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Function : General Manager,
Member of the Board of Directors: UCM Canada, UCM France, UCM Switzerland, UCM India, UCM Vietnam
Kasara Di Benedetto is the Executive Director of the UCM Teaching & Research Center. She is also a teacher, author, therapist and international speaker since the age of 19. Some are gifted in music, in mathematics and at a very young age surprise us. Kasara is gifted in symbolism and dream interpretation. Her life is a real inspiration.
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Kasara Di Benedetto is the Executive Director of the UCM Teaching & Research Center. She is also a teacher, author, therapist and international speaker since the age of 19. Some are gifted in music, in mathematics and at a very young age surprise us. Kasara is gifted in symbolism and dream interpretation. Her life is a real inspiration.

Kasara has become, through her books, meditation CDs and international conferences, an exceptional role model representing a new way of living through the understanding of emotional intelligence, the symbolic language of dreams and signs. This young woman now radiates and shares her vision of the world, her wisdom, through her conferences and workshops. Through the examples and testimonies she presents, she makes us understand that everything that disturbs us is a profound teaching about ourselves. Her exceptional gift of communication touches hearts, challenges established values and ways of thinking, encourages reflection on the multi-dimensions of existence and inspires a new look at our problems and the issues of life.

Dreams are the story of my life... - KASARA

You have to meet her to believe it... because since she was very young she has given conferences in several European countries (more than 70 cities per year), in Canada, in India, in Vietnam, people of all ages are moved by her presence and her voice, by her kindness and by the love she emanates when she is giving a conference or when she presents her collection of meditation CDs Angelica Mantra known now all over the world.

Kasara has a degree in Journalism and Communication and after many years of study, she obtained an Expertise in DSSI (Dreams-Signs-Symbols Interpretation) from the UCM Teaching & Research Center and became a professor in Symbolic Language. She is now working on the revision of dreams of several students who are following the DSSI Training. These students may be psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, or professors from several countries, and may be at the forefront of emotional intelligence (EQ) and symbolism. These students are sometimes psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists or eminent professors from several countries.

Expert in dream interpretation, her speech on human consciousness touches all generations and her sharing of her own journey is a real message of hope... Very young, her journey begins with premonitory dreams... Since always, her dreams guide her every step...

I was 4 years old the first time I received a premonitory dream... The first time my consciousness was transposed into the future... I can tell you about premonitory dreams... They transform our vision of the world... They forged the woman I am today... - KASARA

At only 19 years old, this gifted student of consciousness and unconsciousness gave her first conference on the theme: "How to understand new children" as well as the workshop: "I apologize"... A tour of more than 9 months in more than 90 cities across Canada and French speaking Europe.

After this great premiere, she continued to innovate and inspire in conferences/workshops and the following year in 2014, with new themes in light of current events: "Enough is enough, it has to change" and "A world without injustice". Over time, several cities and countries were added to her Canadian and European tours.

A modern-day missionary at the heart of many humanitarian projects, Kasara is also the Executive Director and a member of the Board of Directors of the UCM Teaching and Research Center. In addition to being a publishing house and a non-profit organization, the UCM Center is now established in Canada, France, Switzerland, Belgium, New Caledonia, Vietnam and India.

In October 2015, she was invited to participate in the Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists (GCSS) in India where she achieved phenomenal success. At only 22 years old, she finds herself the youngest professor in India to participate in this important event that brings together scientists and personalities from the government and all spheres of Indian society. By popular demand, she presented lectures and two Angelica Mantra concerts and received a magical and indescribable standing ovation, reflecting the recognition of her being and her international mission.

Kasara... an extraordinary destiny that shines like a star towards the highest peaks...

In August 2016, Kasara was invited to participate in a conference, this time in Vietnam, where she presented her lecture: "How to understand the new children?" She was also during this period on an Asian tour with her fiancé Anthony Di Benedetto, who also presents with her conferences and workshops on many topics.

The most powerful thing is not what we say, but what we say behind the words... - KASARA

Kasara is also an ambassador for the +|- Code School Program - a school program presented by the Swiss Foundation, Source Code Technology (SCT) in collaboration with UCM, which is now enabling thousands of students worldwide to develop and discover their emotional intelligence. A school program that is currently being presented and facilitated in many schools in India, Vietnam, Japan, USA, France, etc... The work done by Kasara and Anthony and their humanitarian devotion are a real inspiration to all those they meet.

In 2017, she married Anthony Di Benedetto and Kasara is now a mother to two beautiful young girls, Azya and Keisana, and shares with her husband Anthony, a happiness beyond the boundaries of time and space. Their family is blossoming every day and they live together an extraordinary love...

Following the birth of her daughters, Kasara shares truly advanced lectures on prenatal, postnatal and conscious family life.

We spend our lives raising our children... but in reality, they raise us... - KASARA

During the global pandemic, Kasara and her team produced a series of 12 Angelica Mantra Live Concerts, offered free online and translated into 8 languages.

She has the voice of an Angel... That really touches us deeply...

Kasara is doing this humanitarian project out of a desire to help make meditation accessible to everyone... She helps people all over the world who are suffering from depression, deep questioning, trying to understand what they are going through in the beautiful moments as well as the more difficult ones...

The mantra is really the key to program our consciousness positively... With dreams you can understand your memories and with the mantra you can reprogram them... - KASARA

In addition, Kasara is currently collaborating with Professor, Founder and CEO Francis L. Kaya and a team of computer engineers from several countries to develop new technology for the integration of symbolic language with artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics. This highly advanced software will be used in the fields of medicine, psychology and therapy, as well as in education.

Kasara has become a real inspiration for humanity... A new generation, conscious, spiritual and humanistic...