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The fields of expertise of the UCM Teaching and Research Center

Our 8 areas of expertise :

Dream Interpretation

This faculty specializes in dream analysis. Dreams and their interpretation allow us to know ourselves better, to discover and understand the multiple unconscious memories that inhabit us and continually create our realities.

Symbolic language

This faculty specializes in the understanding and meaning of symbols. Symbols are the basis of the language of our consciousness. They allow us to make associations with our experiences and our conscious and unconscious memories.

Understanding the signs

In this faculty, the understanding and decoding of everyday signs are deepened. When we know how to listen to them, they allow us to make the right choices, and thus build a balanced and fulfilled life.


Meditation, especially through mantras, is the main aspect of this faculty, and allows us to develop our receptivity, our ability to communicate with our unconscious and the multi-dimensions of existence.

Emotional intelligence

The mission of the faculty of Emotional Intelligence is mainly to help young generations and adults develop a form of intelligence that is increasingly sought after because it is directly linked to leadership qualities.

Angelica Yoga

A Yoga that is based on symbolic movements and postures, rather than on performance, is the heart of this faculty, and teaches us how to combine Spirit and matter.


The Clinic is the faculty that offers inner coaching, life advice to activate the best in you, or to bring solutions to certain difficulties related to the couple, family, work, or any other kind of difficulties.

The 72 Angels

The 72 Angels faculty focus on the study and integration of the Qualities of the 72 Angelic states of consciousness within ourselves, through the work with Angelic mantras, that activate dreams, signs and a process of profound inner transformation.

Quality trainings

Discover a set of training courses designed by experts in symbolic language and dream interpretation.

The leading online training course on the Interpretation of Dreams, Signs and Symbols (DSSI) with weekly individual follow-up.

Grow with the knowledge of the Source Code, to analyze your dreams and life with Symbolic Language.

Our courses are attended by doctors, psychologists, teachers, therapists and people from all backgrounds who are interested in dream interpretation, signs, emotional intelligence, meditation, yoga and symbolic language. Our organization is one of the most important in the world for the teaching of symbolic language; we offer international courses & online trainings in several schools and universities.