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Other themes to discover

The green bus (English version)
A bus ride home. Police officers in green uniforms. And a knife attack.
A healthy mind in a healthy knee (English version)
The symbolism of the knee. Accepting too much of what you don't want to accept. And discover the balance between flexibility and solidity.
The new house (English version)
An intense move. A military march. And a math exam.
Angel 29 Reiyel - Reaching the High Summits (English version)
To develop the spiritual autonomy that leads to the highest summits of consciousness.
Wooden houses on stilts (English version)
Houses on stilts. A creative child. And a decision with many consequences.
My inner journey to healing (English version)
You have in you the wisdom that heals, and once healed, you will teach the world how to heal
Angel 28 Seheiah - Happy Longevity (English version)
Being afraid of the future. The impact of rash and impulsive actions. And the secret of happy longevity.
Featured-img - The maid - Understanding your dreams - Kaya
The maid (English version)
An overly revealing Indian sari. Seeing herself as a female DJ. And a secret document at the university.