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The DSSI Training approach

The methods proposed by the DSSI Training as well as the tools made available to students.

Based on Symbolic Language

The language, perfectly logical and universal when we understand its mechanisms, allows us to better understand one's dreams and therefore the behavioral dynamics and memories they illustrate.

Through DSSI Training and the online portal created especially for this course, students learn to decode the content of their own dreams (and to review the analyses of other students in the more advanced stages of the training, with direct follow-up by a teacher), in a progressive and autonomous way, in order to better understand several facets of their lives: their choices, their personality, their strengths and weaknesses, etc.

Through this study, the student learns to know himself better and therefore, to have a better understanding of the problems, situations or happy events that he generates in his life, as much at the professional level as at the family or personal level. 

This is one of the very practical and helpful aspects of dream study.

The DSSI Portal

The DSSI portal is a totally innovative and unique online platform, which was designed by a team of computer engineers from several countries, specifically for the DSSI Training.

This extraordinary tool allows each student to analyze the key symbols of a dream or sign with positive or negative styles, and thus structure the analysis of the dream in a way never seen before.

The process of decoding the symbols

A dream is a message from the unconscious. And this unconscious mind works by symbols. When we understand the symbolic language, a dream can become as logical as a mathematical equation. 

This is what we call: a symbolic equation.

For example, a dream in which there is a dog on a table would correspond to the following symbolic equation: Table + Dog = ?

To know the meaning of this symbolic equation, it would be a matter of adding up the meaning of these two symbols, after having determined whether they have a positive or negative tendency.

In this case, since a dog on a table would be in the wrong place (it could spill objects or food, scratch the table, etc.), it would be the negative aspect of these two symbols that would be considered and added together. 

And what would be the meaning of these two symbols?

First of all, it must be understood that they are not presented by chance and correspond to the personality traits of the dreamer.

A rigorous analysis method

The analysis methods implemented at DSSI Training are rigorous, logical and methodical.

To determine the meaning of a symbol, the process is simple but very thorough: it is a matter of transposing the function of an object, the nature of an animal, the characteristics of a person, etc., into symbolic terms.

In other words, to understand the essence of a symbol in order to capture its meaning, as the unconscious understands it and presents it through dreams.

How to find the symbolic meaning?

What would be the symbolic meaning of a table?

In concrete terms, a table is essentially linked to the notion of sharing resources as well as to the transmission and exchange of knowledge and information, since we sit around a table to eat, discuss, communicate, study or work.

Symbolically, the table is therefore a symbol of sharing. When it appears in a dream, it informs us about our way of sharing (resources, ideas, information, etc., depending on the type of table and the context in which it appears).

If this symbol appears in a positive way in a dream, it represents memories where the dreamer knew how to share well with others, in a qualitative and harmonious way; which is reflected in the dream.

If it appears in a negative way, it represents a percentage of memories where the dreamer may have difficulties in sharing.

In relation to the symbol of the dog, let's first summarize its behavioral characteristics, as we would find them in an encyclopedia.

 As a pet and devoted companion to man, the dog represents aspects of instinctual energy that are quite docile and easy to train and control, if one takes the time to care for it. The dog also symbolizes affection, joy, spontaneity, liveliness, sociability, loyalty, protection, playfulness and the pleasure of living simply. 

His emotional world is dense and intense: he represents a great emotional intensity that needs to be channeled with a nice rigor and authority to avoid it becoming overflowing, out of control and threatening in extreme cases - just as an emotionally dependent person might react in a situation of lack.


If the symbol of the dog appears in a dream in a positive way, it corresponds to an abundance of vital energy, joy, spontaneity, vivacity, playfulness, sociability, loyalty, obedience, dedication, etc.

However, when it appears in dreams in a negative way, it represents emotional dependence, emotional outbursts, the compulsive need to please and be liked, the fear of loneliness or emotional anger, etc. 

In both cases, the positive or negative aspects of the dog correspond to its real behavior, in the concrete, as we can observe it.

Our unconscious mind perceives and understands this symbol and therefore explains certain aspects of our instinctual energy at the emotional level by its presence in the dream.

To summarize the equation

So, to summarize our symbolic equation, if we add up the symbols in this dream, it would be: Negative Table + Negative Dog (since in the wrong place) = A percentage of memories, shown to the person who received the dream, where sometimes they may have a dynamic of dependencies or emotional outbursts in sharing and on a relational level.

By studying the behavior of the dog and the function of the table, we discover the meaning of this message transmitted by the unconscious.

By bringing the symbols back to him or her, the person who has received the dream can understand aspects of his or her personality and bring about changes, since generally, a dream corresponds to an answer, a message from the unconscious to help us with questions that we may ask ourselves in our daily lives.

When a symbolic analysis is performed with accuracy and experience, the dreamer always recognizes himself or herself in the explanation of his or her dream. A kind of natural click occurs and the person is then surprised to see how much the dream reflects aspects of his or her personality.

The person then has an ideal image to remember (the dream) to bring about improvements in their life. And the extraordinary thing is that when improvements have been made, the person then sees changes in their dreams and in their life.

The analysis of one's dreams is therefore a tool for personal development par excellence.This is the learning that is offered in the DSSI (Dream, Sign & Symbol Interpretation) training courses.

Meditation, Mantra, Yoga & DSSI

The training offered at DSSI goes hand in hand with the practice of meditation, angelic mantras and yoga, which allows the student to re-educate, to progressively reprogram the conscious and unconscious aspects that he/she discovers in dreams, and that create difficulties in his/her life.

If we compare the consciousness of a human being to a computer, we could say that everything he thinks, feels and materializes is registered in him as data, as memories.

When these data accumulate, both in the plus and in the minus, they give rise to aspects of our personality that we can see in dreams. The practice of meditation is therefore intended to help reprogram memories and create a large number of new positive memories in our personal computer, allowing us to consciously cultivate what is best and highest in ourselves.

This is why the DSSI Training also has a spiritual aspect: through dreams, the student becomes aware of what he/she needs to transform, and through meditation and angelic mantras, he/she consciously programs better behaviors in himself/herself.

What is also very advanced is the notion that the symbolic language can also be applied to the choices of our daily life : for example, why do we buy certain types of clothing rather than others?

What do they symbolically correspond to? Why do we like this type of food rather than another? Why are we attracted to this person rather than another?

What does the choice of our job reveal? All these questions and so many others are answered in the unconscious, which can be understood through the symbolic analysis of these choices.

Concrete and therapeutic applications

The possible applications of symbolic language at the concrete level are very vast. In addition to being an exceptional personal development tool, it is also a great help that can be applied to the therapeutic field.

Indeed, by helping a person to learn symbolic language, he/she receives the possibility to better understand his/her own dreams and life, which of course has very positive consequences in his/her daily life.

In the same way, by helping a person to decode his or her dreams when he or she has not yet developed this ability, the person gradually learns to do so on his or her own, while receiving the answers transmitted by his or her dreams.

We sincerely believe that the ability to decode dreams according to the DSSI approach allows for great therapeutic advances, and that is why the DSSI training offers the possibility of being trained as a therapist specialized in symbolic language and dream analysis.

Students who wish to do so and who successfully complete the five-year training program may eventually work at the Angelica Clinic, practice in private practice, or integrate this knowledge into their personal or family practice.

Also, many students already working in the medical field (doctors, psychologists, child psychiatrists, osteopaths, chiropractors, nurses, etc.) are following the DSSI training courses in order to integrate the knowledge of symbols into their practice and to be officially accredited by the UCM Teaching and Research Center (non-profit organization), the world leader and specialist in this field.

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