Christiane at Pyramid Valley, Bangalore. As she looked at them, she felt that she had known them before; this was not the first time she had met them. The purity and depth of Kaya and Christiane's energy made her feel as if she had found what she had been searching for, for so many lifetimes. In talking with her, Christiane suggested that she invoke the Angel 65 Damabiah to understand the real meaning of the nightmares she regularly received as a child. This was her first experience with this work and even though she chanted the mantra of the Angel Damabiah for only 5 minutes before falling asleep, the recurring nightmare ended for the first time and never returned! Before attending the workshop the next day, she had already read everything on the UCM website and knew her birth angels. The workshop aroused even more curiosity in her, however, she knew with joy that this was the path that would answer all her questions and take her on a deep inner journey. It was the beginning of a new evolution for her. Christiane very kindly offered to help Haritha progress on her journey of working with the 72 Angels and the Dreams. She began to work with the Angelic calendar to invoke the Angels and to record her dreams. Christiane continued to help her understand the inner programs she needed to work on to become a better soul. This work on oneself with the Angels, which leads to the discovery of memories buried deep in the subconscious and helps to cleanse them, is the most profound work she has found. She learns and experiences her inner world every day and is on the path of inner transformations via the DSSI Training (Dream-Sign-Symbol Interpretation) under the guidance of UCM professors.

Haritha, under the guidance of Kaya & Christiane Muller, is now sharing the knowledge of Angelica Yana in India and Asia. She is supported and inspired by her husband Santhosh in this Angelic Mission, who also follows the DSSI program. Together, they are now working with devotion to bring the UCM teachings to people who have waited for Deep Knowledge, to understand and connect to the source code of their soul and one day Become Angels!