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Position: Engineer and IT Director,
Assistant Professor
Team Canada
Senior IT engineer, assistant professor & musician, Jean-François has many talents. Originally from Canada, he now manages a large IT team based at the UCM Teaching & Research Center in India.
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Computer engineer, musician and lecturer, Jean-François is responsible for the software development of the UCM.

Born in Mauricie, Quebec, Canada, Jean-François grew up in a very open environment... From a very young age, he learned music, programmed computers and rubbed shoulders with personalities from the spiritual world such as Adéla Tremblay-Sergerie and A.D. Grad. His interest in music led him to the Trois-Rivières Conservatory of Music where he learned the French horn and the saxophone. He uses the computer as a tool for musical creation since the first technological advances in the field. He composed soundtracks for several films, some of which received awards and distinctions. He continued his studies in computer engineering at Laval University where he was at the heart of the development of several innovative software products.

His interest in ancestral cultures such as those of India and Tibet led him to travel to these countries and actively participate in several humanitarian projects such as the Ronde-et-Bleue peace project and the safeguarding of ancient Tibetan writings in a monastery in India. He also had the opportunity to meet the Dalai Lama and this event led him to found the Paramita Center of Tibetan Buddhism of Quebec.

It was during a lecture tour by Kaya and Christiane Muller that he discovered symbolic language and emotional intelligence, which allowed him to make the link between intellectual, spiritual and emotional logic.

During a two-year trip to India with his wife Sonia and their two daughters, Jean-François assembled a talented team of engineers to prepare the implementation of a new technology that will integrate symbolic language with artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics. This highly advanced software will be used in the medical and therapeutic fields as well as in education.

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