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blog-featured-La signification symbolique des blessures
Injuries, accidents... What if it's not a coincidence...? Have you ever had the impression that life was trying to speak to you? Whether it was through an event, an unexpected event, an injury, an illness? That it was giving you a "sign"... ? If so, then your intuition was right... Because behind every accident, every injury we encounter on our way, there is a deep meaning... Keys to readjust our life in a better direction... ????

Accidents, injuries

Think about the last time you hurt yourself... Maybe you dropped something on your foot, or cut yourself while cooking or "tripped". Maybe you were bitten by an insect on a beautiful day outdoors or came home with a sunburn... Did you know that all these scenarios contain meaning, messages about our thoughts, feelings and behaviors?

In the DSSI training, students learn about symbolism not only in dreams but also in everyday situations. When analyzing an injury, illness or even an "accident", several factors must be taken into account. First of all, we can look at the general setting: the time and place, what our thoughts or emotions were at the time of the injury. Depending on whether we hurt ourselves at the office during the work day or while out with friends at night, the interpretation will be different. Of course, we can always improve our safety in concrete ways, such as improving certain standards at work or equipping ourselves differently for different types of activities. However, even so, we can always understand the deeper meaning of an injury, what it brings us in terms of information on a symbolic level.

A sports session... too intense?

Here is an example based on the testimony of a DSSI student, who recently injured his calf during a group martial arts class. The fact that we get injured while exercising is related to our willpower, our drive. Because the injury occurred in a group setting, it is related to how the student relates to others and exchanges in a group setting. This is different from an injury during an individual activity, for example, which would indicate a tendency to push oneself individually.

Each part of the body also has its own symbolism. Some of these are probably intuitively known or can be understood, such as the connection of the throat with communication, our hands representing the way we give and receive, and the heart symbolizing the driving aspect of our life energy (the heart actually performing the function of a pump) which can also be related to the way we love. The Source Code dictionary is a fantastic resource for discovering the deeper meaning of signs and symbols. But even without this dictionary, if we don't know the meaning of something - in this case, a body part - it can be helpful to research it online. We can then take what we have learned about its physical properties and apply it as a symbol, a state of consciousness existing within us.

The leg: our way forward in life

The muscles of the upper leg are some of the largest and strongest in the body, so they are related to power and strength in the way we move forward. The calf, on the other hand, relates to propulsion - it literally pushes us forward when we take a step (this is the movement the student was doing when he tore his calf muscle). So while the legs generally represent how we move forward in action, the calves specifically represent our initial energy in that action. The calf muscles are also important for balance, posture and stability.

Even the left and right sides have specific meanings: the left side is related to the inner world and the right side to the outer world. In this case, it is the right leg that was injured, so it is a concrete, physical action, as opposed to a more figurative inner progression.

When the injury occurred, the students were standing in a circle - strengthening the bond with the group - around the teacher who had just explained a technique. She turned to our student and asked him to help her demonstrate. The student recalls that "at that point, I threw myself at her enthusiastically - too much so - and I got hurt. I wanted to do a good job in the eyes of my teacher, with whom I have a very good relationship and whom I admire, but also in front of the other students."


Here we can understand the student a little better in terms of memories: the experiences, thoughts and emotions that he carries within him, even unconsciously. Part of his being was in contact with memories of seeking approval, feeling of belonging and needing recognition. Sometimes this strong need pushes the student to take action too impulsively and too energetically. This can destabilize their progress and, paradoxically, end up blocking it.

If we can consider injuries as messages about the parts of ourselves that we need to work on, then the severity of an injury suffered corresponds to the urgency and intensity of the memories stored within. A simple scratch would indicate the existence of a small percentage to which the injured person must be attentive, as a small reminder to recalibrate their energy and attitude. In this case, although the injury could have been much more serious, the muscle tear disabled the student enough to realize the need to take stock and see what needed to be changed.


Having to go through the gradual recovery process with acceptance and patience brought to light other things to understand. "More than one of my training partners pointed out that my body insisted on resting," the student admits. "And I'm someone who always wants to do 'whatever it takes.' Having to do things more slowly also made me realize how often I rush through things."

Being injured can also, surprisingly, lead us to acknowledge or appreciate what we were previously unaware of, as the injury brings about a "forced" internalization compared to the overly emissive movement that leads to the injury. The student had to rely heavily on his training partners right after his injury, "I felt really well taken care of… it brought me closer together with this particular group" the student says. "In fact it helped me realize that it is Ok to rely on others, and it also felt good to share my feelings of gratitude."

La vie en symboles… 🙂

The next time you find yourself with an injury, you may feel frustrated and think, "It's just one of those things that happens"... But look beyond that ???? . Accept it as an opportunity to reflect on all aspects of what happened, as well as the thoughts and feelings it brings up in you. Why did life create a limitation? Then you can work on transforming what is necessary to develop your qualities and improve yourself as a person, without dramatizing and doing your best internally and practically...

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But... What are memories? How do they function? How do they work within? Where do they come from? Why are they there? Can we change them? What effect do they have on a life? Can it affect me personally? At work? Socially? Here is an article that will answer these different questions...

What are memories?

Memories are codes in our thoughts, emotions and actions that have been recorded from the past and influence the way we think, feel and act today. It is also important to know that these codes also influence our future, hence the importance of rectifying them if they are not programmed in a positive way.

Memories are created on all levels - spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical. Memories are recorded since our birth and even before. Thus, all the experiences and emotions, both positive and negative, that we have lived through are recorded in our memories, our inner hard drive.

Positive and negative memories

The positive memories help us to manifest the qualities we have developed, to live and to concretize the beautiful work we have done in the past and that we transpose in the present.

Negative memories show us what we have accumulated through our negative experiences in our thoughts and actions, which we need to work on, clean up and transform in order to evolve on all levels. Otherwise, the same difficult patterns will tend to repeat themselves in our lives.

Understanding our memories

We can understand our memories with the help of symbolic language (because everything is a symbol), meditation, the law of resonance (we attract everything we are, in the positive, but also the negative) and of course, through our dreams. Learning to interpret our dreams is a very advanced, even avant-garde way to understand our memories, who we are, what we are becoming, and what we need to rectify to become a better person. Dreams are the portal to the unconscious where we can access the memories of this life that we have forgotten, or are not aware of, and through symbolic language we can analyze and transform our memories.

Il est important de voir nos mémoires en termes de pourcentage. Car si par exemple On nous montre en rêve que nous avons un sentiment de supériorité, que nous cherchons la reconnaissance sociale, ou que nous avons trop besoin de plaire, cela ne veut pas dire que ne nous sommes que cela. Il faut le voir comme un pourcentage qui doit être transformé pour continuer à s’améliorer 🙂

Impact of Memories on our lives

Personal life

Sometimes we may wonder why we had a difficult childhood, why we have difficulties in our relationship or in our family. Memories play an essential role in our current life and give us information that tells us what we need to learn. For example, if we have been harsh and hurtful with a spouse in the past, then through the Law of Karma, we will experience the difficulties we have caused the other person to go through, to learn what that feels like and not repeat that behavior.

