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What dreams are for

Dreams help us to know ourselves better, to understand and anticipate the development of our inner and outer life in order to bring it to the best of its possibilities, gradually.

Getting to know each other better

The dreams and their interpretation allow us to know ourselves better, to discover and understand the multiple unconscious memories that inhabit us and that continually create our present and future realities. 

Indeed, our unconscious is a huge reservoir where our thoughts, emotions, actions and past experiences are recorded in the form of memories. These define our personality and influence our present and our future. Our dreams reveal our life plan, our strengths and weaknesses with great precision.

Understand the cause of a problem, a difficulty

The dreams also allow us to understand the origin of a difficulty, a weakness, a wound or even an illness, in order to understand the root cause. Thus, the dream reveals to us what needs to be healed and repaired within ourselves, in order to gradually regain our full potential. This process requires patience with oneself and takes place over time.

Anticipate the future and bring it to its best, with patience

Finally, the dreams can show us the stages (internal or external) as well as the events that are being prepared, both positively and negatively in our lives. Thus, dreams give us the keys to prepare the best possible parameters for our future. In order to establish the basis for a positive evolution on all levels, which will gradually and progressively bring prosperity to our lives.

Learn to decode your dreams

Each week we bring you live dream interpretation workshops, presented by Kaya, to better understand how we can interpret and understand our dreams on a daily basis. Sign up now for the next episode or browse through all of the broadcast events.

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Learn to decode your dreams

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