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Have you ever felt that someone was hearing what you were saying, but not really listening? Are you yourself sometimes distracted when someone is talking to you? Are you really, truly present? Or is there a part of you that tries to speed up, control or escape the conversation? Have you ever wondered how some people do it, to have that attentive listening that makes it seem as if nothing else exists around them, just for the time of that exchange... Who are fully present? It is symbolic listening, the listening with symbols... That makes us understand the hidden realities, and allows us to connect deeply with the other...
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But... What are memories? How do they function? How do they work within? Where do they come from? Why are they there? Can we change them? What effect do they have on a life? Can it affect me personally? At work? Socially? Here is an article that will answer these different questions...

What are memories?

Memories are codes in our thoughts, emotions and actions that have been recorded from the past and influence the way we think, feel and act today. It is also important to know that these codes also influence our future, hence the importance of rectifying them  if they are not programmed in a positive way.

Memories are created on all levels - spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical. Memories are recorded since our birth and even before. Thus, all the experiences and emotions, both positive and negative, that we have lived through are recorded in our memories, our inner hard drive.

Positive and negative memories

The positive memories help us to manifest the qualities we have developed, to live and to concretize the beautiful work we have done in the past and that we transpose in the present.

Negative memories show us what we have accumulated through our negative experiences in our thoughts and actions, which we need to work on, clean up and transform in order to evolve on all levels. Otherwise, the same difficult patterns will tend to repeat themselves in our lives.

Understanding our memories

We can understand our memories with the help of symbolic language (because everything is a symbol), meditation, the law of resonance (we attract everything we are, in the positive, but also the negative) and of course, through our dreams. Learning to interpret our dreams is a very advanced, even avant-garde way to understand our memories, who we are, what we are becoming, and what we need to rectify to become a better person. Dreams are the portal to the unconscious where we can access the memories of this life that we have forgotten, or are not aware of, and through symbolic language we can analyze and transform our memories.

It is important to see our memories in terms of percentages. Because if, for example, we are shown in our dreams that we have a feeling of superiority, that we seek social recognition, or that we have too much need to please, it does not mean that we are only that. We have to see it as a percentage that needs to be transformed to keep improving 🙂

Impact of Memories on our lives

Personal life

Sometimes we may wonder why we had a difficult childhood, why we have difficulties in our relationship or in our family. Memories play an essential role in our current life and give us information that tells us what we need to learn. For example, if we have been harsh and hurtful with a spouse in the past, then through the Law of Karma, we will experience the difficulties we have caused the other person to go through, to learn what that feels like and not repeat that behavior.

We do not have to receive the lesson in the exact form, but it can be through different situations and with different people in our personal lives. For example, if we were unfaithful to our spouse in a past life, then we can experience that same pattern in this life, or another, to learn the importance of fidelity and the harmful consequences it brings.

But there are also wonderful experiences that we can have on a personal level, like a loving and caring family, a balanced intimacy that are the result of positive memories and that sow beautiful things for our future.

Professional life 

Another area of life where people ask "why" is work. Why a difficult boss? Why the lack of recognition at work? Why is there sometimes inequity or too much ambition, competition? Etc... This shows that in our memories we carry % where we were (or created) what we encounter, where there was favoritism, abuse of power, ego games, etc.

But no matter what situation you are in, you are there to learn. We learn to be kind, patient, respectful, not to seek recognition and praise in work... We learn the true meaning of work, which is to develop qualities and virtues. And when we stop rebelling or positioning ourselves as victims, we improve, we move on to the next stage and new learning and opportunities open up.

When we are able to show up well at work and have a healthy environment, respect others and are respected and given great opportunities to grow, we live out the positive memories we have built.

Social life

Some people are very comfortable in social life and have no fear of public speaking; while others have difficulty being comfortable. Again, this is all due to the memories that one has recorded over many lifetimes.

If a person has experienced humiliation, judgment and rejection at the social level, he or she will tend to run away from society, not to have confidence in him or herself, to feel inferior and be afraid to express his or her opinion, etc. And understanding this can help us to have more compassion and better accompany the person in the overcoming of oneself and in the rediscovery of one's deep qualities.

Memories create who we are today

We record memories at all levels of our life and every day... Through these memories, we live the life we ourselves have created. Since the purpose of life is to develop Qualities and Virtues, it becomes essential to understand our memories and the impact they have on our present life.