We do not have to receive the lesson in the exact form, but it can be through different situations and with different people in our personal lives. For example, if we were unfaithful to our spouse in a past life, then we can experience that same pattern in this life, or another, to learn the importance of fidelity and the harmful consequences it brings.

But there are also wonderful experiences that we can have on a personal level, like a loving and caring family, a balanced intimacy that are the result of positive memories and that sow beautiful things for our future.

Professional life 

Another area of life where people ask "why" is work. Why a difficult boss? Why the lack of recognition at work? Why is there sometimes inequity or too much ambition, competition? Etc... This shows that in our memories we carry % where we were (or created) what we encounter, where there was favoritism, abuse of power, ego games, etc.

But no matter what situation you are in, you are there to learn. We learn to be kind, patient, respectful, not to seek recognition and praise in work... We learn the true meaning of work, which is to develop qualities and virtues. And when we stop rebelling or positioning ourselves as victims, we improve, we move on to the next stage and new learning and opportunities open up.

When we are able to show up well at work and have a healthy environment, respect others and are respected and given great opportunities to grow, we live out the positive memories we have built.

Social life

Some people are very comfortable in social life and have no fear of public speaking; while others have difficulty being comfortable. Again, this is all due to the memories that one has recorded over many lifetimes.

If a person has experienced humiliation, judgment and rejection at the social level, he or she will tend to run away from society, not to have confidence in him or herself, to feel inferior and be afraid to express his or her opinion, etc. And understanding this can help us to have more compassion and better accompany the person in the overcoming of oneself and in the rediscovery of one's deep qualities.

Memories create who we are today

We record memories at all levels of our life and every day... Through these memories, we live the life we ourselves have created. Since the purpose of life is to develop Qualities and Virtues, it becomes essential to understand our memories and the impact they have on our present life.

We can rectify our past mistakes by analyzing them, by applying the law of resonance, and especially by having the Will to change our internal and external patterns that make us go around in circles, or that bring negative situations. Memories show us our own reflection and once we understand them, we understand their impact and we have the power to change our lives for the better.

Know that it is never too late to choose to work on ourselves, on our memories, to find our deepest strengths and our full potential.

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The exorcism... Is it real? What does it mean? Is it a good thing? Or is it negative? Are we sure that the evil will not come back later? Or in another form? Is it possible to free oneself for good? How can we face the darkness in ourselves or in the world around us, without falling in the dark ourselves?

What does the symbol of exorcism represent?

Let's start with the definition of exorcism: "Religious or magical practice, involving certain formulas and ritual gestures, intended to drive the demon out of a place it occupies and, in particular, from the body of a person possessed; formula, prayer by which one exorcises." In terms of etymology, this term comes from the Latin exorcismus "adjuration; action of driving out demons "*.

The symbol of the demon is therefore closely linked to this term, to this practice, and a demon belongs to the animal kingdom, symbolizing an extreme concentration of selfish, cunning needs. The action of exorcising is therefore on a symbolic level that of freeing ourselves from instinctual forces that push us in the physical or metaphysical world to satisfy our own needs, in survival mode, in relation to how our soul has been coded through its past experiences and lives.

Is it possible to encounter the symbol of exorcism in a dream?

Absolutely, and it is actually quite common when a person works on their memories in order to become a better person. The reason for this is that their journey is one of transforming negative memories from the past. Depending on the strength of these memories and the intention of the person, the simple act of going to meet these memories in a dream can sometimes take the form of an exorcism.

But is the successful practice of an exorcism in a dream synonymous with transformation or is the conclusion similar to killing, which symbolizes the repression of the memories encountered? In reality, everything will depend on the energy with which the exorcism was conducted in the dream.

For example, if the symbol, or the person, who performs the exorcism in the dream is immersed in negative emotions of anger, fear, then the exorcism itself will be tinged with this negativity. Therefore, the result is that of repression, even if the form of evil that was driven out disappears... And the evil is only pushed back and remains present in one form or another in the dreamer's unconscious... However, if the dreamer notices, during the exorcism, that his or her energy was calm and that the form of evil disappears in a ray of light, or even from the place or person possessed, then we can conclude that a certain percentage of the memories is transformed.

The stages of transformation

The dream is multidimensional and it is therefore essential to be able to take all the parameters into consideration and to discern the trend of the dream, in order to bring back to consciousness the right information. This is essential to reach new stages of evolution and understanding of our inner code that constantly influences our actions, emotions, thoughts and intentions.

Another indicator of transformation will be if the dreamer feels lighter, in a better mood, or even if he/she observes changes in his/her relationship with others and on a physical level. For example, the dreamer's habit of eating too much candy may be lessened or even disappear (it's perfectly fine to eat candy from time to time; it's just that too much of it becomes negative). This represents signs of transformation of our negative memories that no longer influence our manifestation on the concrete plane. On the other hand, if the dreamer feels weighed down, has negative habits for himself or with others, this exorcism dream will have the role of indicating that a transformation of memories must be made. This indicates the activation of a program that can sometimes affect his or her life in concrete terms.

In any case, the experience of an exorcism in a dream is a symbol of an alchemical power that the person possesses. Whether it has achieved the goal of transformation or has brought about an awareness, it is a potential that the person can continue to strengthen by continuing to manifest in a qualitative way every day.

Don't be afraid to face our demons

We should not be afraid of our intense nightmares sometimes or even of facing our inner demons. A demon in a dream symbolizes a concentration of needs, selfishness or anger that can sometimes inhabit us as human beings.

The important thing is to say "stop" to those negative forces within ourselves that sometimes want to sabotage everything beautiful we have built.

The energy of the "demon" can sometimes manifest itself in a person's verbal violence, in an intense rage of anger, or in a devious manipulation to obtain something personal at the expense of others, etc.

But we should not be afraid of it... This is where the power of a positive mantra can help us to "exorcise" this negative in ourselves or in the other to transcend it completely and not let the negative dominate anymore.

Following an intense dream of exorcism, we advise you to meditate on this dream, this experience and these memories that you carry in terms of %, to transform them fully.

It is necessary to go through this path, where life sometimes tests us... Where it puts us in front of our demons to transform them and so that we voluntarily choose the light.

Remember that the demon in you, the negative that lives inside you, destroys everything it touches and tarnishes all our possibilities over time... While the Angel in you will guide you to your best self... And help you build an extraordinary life...


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Did I make the right choice, or will I regret it later? Did I really make this choice "in good conscience"? Or is there something else that influenced me? Something external? A situation? A person? Or something inside me...? Unconscious forces? How to make the right choices in a world where everything changes so fast?... How to find peace with our decisions of yesterday, when they affect our life today... Sometimes for good, sometimes for bad... And what about the future? Can we improve or even change the way we make choices?

Did I make the right choice?

Have you ever wondered about the rightness of a choice you made at a given moment in your day, for your life as a couple, for those around you, or in your work?

This choice, which may have had positive and lasting effects or negative and limiting effects on your environment, a person or a situation, then leads you to question yourself... And this questioning translates into the activation of an intelligence of consciousness within you.

When it is done with humility, self-reflection and depth, this questioning demonstrates a spiritual force, an evolutionary force that is able to evaluate and adjust. This inner mechanism is important to build so that the future choices you will make will be better, more intuitive, obvious, less full of doubts, insecurities or overconfidence, materialism.

