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Florence Favre-de-Thierrens

Position: Economist and Finance Director,
Assistant Professor
Swiss Team
As Finance Manager & Assistant Professor of the UCM Teaching & Research Center, Florence is involved with structure and devotion. She is happy to be working in the heart of the Teaching that has transformed her life.
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Discover the biography of Florence Favre-de-Thierrens.

Born in Switzerland to parents dedicated to building their family with values and material security, Florence was a happy, smiling, independent child who asked questions and loved to learn. For as long as she can remember, she has always dreamed. Raised in the Catholic tradition, the phrase "you reap what you sow" echoes in her consciousness. She has always asked herself "why are we on Earth and what do we have to do here? Her sensitivity and the difficulty to manage her emotions caused her to develop a chameleon-like behavior to meet the expectations of others in order to be accepted and loved.

As a teenager, she experienced great emotional upheavals, depressive inner states and sought answers in the world of action. She enjoyed learning languages, was interested in other cultures, traveled to Europe and studied business. There she discovered an interest in numbers and accounting and began employment-related studies. At the end of her studies, although she had a job she aspired to, she felt empty, had insomnia, questioned herself and sought a meaning to her life. She no longer has a choice and learns to breathe, listen to her body, and meditate. This questioning led her to commit herself to a humanitarian mission in Africa for a year. Before her departure, she met the man she married on her return. Two children are born from this union.

A few years later, she separates, the questions are intense, the children are often sick. She undertook a training in naturopathy in order to understand and treat the disease at the root. A student told her about a conference on traditional Angelology...she discovered the blue books, the teaching, the symbolic language, the spiritual autonomy and finally found answers to her questions. She has a great thirst for learning and begins a true initiatory journey by analyzing her dreams, doing the recitative practice with angelic energies and the exercises of Angelica Yoga. She attends conferences, workshops and is involved as a volunteer in different projects of the non-profit association UCM, then as secretary-treasurer in Switzerland for a few years. In 2010, guided by dreams and signs, she met her future husband in a UCM summer workshop which led her to form the spiritual couple and family she had always aspired to.

She then begins a new stage of life by walking hand in hand with her husband to build a blended family with her two children and their daughter. Together, they are committed to growing their family by marrying spirit and matter thanks to the knowledge of symbols, the plus and the minus, the study of dreams by sharing their philosophy that the true meaning of life on Earth is to become a better person...

They register with the DSSI training in 2013. This training is an evolutionary springboard for her soul through her ability to deepen symbolic language and self-awareness; she discovers a new ability to listen and the helping relationship in her work as a dream journal review assistant and therapist-patient companion in her dissertation work. She is touched by altruism and the fact that by helping others, she is helping herself...

While continuing her inner work which is infinite, Florence is committed to sharing her knowledge and her experience, to give back what she has received, in order to help in all simplicity those who wish to develop a true spiritual autonomy with the understanding of symbolic language...

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