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Decode your Dreams

Every night, you dream and experience intense things, but you don't always know how to understand them... With Kaya, discover the multi-dimensions of dreams through these conferences presented live every 2 weeks. An expertise of more than 25 years in the interpretation of Dreams, Signs and Symbols.

An event every two weeks

Discover the deeper meaning and secrets of dreams with this lecture series.

For the purchase of 3-5 online events, you will receive a discount of 10%; for 6-9 online events, a discount of 15%; and for 10 online events an automatic discount of 20%.

Presented by Kaya

Professor Kaya is an expert in Symbolic Language and has been teaching this subject for over 25 years. His expertise is recognized worldwide in the field of dream interpretation.

Since 2010 and every week, Kaya presents these seminars online and live and reaches thousands of people around the world to deepen the knowledge of dreams and their meaning.

Each event is presented live, but you can review them at any time from your account once the broadcast is over.

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