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Thibaut Favre de Thierrens

Position: Project Manager,
Trained as an osteopath, UCM teacher & lecturer, Thibaut has been able to progressively reprogram his consciousness and integrate in all his cells the importance of developing qualities and symbolic language. He is becoming more and more an expert of the human body & its symbolism and his treatments are really deep.
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D├ęcouvrez la biographie de Thibaut Favre de Thierrens.

Ost├ęopathe de formation, professeur & conf├ęrencier UCM, Thibaut Favre de Thierrens a pu reprogrammer progressivement sa conscience et int├ęgrer dans lÔÇÖensemble de ses cellules lÔÇÖimportance du d├ęveloppement des qualit├ęs et du langage symbolique. Il devient de plus en plus chaque jour expert du corps humain & de sa symbolique et ses soins sont r├ęellement profonds.

For as long as he can remember, Thibaut's life has always been tinged with questions about the meaning of life... of his life. During his childhood, these questions were amplified by his hypersensitivity which led him to perceive so many things around him and in him... Not knowing how to understand these realities which were constantly passing in front of him, he tried as best he could to attract the attention of his parents in different ways, often by being agitated, by clowning around and by being turbulent, believing that they were finally going to be able to enlighten him... help him...

Thibaut was born into a family in which abundance was present on many levels, but matter was too often in the first place. This caused him to experience profound shifts because access to the multi-dimensions was constant in his mind and matter was only one of the realities he perceived... he felt misunderstood... wandering and as if "empty" inside. It was during his adolescence that he experienced one of the most difficult periods of his life. Everything was getting bigger and he wanted so much to understand what he was feeling. His sensitivity, his lacks, his needs of recognition and his gaps led him to try to find a way out: extreme sports. Even if through this activity he was able to temporarily "calm his senses", his soul was still looking for answers to his malaise.

The orientation towards the osteopathic profession was decisive in his path... Through conscious touch and the in-depth study of body mechanics, his soul sought to understand this sensitivity that had inhabited him since childhood. During his studies and his practice, he became aware of the importance of having the right intention, of quality during the treatments, where the ego is no longer present... However, before arriving at this channel of great awareness and search for purity in his therapeutic art, he first had to learn to know himself better, to cleanse and purify himself. This made him enter very deeply into an initiatory path via the practice of Angelica yoga and Angelica mantra.

Now, thanks to the in-depth study of his dreams and symbolic language and through the DSSI Training that it propelled him into another stage of evolution on all levels, he was able to gradually reprogram his consciousness and integrate into all his cells the importance of the development of qualities and virtues and of symbolic language. Through this inner application of metaphysical Knowledge, he finally understood what he had been living inside all along.

The recoding of his own consciousness and its continuous deepening allows him today to appreciate even more deeply the others and to help the students of the IRSS Formation, as assistant professor, to find these same treasures which today gave a meaning to his life. Together with his wife Claire, they are now growing in the heart of knowledge and the multi-dimensions of life. They are happy to inspire through their participation with Kaya and Christiane Muller in the development of the UCM Teaching and Research Center through many projects including the Angelica yoga videos.