"Deciding", "making a choice" is a responsibility that should be done in accordance with our values and spiritual strength.

The Qualities with the parameters of the moment

The evaluationof the rightness of a choice must be made with a global vision, with perspective, with a greatness of mind and soul, as much on the origins of this choice as on its consequences. Every choice is important, and can have consequences on our environment, we know that.

At the moment " t " a choice is made. It must require reflection, intuition and concentration so that it can be as accurate as possible in the conditions of the moment, whether it is with regard to a person or a situation. The conditions of the moment are there, in the present moment, and we adapt to them to make the best possible choice. Everything may not be perfect, so it is a matter of welcoming this moment as the best one, understanding that we have everything we need to make our choice, without telling ourselves that it would have been better otherwise. To be in this moment, with detachment, is also to take responsibility as an actor of our Life to materialize.

The Qualities are absolute, constant, unchangeable, whether we are making a simple choice that has little impact on our lives, or whether we are making a choice that will change our future forever. What will change the scope is the power of the intention (the kawana). It will increase the strength of these Qualities and keep away the wind of doubt, the tremor of fear, the shiver of instability. The choice made will be conscious, qualitative and responsible.

Questioning Life as much as oneself

If we think about it, questioning Life and the Universe about the rightness of our choice for each daily decision and imagining to wait passively for a "green light" to execute it, it doesn't seem very practical concretely....

However, for important choices that can change a whole life, it should be necessary... And there is an absolute tool that completes the application of the Qualities we talked about before. This tool is Guidance; a term inspired by the "Guide" that will show us the first steps to take, and in what direction, to make the best possible choice at the given moment.

To access this Guidance, this symbolic and real Truth at the same time, which is offered to us through dreams and meditation, it is necessary to cultivate humility, self-reflection, wisdom and neutrality. We start to question the Universe on what touches us deep inside at this moment...

"Is this the right person for the evolution of my soul, is it right to marry him?"... "At my age, is it right for the evolution of my soul to have a child with my husband whom I love so much? After so many years of silence, of introspection, is it right for the evolution of my soul to reconnect with my parents?

This guidance is at the heart of the Knowledge practiced with dreams, signs and symbols. It teaches us to be receptive, to respect what is right for our evolution, to materialize this choice as a responsible person. Naturally, in order to be guided and to understand the codes of dreams, it is necessary to work on one's unconscious attachments, fears, and needs, in order to be able to have a neutral and objective attitude.

Access to the Guide is gradual and allows, with time, combined with the development of the Qualities, to find answers to deep questioning and solutions to dead ends. It thus allows one to make new choices, with new perspectives. It is like a reconstruction that is programmed in respect of the moment.

It is important to question ourselves internally, our attitudes, our decisions... and it is also important to know how to question what surrounds us, to evaluate Life, the choices of society by discerning the strengths and weaknesses. Questioning Life allows for the opening, learning and the acceleration of consciousness. This allows us to always make better choices with time.

Everything is evolution

What is important to keep in mind is that each choice is made according to the Qualities of the moment, and many parameters over which we have no control. By receiving the Guidance, it is possible to materialize a choice. But this choice is not immutable, it will evolve in the course of time, through other choices, other decisions that you will make, and that the community will make around you.

This choice of the moment " t ", accompanied and guided by the Qualities you possess, will perhaps not be the same at the moment " t - 6 " or " t + 45 ". The evolution of our consciousness is intrinsically linked to the way we question ourselves, and it is so important to nourish this evolution in order to feel and live the dynamics of Life within.

Sometimes, life can seem superficial when we don't question ourselves when we do something wrong, when we don't realize that a word was hurtful, when we don't find in ourselves the humility to apologize to our wife or husband... When we do not develop our intelligence by questioning Life, when we do not have the faith to pray when we feel deprived, or when we have not learned to cry when we are touched by the words of love of our child... Then the choices we make may seem insipid, without flavor for the life we create through these same choices... Because by our choices and our lack of choices, we create that...

Today's society is very active, dimensioned. It offers us many opportunities. The sense of decision, of responsibility in a choice sometimes loses its value, because everything is so accessible, so available, that the collective intelligence can trivialize the moral sense that makes one choice right and another not.

In order not to feel lost in this effervescence of possibilities and acceleration of societies, there are Keys...

The Keys of today and tomorrow

I regularly ask myself the question of the rightness of my choices, whether they are important or not, linked to the past or to the future, to create a dimensional, dynamic, evolving life...

This life, I want it to teach me continuously to adjust myself, to complete my spiritual Knowledge and my strength of materialization, to develop my faith to become a being connected to his Spirituality, because I recognize myself fully in it.

By being able to look inside yourself, to feel your emotions, your disturbances, to question the scope of your choice, by showing humility and detachment, you will develop your spiritual powers and learn to use them wisely... You will understand guidance through the analysis of your dreams. You will deepen your faith through prayer and mantra.

These are the Keys of today to build with Wisdom the decisions of tomorrow towards a modern, responsible and spiritual world. Continue to question yourself, to be responsible in your choices, continue to believe in yourself and in the future, to do better today than yesterday.

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How do we know it's really over? Does it mean having forgotten about the other person? Or not finding anything positive about them anymore? Or even feeling repulsed? What does it mean if you attract the same type of person over and over again? What does it mean if we ourselves behave in the same way again and again? If we repeat the same cycles, the same patterns...? Are we really over that old relationship? Or does it still haunt us? Can we really be free one day?

"My past is settled."

Sometimes you can read on the profiles of dating sites, "My past is settled...".

Hmm... have we really settled our past? Of course we can have a successful divorce or separation without intense conflicts or arguments... But have the reasons that led us to this breakup been well understood?

When we ask ourselves this question, we are really becoming aware of the deep mechanism that led us to this "failure" in our relationships. And one day the word "failure" will no longer exist in our vocabulary, because all these experimentations are there to help us discover these unconscious mechanisms. Whether it is in our relationships, in our family, at work, etc., all these behaviors come from past experiences that have created memories (data, so to speak) in our personal computer... The human being is like a living computer that experiences the positive and the negative throughout his life...

When the past resurfaces...

One day, I was talking to someone I hadn't seen in a long time. I knew that she had gone through a difficult divorce and she was sharing with me the stages of her life in love. So I said to her:

"Without deep work on your memories, you can find yourself in a beautiful, very harmonious relationship but one word, one gesture can bring up all the past memories that triggered the separation."

And that's exactly what happened... One day, her new partner made a remark in the same energy as her ex-husband, and that block of memories came to the surface instantly... And she ended the relationship. Yet, he was possibly a good person for her. A memory is very powerful...

To face the past and ensure that these love patterns do not return, one must go through several stages of cleansing. Of course, the concrete is important: make sure that you have a new home where you feel good, that the children, if you have any, are happy in their new environment, etc. All these steps are essential.

But the most important step is the cleansing of the memories, to understand in depth why we arrived there. Because all love stories begin with an attraction, love, etc. ....

So what is it that makes us unable to maintain this frequency? Once again, it is our past experimentations of this life, but also of other lives (if we believe in reincarnation) that come to be integrated in our beautiful, original intention of building the couple, the love. Everyone is looking for Love, it is the most important thing. It seems easy... But to find true and pure Love... It is Great.

