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What is a sign?

An answer that is perfectly synchronized with a question you have and that can arise in a multitude of ways.

How to ask for a sign?

It is the quality of our intention and our focus that will be most important. We can focus on a question related to an important decision to be made in our life. It can be related to a change of life, a type of commitment, whether it is in love or professional, or it can concern a potential separation situation...

We focus on the question of whether this or that decision is right for our evolution. We keep this question in mind as long as possible and wait for signs, i.e. messages, that will help us to make the best decision. Our question should ideally be formulated as clearly as possible, for example: "Is it right for me to engage in this job, in this company?", or "Is it right for me to engage in this love relationship?

How to interpret a sign

A sign should not be interpreted too literally, and should be decoded in the light of symbolic language. For example, if we ask ourselves: "Is it right to engage in this work?", and suddenly we would see beautiful butterflies everywhere, either concretely, or in our conversations or in some articles or TV shows, etc... it would not necessarily mean that yes, it is right to engage in this direction.

Even though the butterfly may be a positive sign, we need to analyze the context in which it appeared (was it a really positive context?), what we were thinking at this moment, the quality of our thoughts and feelings at that moment. All this will give us an additional indication about the positive or negative tendency of the sign.

As sometimes, a sign could simply represent our state of mind at a given moment, symbolically. For example a certain feeling of lightness and well-being, with the butterfly. Thus, signs do not always mean a concrete action to be taken, and we should remain vigilant in our interpretation, especially if the decision to be made is important and involves major changes in our life.

Be vigilant with the signs

A sign should also always be logical in relation to our concrete reality. If, for example, a person receives multiple signs related to Brazil, but has nothing to do in this country (no job offer, no interest or motivation to live in this country), then these "signs" should be analyzed on a symbolic level, according to the positive and negative aspects that this place represents for him.

By remaining vigilant in our interpretation of the signs, we avoid making choices that could be too extreme or illogical in relation to our concrete reality.

A sign must be logical

With the practice of signs, it is important not to "make them up". For example, a person could be intensely attracted to a woman or a man, and suddenly start to see signs everywhere that this person is supposedly meant for him or her, when in reality he or she might not even be available, already in a relationship or married, for example. Thus, the intensity of a desire can "create" signs that are not really signs. It is therefore necessary to have a certain detachment and discernment when we ask for signs in relation to a life choice.

A sign must be in line with our values

A sign is not really a sign if it would guide us in a direction contrary to our good values and principles, and to what is healthy for ourselves and others. A sign that supposedly would "tell" us to do evil or to be mean, etc. would not be a sign, as the only goal of signs is to bring positive and constructive evolution for everyone. Of course it is also possible to receive negative signs sometimes, but even in this case, they are always for the best of our evolution. Like a red light that would invite us to stop, because it is not the time to go in some direction, but it could become green at another moment (more appropriate), or for us to wait for an even better opportunity.