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DreamerOne for young people

A training cycle for 9-13 year olds.

Registration for 2024 completed
Applications for 2025 available soon

9-13 years old

Finding the right keys in childhood

The DreamerOne 9-13 program features weekly student work analyzed in the training videos, on various topics such as family, friends, school, video games and more.

Realizing one's life starts at a young age

We sometimes tend to think that personal development is only for adults. But on the contrary, it is also very important when you are young. Because if you have good concepts, good discernment, you can realize your life in the right way...Without having a lot of problems, which then lead you to personal development much later, to rebuild your life...

A quality program such as DreamerOne Training can be seen as important as mathematics, geography or languages... It is a real toolbox that is offered to young people, and that can help them throughout their lives.

Some young people are already very independent and it's wonderful that they can follow the Training on their own. And for those parents who can and want to - without ever forcing it, of course - a great way to do this program is to sit down with your pre-teen or teenager as they listen to the lessons, learn with him/her and talk about it afterwards.

To create a friendly and inspiring family time around this training every 2 weeks. It is even possible to accompany your youngster by helping him/her with his/her practical work.

Level 1 - DreamerOne

All the themes of the cycle 9-13 years for level 1

  • Dreams, signs and symbolic language
  • Positive and negative influences
  • Popularity beyond appearances
  • Fashion and clothing
  • Intimidation
  • Isolation, loneliness
  • The symbolic meaning of sports and leisure
  • Video games
  • Family, friendship and affinity
  • Abandonment, rejection and racism
  • Inspiration, art, drawing, painting, etc.
    How to prepare for adolescence
  • Stress, anxiety, learning to develop calmness and
  • Hyperactivity, dispersion, concentration and focus
  • Addictions (coffee, cigarettes, cyber addiction, etc.)
  • Eating disorders, health. self-esteem
  • And several other subjects treated in a similar multidimensional

Level 2- DreamerOne

All the themes of the cycle 9-13 years for level 2

  • Dreams, signs and symbolic language
  • School challenges, academic performance
  • School success or dropout
  • The competition, the comparison,
  • Compensation
  • Self-confidence, ego, humility, affirmation
  • Communication, the words that hurt or anger
  • Humor in the + and -.
  • Fears, hidden insecurities, nightmares,
    night terrors
  • Grief, sorrow, understanding death
  • Joy and sadness
  • Anger, frustrations, aggressiveness
  • Delinquency, behavioral problems
  • Forgiveness and reconciliation
  • The masculine and the feminine, the couple
  • Facial expressions and non-verbal language
  • And several other subjects treated in a similar multidimensional

Level 3- DreamerOne

All the themes of the cycle 9-13 years for level 3

  • Dreams, signs and symbolic language
  • Discovering countries, mentalities and cultures, a wealth of
    understanding and knowledge
  • History understood with symbolic language
  • The lives. reading and writing
  • The future of technology in the + and -
  • Ecology, global warming, solutions for
    the future
  • The symbolic meaning of animals and nature
  • Analysis of advertisements
  • Learn to discern people's intentions
  • Listening and receptivity
  • Leadership and teamwork
  • And several other subjects treated in a similar multidimensional

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About DreamerOne for youth

Dates of the online courses

Inscriptions ouvertes jusqu'au 31 décembre 2023 pour l'année suivante.


Rates for children and teenagers

57 CAD$ x 12 monthly installments (or a payment of 684 CAD$/year of training).

Rates for adults, parents and teachers

32.50 CAD$ x 12 monthly installments (or a payment of 390 CAD$/year of training).

* Possibility to pay from 1 to 12 installments by bank transfer or directly on the UCM website. 25% is non-refundable in case of cancellation by you.

UCM is an educational institution recognized by Revenus Québec and Canada, which allows our students to benefit from the tax credit for tuition fees.

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