"Falling in love"...

Several years ago, I literally "fell" in love with a man.

You know the expression to have someone under your skin... it was really like that, I was totally dependent on him, like a drug...

I experienced the lack when he was not there - it was passionate, beautiful but at the same time so painful. When I think back, I wouldn't wish that on anyone. It's like being a slave to that person on some level. The relationship didn't last long but it was intense on all levels. We had deep affinities about life and values, affinities also on the sexual level - it was really the fire, the passion that bound us.

When it was over, I really cried my heart out... and I also told myself that I would never go through that again.

The dream

I have worked hard, in depth, on these memories of passion, of fire in love, of emotional dependencies to make sure that I would not relive this. I was doing this work on my memories but I was also aware that I still had this hope in me... "what if he came back".

It's a bit like a battered woman who understands that it's not right but at the same time is completely connected to that energy. It took me years of working on my memories to not want to go through that kind of love intensity again... until one day I really felt in my cells a liberation... Finally! this is the dream I received.

I am in the car with Alfredo, we are sitting in the back, I think there are other people with us. He has a dominating look because I repel his advances in the car. I arrive at his house where he lives, I don't know this place and he goes to shower. As he closes the door to our room, I go to another room where there is an attached bathroom. I go to the bathroom and pull out a thread from the anus, but it is long, so long, it takes several minutes and I try to cut it, it is very resistant so I keep pulling it out until the end. The person who lives in this room arrives, I open the door and I tell him that I am here, that I am almost finished. I clean up the floor, because it's spilled everywhere and I get out.


When I woke up from this dream I felt a disconnection with this man, but completely... these memories of dominance over the other in my love relationship, I was in the process of cutting this link metaphysically... A dream of purification but also showing me how much I was linked for a long time to this kind of energy. The thread that is long also represents all my perseverance and my will to go to the end to totally purify these memories. And of course my attachment to him, which was deep...

Renewing yourself

I have done several types of therapy and it was a good foundation one could say. But dealing with your past without taking into account your dreams, memories (etc.) is like cleaning a room or a house, but without opening the cupboards, the drawers or cleaning the basement... On the surface, it looks very clean.

But in the end, the great work has not yet begun.

If you too have had experiences in love that you can't let go of, ask in your dreams why before going to bed...

A dream is a direct message to your unconscious mind, to the very closets and basements that have not been visited in a long time. It is the most beautiful gift you can give yourself and also helps to ensure that you don't go back to the same patterns.

To build a love relationship through your dreams is to build to improve it, so that the Fountain of Love from the beginning does not dry up after a few months but continues to bring and grow its benefits over the years.

Because yes, it is possible to use your dreams to know if a person is the right one for you...

Yes, it is possible in celibacy to learn to love solitude. Take some time to work on yourself and then find "the right relationship"... that will help you in every way.

And yes, it is possible to repair your heart... to love again one day...

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You have always felt different from others. You ask yourself questions that most people don't have answers to. You look at your family members and realize things about them that they don't even realize. Think you have a problem? Don't worry, it's normal. You are experiencing an opening of consciousness. You are becoming spiritual...

1 - You feel like you are playing roles all the time

Quand tu étais plus jeune, tu aimais tellement les réunions de famille, jouer avec tes cousins, cousines, voir tes oncles et tantes, ou des amis de la famille. Mais depuis quelques temps, tu trouves cela différent. Tu réalises que ton oncle raconte toujours les mêmes histoires à propos de son travail et tu te forces à l’écouter. Quand elle te dit bonjour, ta tante t’embrasse toujours avec son rouge à lèvres qui dégouline sur ta joue, et elle te serre dans ses bras en te faisant presque une prise de catch. Et le pire c’est qu’elle ne s’en rend pas compte… 🙂 Ton cousin fait des blagues cochonnes pendant le repas et ça fait rire tout le monde, mais tu sens que sa femme en a assez et qu’elle se force à sourire depuis trop longtemps.

And you, in the midst of all this, remain the one who is nice to everyone. You'd like to say certain things, but you try not to create any discomfort around you because you know it could break the mood. So you keep quiet, you smile, and you continue to play your role, like everyone else around you...

It is very common when we become spiritual to have the impression of playing roles with the people around us. And it is normal at first, because to know ourselves in depth, we have to experiment, to "test" all the roles that exist to better understand them. You have to have been too kind to understand true kindness... And you have to have been crushed to know where your limits are and to have them respected... Just as you have to have been too imposing with others to know how far you can go.

"It's okay to play roles at first... We experiment with our personality... Until we find the Essence of who we are..."

One day, we come to understand these different roles that we have played, or that we have seen around us, and we understand that certain energies do not create a harmonious energy, and that others can create on the contrary a beautiful atmosphere. We analyze the + and the - of each one and we know which roles are positive, and which are negative... And we can then integrate in ourselves the positive side of what we have experienced...

And it is by getting to know ourselves better through our dreams that we can truly know the facets of our personality. We can see in our dreams our need for attention, our desire to please, our memories of low self-esteem, etc... But also our welcoming energy, our generosity, our motivation, and all of our beautiful qualities... And by studying them, by understanding them, we can also better recognize them when they manifest themselves in our daily lives, whether in ourselves or in the people around us.

With the opening of consciousness that we experience when we are spiritual, we can feel very destabilized, because we discover many different parts of ourselves, and our personality can feel fragmented, not knowing who we are anymore. But by practicing meditation or Mantra, we can find a unity in our personality, know what our main essence is and develop it in a way that is constructive for ourselves and for the people around us. We no longer need to play a role, because our personality is better unified, focused.

Then we can more easily react to the different energies we encounter in our daily life... We are able to talk to someone who has disrespected us, diplomatically, without projecting our disturbance on the other. And we are able to let it go too, to not be extreme in our reaction... And we have compassion for the other at that moment, rather than responding with hate, because we come back to ourselves... We understand that the other always shows us a facet of ourselves through the Law of Resonance...

"With the Law of Resonance, we understand that the other is always a part of ourselves."

Because yes, your uncle, your aunt and your cousin are always parts of you to be transformed... And if you feel disturbed by their attitude, it is because there is something to understand about it, a percentage in you that resonates with them... And if you work on it, if you transform it in yourself, one day you won't be disturbed anymore, and you will manage to react in the right way.

When we are spiritual like you, it is our responsibility to work on ourselves, not to project our disturbance on the other. And if we manage to do it one day at a time, one memory at a time, then one day we feel unified, confident, and we don't need to play roles anymore... Because we know who we are, we know who the other is, and we know exactly what is the right energy to adopt with the person...

2 - You are looking for a meaning to your life

When you see people around you, some have a good job, a good salary, but you feel that something is missing in their life... You have the impression that they live in an illusion... Matter is present around them, they have a family, but they don't look deeply happy. Before, you didn't realize it, but the more you observe the people around you, the more you understand that matter and money are tools that help to create stability, but are not the source of happiness...

So you ask yourself questions and wonder what you are doing here? Why do we live, why do we die? What's the point of having a job if you're not happy doing it? And you think more about your salary than anything else to motivate yourself?

