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Guillaume Favre-de-Thierrens

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Assistant Professor
Swiss Team
Guillaume has a spiritual, modern & ecological conscience. In addition to being an assistant-professor at UCM, he is currently working in Switzerland in an engineering office carrying out eco-responsible & renewable energy production projects.
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Découvrez la biographie de Guillaume Favre-de-Thierrens.

Guillaume was born in the south of France to parents who were able to provide a certain material abundance with simplicity. During his childhood, Guillaume was sensitive, shy and reserved. He felt the positive and negative energies of his family and social environment but did not know how to deal with them internally. As an unconscious protective mechanism and without having the tools to understand himself at that time, William adapted, conformed, and shaped himself according to social rules. He developed a form of external perfection to always please, to always make sure that everyone was happy, that everyone was okay, that everyone could be in harmony. At the same time, he cultivated great ideals of peace; he understood later, during his journey, that he was also trying to fill his emotional difficulties and his emotional lacks.

Until the end of his adolescence, Guillaume was in this search for external harmony because internally he was looking for balance, peace but did not know how to find it, to stabilize it in him. It was during this period that he began to pray, that he spoke to the Universe because he felt this malaise, these discrepancies between his inner life and the external influences... he confided openly to God because he did not know who to talk to and if someone would understand him.

Inspired by his sister's openings of consciousness and the exchanges they had, Guillaume discovered the Teaching of Traditional Angelology at the end of his university studies. He reconnected with his spiritual potential through the Books of the Angels and the meditations he practiced regularly. He thus began to rebuild, to reprogram his fundamental codes, like a computer on which one makes an update, a cleaning of files, a defragmentation, etc. He began the defragmentation of his personal computer to rebuild his inner life. Through more frequent and intense dreams, he gradually came to better understand the causes of his ailments. He returned to the source of who he was, of how he had built himself as a young man. With his training as an engineer through which he had developed his practical intelligence, his analytical mind and logic, the symbolism of dreams and Life made sense to him. He entered into the Multidimensions of Life, understanding them more deeply and analyzing himself through the Law of Resonance.

After this period of reconstruction on a personal level during his first years of the journey, a new stage was announced; it responded to this ideal that he had always had in him, like a permanent vision since his adolescence: to create a family. Thanks to dreams and signs, to their questioning to be in the Right Program, Guillaume and his wife Florence had confirmations of their Union, after having met in a UCM course. For Guillaume, it was a great and profound step of commitment, of fidelity, because monastic and religious essences could still inhabit him and could have made him miss this wish which was dear to him. Together they had a daughter, who became the sister of the two children of his wife's first marriage. Now, Guillaume embodies the husband, the father and also the confidant, the friend, the advisor through the application of his spiritual knowledge in everyday life and responsibilities.

He is currently working in Switzerland in an engineering office carrying out renewable energy production projects. His ecological awareness and new technologies have always interested him; he also sees it as a contribution to the evolution of consciousness, to improve the world while making it evolve first in him. In this varied and rewarding job, he develops his ability to manage/coordinate important projects with perseverance, patience and diplomacy.

Wishing to improve and deepen his knowledge, and to invest in UCM's missions, Guillaume completed the DSSI training up to the Bachelor's degree. Aware of the questions and difficulties that people may experience in this rapidly evolving world, thanks to new technologies, Guillaume has at heart to bring them his help, his service. After having discovered and integrated this Teaching, and continuing to deepen it within him, he now wishes to help with this understanding of Life and to offer the keys from which he himself benefited.

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