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Denise Fredette

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Assistant Professor
Team Canada
Denise is a UCM assistant professor, naturopath and teacher by profession. Having attended the first conferences of the Teaching & Research Center, she carries this Teaching in her heart and supports it since the very beginning.
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Denise Fredette, N.D., F.O., A.P.
Training in osteopathy
Physical Education Teacher

During the first years of her life, Denise evolved in an environment where learning and discipline were taught with joy, mainly through the practice of various physical activities. Touched by the educational dimension of the physical body, she is very inspired by the idea of going deeper into this fascinating universe... This is how, when it comes to choosing a profession, she naturally goes towards teaching Physical Education in schools.
After Heaven gave her the grace to welcome two wonderful children into her life, whom she raised wholeheartedly and full time, one day Denise felt the call to return to the collective. A new attraction was born in her... She decided to go back to school and obtained a Master's degree in Educational Administration, which allowed her to return to teaching at other levels.

For several years, she was devotedly involved in the world of education, and then, following a profound reappraisal, she decided to take 4 years off work and use this time to deepen her knowledge of the human body by undertaking studies in osteopathy.

It was during this period that she discovered the importance of emotional intelligence, symbolic language and the work and research of Kaya & Christiane Muller. From the very first approach, she felt that this philosophy opened the doors to a profound understanding of the multi-dimensions of consciousness and existence.

Afterwards, she devoted most of her time to working with Angelica Yoga, studying dreams, signs and symbols and became one of the first volunteers at the UCM Teaching & Research Center where she is now an assistant professor.

Denise has also edited books on Angelica Yoga and participated in the dissemination of this initiatory yoga in several countries. Today, she is wholeheartedly involved in the school projects of UCM while continuing her deep inner work to discover and understand all aspects, physical and symbolic, of her destiny, her life path.

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