These questions are very important to ask, and they are often found among spiritual people. For one day, the more deeply one understands life, the more one is aware of the illusions in which most people live. But at the same time, there is an essential aspect to understanding all of this, because the illusions have their place... Illusion is educational, et c’est bien important de ne pas l’oublier… Si tu dis à tes parents du jour au lendemain que leur mariage est une illusion car ils ne s’aiment pas vraiment, ou qu’ils ont passé 40 ans de leur vie à faire un travail qu’ils n’aiment pas, ils vont probablement pas très bien réagir… 🙂

"We should never impose our values on each other, even if they are positive."

That's why you have to be careful when you are a spiritual person not to become extreme about the meaning of life. Yes, you have chosen to see life more deeply, and that is great. But it's not because the other person doesn't meditate or is too materialistic that he is a bad person... Maybe your uncle tells dirty jokes at family gatherings, but at least he is a reliable person, well organized in his work, a good family man who loves his children... And that's important to remember.

The meaning of life is something so personal and deep, and that's why we should never impose our values on others, even if they are positive. Car même le positif, s’il est imposé à l’autre, peut devenir négatif à cause de l’intention que tu y mets… Alors avant de parler du sens de la vie à ton oncle, tourne ta langue 7 fois dans ta bouche et fais attention à ne pas lui “retourner le cerveau” trop vite… Car il a besoin de ses étapes pour évoluer et développer des qualités qu’il ne pourrait pas développer autrement 🙂

3 - You don't feel well and you don't know why

And yet you have everything you need in your life... You have a place to live, a family, food and material in abundance around you; you have everything to be happy but you are not and this puzzles you. So you go to see a psychiatrist and he gives you a diagnosis: you are suffering from depression. He's right, and wanting to do the right thing he prescribes anti-depressants. It helps you and it gets better for a while, but when you stop taking them, it's a free fall. It's a roller coaster of emotions when everything is calm around you, and it turns you upside down...

But it's not your psychiatrist's fault. He has advised you to the best of his knowledge and antidepressants have their place for people who are dangerous to themselves and to others. But if you really want to heal deeply, it is time to go and meet your memories... They are what create these discrepancies in your life...

And when we understand the reality of memories, we even realize that depression is a stage that is sometimes necessary for some people... Because someone who is depressed is experiencing an opening of consciousness... And this can activate in him a new strength, a seed of renewal that would not have been possible without this emergence of memories. All these phases are typical of spiritual people, and even if you don't really feel depressed, you understand what it is like and you too experience ups and downs without knowing why.

"It is the memories that are the source of all the difficulties we encounter... Like a computer that is saturated with programs..."

Indeed, it is our memories that make us feel bad inside... And they can sometimes make us act in a weird way too... Like rejecting someone we love, being afraid of love, or feeling attracted to someone who hurts us or disrespects us...

You can see it all in your dreams. And by working on your dreams, studying them and understanding them, you can really integrate deeply why you don't feel well. And with the practice of meditation, of Mantra, you can cleanse your memories, and thus transform yourself from the inside. And then you finally understand why you feel the way you do... And you can start to appreciate what life has given you again.

It's so important to remain grateful for what we have received in life, even if it's not perfect. We should always take a moment in our day where we thank Life, the Universe or God, whatever we call Him, for everything positive in our life... And one day, if we cultivate this state of mind, we are even able to feel gratitude in the more difficult, negative moments... Because we understand that the negative is there to help us grow.

If you're still feeling under the weather, feel free to make an appointment at the UCM clinic. We know what it's like not to feel well. We've all been there... And if you're looking for deep life advice on what you're going through, you can be sure that you'll be understood and accompanied with kindness...

4 - You would like to change the world... but you don't know how

When you watch the news on television, you wonder why they don't talk about more important issues. It's always the same refrain, the same energy of fear and insecurity. You are tired of it and you wish people would realize the beauty of life, get out of their problems and stop worrying about nothing. You even start to wonder if there isn't a plot somewhere...

So you try to change the world around you. You have heated debates with some friends who think differently. They call you an idealist, but you resist. You don't give in. And sometimes this creates tension with those close to you. You get angry with people who have a too down-to-earth view of life. Or you don't say anything, and you remain silent, but you get crushed by the opinions of others... Hmm...

This is often the way a spiritual person will react: either by being too reactionary, extremist, or by saying nothing and being too nice. Or sometimes by going from one to the other. And one day we understand that no matter how hard we try to put forward the best arguments in the world, if the other person doesn't want to change, he won't change.

But at the same time, it is not an excuse to avoid conflicts and never express yourself when someone asks you for your opinion. You have to be careful when you are spiritual not to run away from the disturbances you may have about certain subjects or people... And to withdraw from society saying to yourself that you will never manage to change it anyway...

"It is the deep desire to improve that everyone has within them that can one day change the world... One person at a time."

Indeed, when one is spiritual, sometimes not knowing how to change the world, one prefers to withdraw from it... But this is not an ideal solution. If we want to change a society, we must also understand its rules, its functioning, how to change it from the inside while respecting the rhythm of each person who lives there. It is the same thing in a family, if we want to solve conflicts, leaving is not a solution, we should rather discuss, find solutions together to move forward with each one making efforts.

So if you want to change the world... Change yourself first... And you will see that your positive efforts will also one day inspire others. If you overcome problems or difficulties, it may one day become an example for the people around you. You will speak about it with more wisdom, experience, and through your experience you will be able to help others one day if you wish.

You will even change the way you work, talk to your family, your colleagues... This will create questions around you, they will ask you how you manage to have such energy... And you will be able to tell them that you are working on yourself, in all humility and sincerity... and they may even tell you one day about one of their dreams, because they will feel that you could provide them with answers... And that is when you will understand that in order to change the world, each one of us can make an effort...

5 - Deep down you know that there is no coincidence

Every time you look at the clock, you see that it says 11:11 or 7:07. It often happens that you think of someone and they call you a few moments later. Sometimes you feel connected to your surroundings and "feel" things before they happen. It is a fact: you are developing one of your spiritual powers.

This is called clairsentience, the ability to feel things around you with a sensitivity that goes beyond your senses. And this is one of the first signs that a person is spiritual. Science is showing more and more that everything in the Universe is connected, linked in some way, and that events that seem at first sight to be distant can have a common meaning, a metaphysical link...

We can compare the Universe to a big living computer, where everything is calculated, precisely organized so that certain events occur. And when we work on ourselves, when we meditate, when we study our dreams, we are able to "enter" into this framework, into this rhythm of Life, which always brings us exactly what we need.

"The universe is a living computer where everything is organized."

But do you think this way when you walk through dog poop? Do you think this way when you miss your bus before an important meeting? Do you think that there is no coincidence when you are outside without an umbrella and a heavy rain soaks you from head to toe?