We can rectify our past mistakes by analyzing them, by applying the law of resonance, and especially by having the Will to change our internal and external patterns that make us go around in circles, or that bring negative situations. Memories show us our own reflection and once we understand them, we understand their impact and we have the power to change our lives for the better.

Know that it is never too late to choose to work on ourselves, on our memories, to find our deepest strengths and our full potential.

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The exorcism... Is it real? What does it mean? Is it a good thing? Or is it negative? Are we sure that the evil will not come back later? Or in another form? Is it possible to free oneself for good? How can we face the darkness in ourselves or in the world around us, without falling in the dark ourselves?

What does the symbol of exorcism represent?

Let's start with the definition of exorcism: "Religious or magical practice, involving certain formulas and ritual gestures, intended to drive the demon out of a place it occupies and, in particular, from the body of a person possessed; formula, prayer by which one exorcises." In terms of etymology, this term comes from the Latin exorcismus "adjuration; action of driving out demons "*.

The symbol of the demon is therefore closely linked to this term, to this practice, and a demon belongs to the animal kingdom, symbolizing an extreme concentration of selfish, cunning needs. The action of exorcising is therefore on a symbolic level that of freeing ourselves from instinctual forces that push us in the physical or metaphysical world to satisfy our own needs, in survival mode, in relation to how our soul has been coded through its past experiences and lives.

Is it possible to encounter the symbol of exorcism in a dream?

Absolutely, and it is actually quite common when a person works on their memories in order to become a better person. The reason for this is that their journey is one of transforming negative memories from the past. Depending on the strength of these memories and the intention of the person, the simple act of going to meet these memories in a dream can sometimes take the form of an exorcism.

But is the successful practice of an exorcism in a dream synonymous with transformation or is the conclusion similar to killing, which symbolizes the repression of the memories encountered? In reality, everything will depend on the energy with which the exorcism was conducted in the dream.

For example, if the symbol, or the person, who performs the exorcism in the dream is immersed in negative emotions of anger, fear, then the exorcism itself will be tinged with this negativity. Therefore, the result is that of repression, even if the form of evil that was driven out disappears... And the evil is only pushed back and remains present in one form or another in the dreamer's unconscious... However, if the dreamer notices, during the exorcism, that his or her energy was calm and that the form of evil disappears in a ray of light, or even from the place or person possessed, then we can conclude that a certain percentage of the memories is transformed.

The stages of transformation

The dream is multidimensional and it is therefore essential to be able to take all the parameters into consideration and to discern the trend of the dream, in order to bring back to consciousness the right information. This is essential to reach new stages of evolution and understanding of our inner code that constantly influences our actions, emotions, thoughts and intentions.

Another indicator of transformation will be if the dreamer feels lighter, in a better mood, or even if he/she observes changes in his/her relationship with others and on a physical level. For example, the dreamer's habit of eating too much candy may be lessened or even disappear (it's perfectly fine to eat candy from time to time; it's just that too much of it becomes negative). This represents signs of transformation of our negative memories that no longer influence our manifestation on the concrete plane. On the other hand, if the dreamer feels weighed down, has negative habits for himself or with others, this exorcism dream will have the role of indicating that a transformation of memories must be made. This indicates the activation of a program that can sometimes affect his or her life in concrete terms.

In any case, the experience of an exorcism in a dream is a symbol of an alchemical power that the person possesses. Whether it has achieved the goal of transformation or has brought about an awareness, it is a potential that the person can continue to strengthen by continuing to manifest in a qualitative way every day.

Don't be afraid to face our demons

We should not be afraid of our intense nightmares sometimes or even of facing our inner demons. A demon in a dream symbolizes a concentration of needs, selfishness or anger that can sometimes inhabit us as human beings.

The important thing is to say "stop" to those negative forces within ourselves that sometimes want to sabotage everything beautiful we have built.

The energy of the "demon" can sometimes manifest itself in a person's verbal violence, in an intense rage of anger, or in a devious manipulation to obtain something personal at the expense of others, etc.

But we should not be afraid of it... This is where the power of a positive mantra can help us to "exorcise" this negative in ourselves or in the other to transcend it completely and not let the negative dominate anymore.

Following an intense dream of exorcism, we advise you to meditate on this dream, this experience and these memories that you carry in terms of %, to transform them fully.

It is necessary to go through this path, where life sometimes tests us... Where it puts us in front of our demons to transform them and so that we voluntarily choose the light.

Remember that the demon in you, the negative that lives inside you, destroys everything it touches and tarnishes all our possibilities over time... While the Angel in you will guide you to your best self... And help you build an extraordinary life...


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