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Caroline Chabot

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Assistant Professor
Team Canada
An assistant professor and well involved on many levels, Caroline has been volunteering at UCM for many years. She is currently an organizational pillar of the DSSI Training and supports UCM with kindness & altruism.
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Discover the biography of Caroline Chabot.

Caroline was born in Canada in a family of 3 children where harmony and simplicity still reign to this day. Until her teenage years, her father's work meant that they moved regularly, which allowed her to learn to adapt to different environments at a very young age.

Being rather shy and reserved, she liked to observe people and sometimes found herself a little different from others because of the inner questions she could ask herself.

She studied to be a dental hygienist and worked for 28 years in public dental health in a school setting. The contact with children was easy and she felt privileged to work with them. She particularly enjoyed working in schools where the socio-economic background was low. The level of poverty that was present at all levels made her want to help the children even more.

Over time, she developed an expertise in prevention and had the privilege of being part of a team whose mission was to teach other dental hygienists in the public sector across Quebec, the application of sealants in schools. This was an extraordinary experience for her on both a personal and professional level. This mission allowed her to meet new people and to help them develop their potential. It was at this time that her interest in teaching became more apparent.

At the age of 28, through her younger brother, she discovered spirituality while pregnant with her second child. Another universe opened up to her. After reading several books by different authors, she decided to take courses in polarity, reiki, as well as Qi-Gong and Tai Chi.

As spirituality was not part of her spouse's life plan at the time, a divorce ensued and her spiritual quest became more and more intense. Life carefully orchestrated her encounter with traditional Angelology through a friend around 1999. While discovering the 72 Angels, she gradually discovered the greatness and the Wisdom of this teaching where dreams, signs and symbolic language are at the heart of a new pedagogy. For the first time on a spiritual level, she discovered not only deep and logical knowledge, but also tools to help her heal in depth an inner malaise. These tools also gave her answers to many questions, as well as a deep understanding of certain situations which, in a horizontal vision, could not have any meaning.

Understanding that our primary Mission on Earth is to develop Qualities, Virtues and Powers in their pure state was a revelation for her, without forgetting the Law of Resonance which says that we attract what we are, the positive and the negative... An important Law which allows us to discover what we do not know about ourselves through others...

In 2004 she began volunteering part-time for the Mikaël Universe/Cité and since 2015 she has been participating full-time in various projects of the Association where she continues to deepen her Knowledge.

Today, walking with her dreams, signs and symbolic language is at the heart of her daily life. It is a way for her to become a better soul, a better person. With the meeting of her second husband, who came through dreams and signs, they walk hand in hand by analyzing their dreams and the symbolic language that guides them in their personal and couple evolution.

Caroline has completed the 3 year DSSI certificate, as well as graduated from the 2 year DSSI License.

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