Everything has a reason for being in life. Parfois, on ne comprend pas pourquoi sur le moment même, mais chaque situation, chaque difficulté ou chaque événement a une signification profonde pour notre évolution. Même les “petits” événements ont en réalité une place importante dans notre vie. Le simple fait d’aller aux toilettes peut être vu comme un geste banal, ou une purification profonde et dimensionnée… Respirer aussi, on le fait tous inconsciemment, mais quand on prend une bonne bouffée d’oxygène en conscience, qu’est-ce que ça fait du bien ! Sens-toi bien à l’aise de respirer profondément si tu lis ces lignes, je suis sûr que ça va te faire du bien 🙂

Alors continue à observer la vie, la ressentir, voir chaque chose qui t’arrive sous un angle d’évolution, de compréhension. Et avec le langage symbolique, même un caca de chien peut prendre un sens très profond et éducationnel… 🙂 Car quand on comprend le sens de ce qui nous arrive, on ne “subit” plus la vie ou les événements douloureux ; on intègre leur sens éducationnel, et on n’est plus jamais perdus ou dans l’incompréhension… On a une guidance profonde qui nous permet de s’y retrouver dans les moments de doutes…

So if sometimes you doubt your way... Ask for dreams... Ask for signs... And you will see that Heaven and the Universe will help you... Not always in the way you think, but in the best way to make you evolve... Because now you are spiritual... You see life differently...

So, are you ready to change?

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"Last night I had the strangest dream... I lived each moment as if I was there... The landscapes, the sounds, the colors. The smells, the sensations. Everything seemed so real..." Are dreams only a figment of our imagination? Or is there something deeper behind it? Do dreams have a hidden reality? A deeper meaning?

Dreams: imagination or reality?

We receive so many dreams in our lifetime. So much information that we don't pay attention to when we are less spiritual... So much information that is revealed when we sleep, through our dreams.

However, this question has always been present in the minds of humans: are dreams real? What is the meaning of this gigantic amount of information that is downloaded into our consciousness every night? We have to imagine that the universe is like a "Cloud" in which we all live... And our soul is like our own personal computer, which is always connected to this gigantic universal "Cloud", and which constantly receives and sends data.

What are dreams?

In the ancient Sanskrit language, dreams are called "Sapna", which means "something that concerns us". Throughout the day and over the years, we record many experiences within ourselves, some of which are conscious, and some of which become unconscious within us.

Even if some experiences (like sometimes traumas) can be momentarily repressed, repressed in our unconscious, our mind uses this mechanism to protect itself, as a defense mechanism. But nothing is lost, everything is recorded, and can be resolved when we gradually become aware of these parts of ourselves, these % of memories...

Why do we dream?

Dreaming is a natural phenomenon, just as we all have other natural activities like washing, going to the bathroom, eating, etc. What the mind is not able to process or integrate immediately, it begins to project into our dreams to get our attention and begin an inner work of cleaning. What this means is that the things we cannot understand or digest immediately stay with us until we are ready to do inner work. This can be done by decoding them to extract their true meaning, i.e. their symbolic meaning, in order to rectify the patterns that are no longer functional.

It takes a deep understanding, through symbolic language, to be able to understand our dreams and use this information to change, to evolve. Because a single dream, well decoded, can change a life, by what it shows us about ourselves, and the changes that we can create in our concrete life thanks to these realizations...

Dreams are our own inner reality

Yes, dreams are real... And they can even be more real than our real life. Dreams reveal various facets of our personality that we live throughout our lives through the roles we play (child, parent, friend, spouse, student, worker, etc.). Dreams show us our blocks, our weaknesses, but also our strengths, our qualities.

Very often, the conscious mind tends to reject what it doesn't like, it creates a façade to escape from what puts it in difficulty, and which requires efforts to be worked on. But dreams open the veil, without any bias, and show us clearly what we need to rectify in ourselves, and also our potential. This is why dreams speak about ourselves... They tell us who we have been, who we are, and who we can become.

Dreams show us what we sometimes hide from ourselves because of our protective mechanisms. They are true reflections of who we really are deep inside. Like clear water, dreams show us the different facets of our deepest personality, the good and the bad. So yes... Dreams are real, and they have a lot of secrets to reveal to us! Secrets that, when used properly, can lead us to the highest qualities... To a better version of ourselves...

For more information on symbolic language and its concrete application in everyday life, find our books on our online store.

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Rediscover an ancient Knowledge, hidden in the symbols of a thousand-year-old tradition... This article is a journey into the heart of Indian spirituality, and will lead you to rediscover this ancient wisdom, beyond what you could imagine... Welcome to the great story of the evolution of humanity, and of spirituality, its profound nature.

The encoding of wisdom in symbols

The modern era we live in allows for extensive knowledge sharing. We have computers, the internet, social networks, televisions, etc., all of which are ways to disseminate our thoughts and ideas to the public. But have you wondered how it worked in the days before these technologies?

Human history is also filled with stages around the world where libraries full of books, research, and advanced works were destroyed! How then was it possible to save this wisdom for future generations? Of course, knowledge has sometimes remained intact at some level via folklore, folk songs, etc. in India as in the rest of the world. But what is fascinating, in India, is that this has resulted in the encoding of wisdom in symbols, symbolic stories!

The beginning...

Today, when people think of Indian spirituality, they often confuse it with religion, they often think of various symbols like Shiva, Ganesh, and various gods, goddesses, etc... considering that it is the Hindu religion.

But in reality, few people realize that this is not the true source of Indian spiritual wisdom. It may come as a surprise to many of us, but the ancient Indian spiritual wisdom comes from texts called "Vedas", which literally means "Knowledge" or "Knowledge of the secrets of the universe".

These books are supposed to have been heard/received (i.e. Shrutis in Sanskrit) in their meditations by the Rishis, and they are writings on the five elements that make up the universe and life on earth. In fact, the whole concept of Sanatam Dharma is based on working on oneself while living in the material world, understanding these elements and how the whole creation is composed of them.

That is why you will see Indians worshipping trees, rivers, mountains, the sun, the moon, etc. The concept of temples/statues came much later, perhaps only two thousand years ago, in order to bring people together.

The detailed writings explain the mechanism of these elements to create and animate life, but most people forgot this source and over time began to believe more in other forms of gods and goddesses, mentioned in other books called "Puranas", "Upanishads", etc... in order to share the teachings on life with the sometimes more ordinary, less spiritual people, who did not know Sanskrit and did not have access to deep inner studies.

It was a time when technology did not exist, when people lived in small groups, in villages, without any access to the outside world, and when work was divided among people for a harmonious social functioning. These symbols were spoken to share knowledge with less spiritual people, telling stories through dance forms. All this was done to introduce the Dharma among people, that is, to give them a sense of responsibility through their various roles, while remaining detached so as to always remember the existence of a higher power, which many would call "God."

Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh - The Trinity

Often when people think of Indian spirituality, these three names come to mind. Did they really exist in physical reality?

Well, maybe or maybe not, because it doesn't matter when you want to learn from everything with receptivity. Brahma symbolizes creation, Vishnu symbolizes perseverance and Mahesh (i.e. Shiva) symbolizes transformation by ending an old cycle and beginning a new one. The ancients introduced these symbols to represent the natural cycles of creation and the magnitude of these was indicated by these symbols. What is interesting is that most people do not always know the full story that is shared about this.

In the scriptures, it is said that at the very beginning was "Shakti", that is to say femininity, receptivity, life force. Then she gave birth to Vishnu, the preserver (contrary to what most people think, Brahma did not come first). Brahma came out of Vishnu's navel on a lotus, as the stories and statues in today's temples show. Then Vishnu and Brahma had ego conflicts, wanting to prove that they were more important than each other. To solve this problem, Shiva's energy was revealed. They both realized that it was an endless beam of energy, that it was infinite! This is why Shiva is also known as Mahesh, the Supreme God.

