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3 Months of Dream Training

Online Training on Dream, Sign, Symbol interpretation.

Registrations for the March to June session are closed.
The next registrations will be valid for the September to December session.

3 month training on dream interpretation

And if you could live 3 months of dreams... ?

Did you know that the dream is a direct door to our unconscious, to our innermost secrets... a door which opens at night onto all our secrets and our keys of guidance for the future?

Did you know that dreams can guide your next steps, in a very concrete way, help you understand if a specific decision is the right one for you or show you in depth what can help you generate success, happiness, and even meet true love one day?

To understand your dreams is to understand yourself in the most intimate and profound way. A dream can change everything.

A training courseAccessible to all

The 3MD program includes:

This meeting takes place with your professor during the 2nd month of training. You will be able to discuss one or more topics of your choice, ask your professor questions or ask for a dream interpretation.

Dreams sent by the student are analyzed and transmitted in writing or orally by audio message by a professor on his secure online portal. 
The written or audio analyses interpret the dreams and help the student understand them, allowing those who wish it to read or listen to their analyses any time.

6 online courses on dream interpretation, taught by Professor Francis L. Kaya, an expert in dreams and symbols for over 25 years, with unlimited access:
  • All that we live at night
  • The symbolic language
  • Everything that lives in me
  • the codes behind the codes
  • The equations of our memories
  • the secrets of the dream

6 online lectures by Professor Francis L. Kaya on dream interpretation presented live every other Monday. Unlimited access to these videos.

On the theme of dreams. Unlimited access:

  • The most common dreams Edition #1 - By Anthony Di Benedetto
  • The most common dreams Edition #2 - By Anthony Di Benedetto
  • The most common dreams Edition #3 - By Anthony Di Benedetto
  • Premonition - By Kasara Di Benedetto

Registrations open for 2023.

The next registrations will be valid for the September to December session.

Spring season:
From March to May.

Fall Season:
From September to November.

Learn to decode your dreams with symbolic language.

We all dream, without exception... and all our dreams have a deep meaning. A dream is a real mathematical equation, one of the most advanced and multidimensional that exists, because it is an addition of emotions, thoughts and conscious or unconscious actions that define us as human beings and that shape who we will become...

The potentialities of our memories, our influences and our choices have a real impact on who we are and who we become.

To take this 3-month Training - truly extraordinary - is to choose to become more aware of the true influence of dreams on our consciousness and in our real lives. It is choosing to give importance to those simulations we experience at night that codify us, transforming us when we wake up.

To dream and understand our dreams is also to access information that goes beyond anything we can imagine. It is to enter the Internet - within ourselves - and question Life to receive our own answers.

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Live 3 months of dreams!

With this brand new online dream training, discover all you can explore through the power of dreams.

From March 2023!

A program offered twice a year:

From March to May.

From September to November.

Canada fees

900 CAD$ (300$ per month)

720 CAD$ (240$ per month)

International rates

$900 USD ($300 per month)

$720 USD ($240 per month)

Europe fees

900€ (300€ per month)

720€ (240€ per month)

* Possibility to pay from 1 to 3 installments by bank transfer or by subscription on the UCM website.
25% fees are non-refundable in the event of a cancellation on your part.

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