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Sponsorship Program

Help and listening in the process.

Support that understands you

We have all taken our first steps one day to better understand and know ourselves. This journey is difficult at the beginning... yes, I know... I too have had anxieties, questioning, fears and doubts about the journey. 

I have had and still have sometimes intense nightmares and cold sweats that shake me. I'm not perfect but I strive every day to improve, to become a better soul, a better person. I know what you are going through and I can help you take your first steps with dream work, signs and symbols. I will not be able to give you all the answers because I am still looking for them myself sometimes... 

I continue my Work on me... but I will be able to help you as I was helped at the beginning. The unveiling of Wisdom leads us to visit the heart of our memories and what we see of ourselves is sometimes not very beautiful... I know what you are going through... but afterwards, when we progressively integrate our path, we discover a new way of being, of loving, of thinking. 

A new path... a new destiny...

Your sponsor waiting for your call, if you feel the need...

How to find support?

The UCM Sponsor Program is free and available to all persons 18 years of age and older (or with a letter of parental consent for those under 18), who want support in their journey with dreams, signs and symbols.

Contacts are made only by computer (Zoom or Skype, etc.) after making an appointment by email.

To be eligible for this sponsorship program, you must have read at least one UCM book, including

  • The Book of Angels, Dreams-Signs-Meditation, Volume 1,
  • The Hidden Secrets
  • The Book of Angels, Volume 2, The Healing of Memories
  • The Book of Angels, Volume 3, The Source of Knowledge
  • The Book of Angels, Volume 4, The Way of Destiny
  • The Book of Angels, Volume 5, On Edge
  • The Book of Angels, Volume 6, A World That Bewilders (NEW)

This program is dedicated solely to people who are on the UCM book journey. It was created to share the basics and offer support in the first steps of the path, in order to answer questions.

It is therefore important not to see it as a system of therapy, or dependence on a person. In the event that a person does not meet the criteria for "self-help", the sponsor can decide at any time to take a step back and let the person do his or her own thing.

Criteria for becoming a UCM sponsor

  • You must have read all of the books published by ├ëditions Univers/Cit├ę Mika├źl (UCM) and have been practicing Traditional Angelology, on a regular basis, for more than 3 years.
  • You must live a healthy and balanced life. Without being perfect of course, because the initiatory life is intense, your role will serve as a support to people from all over the world who, like you, seek to improve themselves and integrate Wisdom.
  • You must be on the UCM active volunteer list. 
  • You must be approved by the organizing committee, which reserves the right to accept or reject any application that does not meet the criteria listed above.