Without the symbolic language, all this seems strange...

If we read all this as a story, then it may seem unrealistic and we may wonder why they encoded it into a story, instead of clearly revealing the whole truth... Why did the ancients have to symbolize these deep secrets about the Universe?

Well, this was done to protect them, because they knew that everyone would decode them according to their soul's readiness, to receive only what one is ready to receive. It was also done to help people remember them, because the human mind remembers more what is described in the form of a story, since we are very emotional and symbolic beings.

The mind tends to easily forget what seems only intellectual. However, over time, people have forgotten the deep encoded wisdom behind it, and what has remained are the rituals that were mostly fear based or led by priests for power for some, while there were also very good priests... As in all other traditions.

But what were the ancients really trying to say through this story? We need to decode it symbolically to connect to its deeper wisdom.

Opening the veil with symbolic language

Through symbolic wisdom, it becomes possible to revisit the profound ancient Vedic knowledge, to connect to our ancestral wisdom that never gets old, that always remains true in the Vedas when decoded symbolically.

The knowledge of the Vedas was not easily understood by the common man, it was not only spiritual but also very scientific. In fact, we can see today how science is discovering again what is mentioned in the Vedas. Thus, the representation of the concepts was done in a symbolic way in the form of stories to make it more accessible to everyone. The teachings have been simplified to fit into everyday life.

The symbols continued to be transferred through these stories and rituals from generation to generation, but as time went on, the symbolic essence was lost and the symbolic language was forgotten by humanity until today. This is changing today thanks to the UCM Teaching & Research Center, which is bringing back this source language through which the intelligence of the Universe communicates with us all via Dreams, Signs and Symbols.

Returning to the story of the Trinity, we can understand what the Rishis (the ancient scientists and scholars) were trying to say when we open the veil behind the symbols.

Everything begins with "Shakti", that is, love, receptivity, the feminine principle that exists in each of us. Everything that manifests indicates "Prakriti", that is, the nature of this principle in creation.

All the goddesses in the stories indicate what works well or creates a distortion when this principle drives our emotional world. Vishnu is symbolically responsible for establishing all the Divine Laws and Principles before anything is even created, to set expectations and goals, just as we do when we want to create a family or an organization.

In fact, everything starts in the world of concepts, of thoughts, as an idea first, before it ever takes a physical form. It is then that Brahma enters the scene through his navel on a lotus, i.e. the chakra of power, fire, which leads to motivation, to the will to create.

We see the lotus symbol in many traditions, as the lotus flower symbol represents the feelings of an initiate who focuses on Self-realization through deep inner work. A lotus blossoms in a muddy pond, symbolizing how true Self-realization takes place when memories of matter, the use/abuse of power in it are cleansed, memories where the power of emotions has been distorted in the world of matter, creating excessive fire. And when people enter ego-fueled consciousness, then the conflicts for supremacy begin. "Which is more powerful: the one who creates or the one who preserves?", all this is the game of the ego.

Often, as humans, we also become possessive of material things, forgetting the true intention behind it, which is to develop qualities by learning and experiencing in matter. As humans, we sometimes defy the divine laws and principles throughout our lives, in ignorance, feeding the ego and eventually becoming trapped in the conflict between good and evil, due to lack of knowledge. To free ourselves from this, Shiva is revealed. Shiva means to move from ignorance to knowledge, from being dead to being truly "Alive" in terms of state of consciousness and existence. Shiva reveals that we are in an infinite cycle of learning that will lead to many creations and the maintenance of learning, and then the end of this cycle to begin the next, for the continuity of evolution. Shiva thus symbolizes the state of being "Conscious". What begins must end one day, once its goal is reached, to give birth to a new cycle or stage of learning. Thus, Shiva brings here the symbolism of Detachment, his other Sanskrit name - Vairagi Yogi.

There is so much to say about this story when we begin to decode it symbolically. Indeed, we realize that it is not possible to understand Indian spiritual wisdom without the symbolic language! What a joy to share with you the ancient Indian spiritual wisdom, in the light of decoding the deep symbols that are also behind everything we experience every day... Everything that Life brings to us on the path can be understood, decoded and analyzed with the understanding of symbolic language. With this Knowledge that you can learn through the UCM Teaching and Research Center, you can rediscover what has been lost... Find the ancient wisdom, in your modern life. Therein lies the great story of evolution...

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Fighting evil is a concept that we all have deeply embedded in us. It is a way of looking at life, of looking at trials that has always been instilled in us. Even in some religions, for centuries, the notion of Good has always been opposed to that of Evil. In our school textbooks, we study wars, we relive them through films but also concretely, in current events in certain countries of the world and in new forms specific to the modern context and issues. Beyond the collective scale, it is also in the more intimate sphere that we can be encouraged to "fight" in the face of adversity, sometimes against our own family, our parents, etc. However, fighting evil is not a good idea. Whether it is by survival, by revenge, by rejection, this way of seeing life limits us, locks us in repetitive and hurtful dynamics for ourselves. Here is an article that helps us understand why this attitude is limiting and how to change it without endorsing or validating negative dynamics.

Fighting: The reinforcement of our own negativity

Negativity, whether it is lived through an external or internal experience (voices in our head, intrusive thoughts, etc.) will bring into play unconscious memories that resonate more or less strongly with this negativity. The fight against this negativity will have the effect of reinforcing the evil that we carry in our unconscious memories. The more we fight, the more we reject, and the more the dynamics that disturb us come back into our life under different forms and will even increase with time.

In a concrete situation, by choosing to fight to resolve a situation through physical violence rather than calling the police, we will necessarily allow evil to reproduce itself, feeding its negative aspects. Violence attracts violence, because we act exactly like the thing that bothers us, we allow the evil to feed on our own attitude, which reinforces it.

In the intellectual sphere, at the level of our thoughts and intentions, the functioning is the same. At work, if we metaphysically fight our colleagues because we can't stand their criticism, their habitual backbiting, we will feed their negative aspects, and this will continue to reproduce itself schematically and perpetually. We will always hear more criticism, and we will always be asked to enter this dynamic.

True courage is to transform oneself

It's the same thing when you hear people with illnesses "fighting" for recovery or "fighting" their illness. It gives an impression of strength, of courage, and it's true that courage is needed, but not in fighting... it's in accepting, understanding, transforming. And that requires a lot of courage. Because evil is a messenger that wants to tell us something, to make us change our habits, our view of a situation, of a person. Evil speaks to us when we know how to analyze and understand it. And to transform ourselves in the face of the evil that happens to us, to question ourselves, to see what we have to improve and to accept to change, that is true courage.

Fighting evil is an easy solution, if you will, because it is considering that what is negative, bad is outside, that it is not "oneself". This way, we don't have to change, to question ourselves. It is a form of protection against change and improvement. Fighting evil is basically fighting yourself. Fighting what life puts in our way to evolve.

But how can we accept evil without trivializing it, how can we find the right affirmation? This requires understanding. We are always afraid, running away or rejecting what we do not understand in depth. No matter what we fight, it will always come back to us, because Heaven presents us with our negative aspects in order to identify them in ourselves and be able to transform them.

Understanding through the Law of Resonance

Every day, we are confronted with many situations that disturb us, sometimes more or less intensely, to the point of profoundly revolting us depending on the type of words or actions we witness.

The Law of Resonance expresses a simple principle: we attract and we resonate with what we are, in the positive as in the negative, in our qualities as in our defects. It is a scientific fact that elements of the same vibratory frequency vibrate together.

Through the Law of Resonance, we understand that all the evil we see is actually there to allow us to learn from ourselves, to transcend it by developing our qualities. Evil is educational, that is an absolute fact. It exists only to allow us to become aware of hidden parts of ourselves and to develop qualities. Evil is at the service of Good...

To take the example of the co-workers who are critical on a daily basis, through the application of the Law of Resonance, we wonder when we can be critical of ourselves, or of others sometimes. This is what happens when we are internally boiling because we hear our colleague criticizing, complaining for long hours. Inwardly, we ourselves are criticizing and complaining about our colleague, we reproduce the same vibratory frequency. Or, if we don't criticize him/her at the time, it resonates with parts of ourselves that may have criticized in the past and are still lodged in our unconscious, waiting to be cleansed.

Using resonance to learn and grow

We live situations in accordance with who we are deeply, with what we have to learn to evolve towards the best of ourselves. When we understand this in depth, we use each of these "disturbing" situations to come back to ourselves, to identify the negative in us, and we transform it. Thus, we evolve in respect of our values and in respect of the rhythm of evolution of others. And finally, our consciousness changes positively, and our environment too, in accordance with ourselves, our vibrations, our qualities, and our flaws in transformation.

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Does someone upset you? Does a situation make you angry? You can't resolve a conflict? Or maybe you've been betrayed or hurt... and you can't forgive... Did you know that this is related to the "law of resonance", or the "law of attraction"? This law represents a universal, scientific principle, very concrete at the same time... which explains that each object, which has its own vibration, will start to resonate with any other object which has the same vibration... It seems very simple... But are we really aware of the depth of this law?

The law of resonance

Why does the law of resonance, when properly understood and applied, allow us to take great steps in our evolution? This article helps us understand the fundamental aspects related to the principles of resonance, and how it can serve as a basis for evolution in our daily lives.

Concrete life... and the resonances it can bring us...

Imagine, we can sometimes get angry, upset or impatient in certain situations... we can lose a lot of energy when we let out our frustrations and discontentment... It's normal! you might say... The other person hurt me... or insulted me... or made decisions that went against me, he even abused me...

How to get out of a role of victim, frustration or conflict (internal or external), thanks to the law of resonance?

For this, it is enough to understand this law and its application in terms of emotions and memories at the human level, and not only to see it at the concrete level, between a very high-pitched sound and a crystal glass that breaks for example.

Let's take a concrete situation: according to the definition, if I have a certain vibration, a certain emotional frequency inside me, then by resonance, a person who will have the same vibratory frequency will enter in resonance with me... For example, if I am friends with a person who represents joy, kindness, benevolence, it is because I too am able to manifest these qualities, and by resonance, I attract people who vibrate at these frequencies of joy, kindness and benevolence.

How to apply the law of resonance?

However, a law being a law, one cannot say that it works "from time to time" or "just about"... A law, especially when it is a fundamental principle of the Universe, is absolute. Also, it requires a lot of humility and the ability to question oneself when one has to apply a law in a more negative context than the one presented above.

So, when my neighbor annoys me, for example, or if a member of my family is disrespectful and that saddens me, or hurts me, it is time to apply the law of resonance, because it can help us...

According to the principles of this law, we must be able to recognize that we will vibrate at a frequency of conflict, disrespect, aggression, anger, or any other negative emotion that may emerge from a situation that disturbs us.

However, we do not want conflict, we seek the good... Or we have been betrayed by someone, and we say to ourselves that we would never have committed such an act, so the law of resonance does not apply... or we wonder if it only works in one direction, or only to a certain percentage...

Even when he feels that the other person bears most of the responsibility for the conflict or the problem (and this can indeed be the case), a being on a deep journey, who is working on himself, remembers that the law of resonance exists, and that if he attracted such a situation, it is because he had something to understand... it is because memories vibrated at the same frequency as the situation or the person who poses a problem in his life...

Thus, we understand that we are always angry at aspects of ourselves that we have not yet resolved, and that the other person, as long as he or she disturbs us or triggers negative emotions or thoughts in us, represents a part of ourselves, to a certain percentage.

Examples of hidden resonances...

Because yes, a person who has been cheated on, even though he or she has always been faithful, has resonances with infidelity. How is this possible? Infidelity must be understood in terms of unconscious memories at that time, more subtle, where the person may have accumulated needs of all kinds but never manifested them concretely for example... She may have sometimes nurtured desires, thoughts and emotions that did not respect her commitments or values, and this creates a form of infidelity...

Or they may have been too kind, too stimulating of their spouse's needs at times... This too creates a form of infidelity, because by being too kind, too gentle, by accepting or endorsing almost everything, it will generate codes that the person is too accessible, that it is too easy with them and will lead to infidelity in the other.

Or, the person may have closed himself or herself off from the other person, having difficulty being close to his or her spouse in every way, and this too, on some level, represents a lack of fidelity to the values of the couple.

It is the same with a situation with a colleague for example, or a neighbor, or a family member who gets on our nerves. We could believe that it is his fault, because it is him who shouts, or insults, or speaks badly... But nevertheless, the law of resonance is there... When we know it, we can no longer put ourselves in the position of victim...

We tell ourselves that we don't shout, we don't speak badly to others, we don't insult anyone... We ask ourselves why, but why do I attract this when I am a good person?

If we look deep inside ourselves for the times when we may have, in the past, communicated too intensely, or refused to communicate, because we kept too much inside ourselves... if we look in our thoughts, in our heart, to see if sometimes we are not criticizing or sending arrows to the other, at a more subtle level... Only by looking in our negative memories can we truly reprogram our frequencies that resonate with negativity and attract it.

How do you reprogram the negative that you attract?

The awareness of the memories shown in dreams, their symbolic understanding and the ability to observe and decode the way dreams manifest themselves in our daily lives, as well as the study of signs, the practice of mantras and meditation, are real keys to our evolution. With time, by becoming aware of our memories, our resonances, and their influences on our inner energy and our behaviors, we can progressively change in depth and reprogram our old ways of functioning.

In conclusion, what is the purpose of working with the law of resonance?

The different examples above finally lead us to realize that what we attract is what we are, in terms of percentages, according to our degree of disturbance. Because yes, one day, a person can hurt us, insult us, set a trap for us, betray us, and we are no longer disturbed, we no longer feel like counter-attacking, nor taking revenge, nor blaming them...

At that moment, we understand that the other is a part of us, we reprogram ourselves, and we know that we can end the cycles that led us to attract the same types of problems...

Imagine... the law of resonance is like a compass of evolution... it leads us to understand where we come from, what we can do, and in which direction we can go... because when we no longer have negative resonance, we make better choices, we make better decisions, and we follow a path that is always healthier and more beneficial for our evolution, and that of others around us...

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