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UCM Teaching Assistants

UCM's assistant professors are leaders in the field of Dream, Sign and Symbol interpretation and assist in the development of various international projects.

Ân Nguyen
Director Vietnam,
Assistant Professor
Physiotherapist by training and now UCM assistant professor, Ân is of Belgian & Vietnamese origin. He is now based at the UCM Teaching and Research Center in Vietnam, where he works with dynamism & humanism.
Linh Phan
Director Vietnam,
Assistant Professor
Linh began her career in business studies with her extraordinary organizational skills. Today, she is the Director & Assistant Professor of the UCM Teaching and Research Center in Vietnam.
Geoffrey Gagnon
Director of DSSI Training,
Assistant Professor
Geoffrey began his journey in art studies where he became a teacher. He is now the Training Manager, Assistant Professor & Lecturer at the UCM Teaching and Research Center in Canada.
Jean-François Bohémier
Engineer and IT Director,
Assistant Professor
Senior IT engineer, assistant professor & musician, Jean-François has many talents. Originally from Canada, he now manages a large IT team based at the UCM Teaching & Research Center in India.
Assistant Professor
Originally from Switzerland, Martine immigrated to Canada several years ago with a deep desire to help UCM... With her true support and altruism, she works as Executive Director & Assistant Professor.
Olivier Masurel
Assistant Professor
Project manager & assistant professor at the UCM Teaching & Research Center, Olivier is involved with enthusiasm and humanism. Originally from France, he is a strong supporter of humanitarian causes.
Guillaume Favre-de-Thierrens
Assistant Professor
Guillaume has a spiritual, modern & ecological conscience. In addition to being an assistant-professor at UCM, he is currently working in Switzerland in an engineering office carrying out eco-responsible & renewable energy production projects.
Florence Favre-de-Thierrens
Economist and Finance Director,
Assistant Professor
As Finance Manager & Assistant Professor of the UCM Teaching & Research Center, Florence is involved with structure and devotion. She is happy to be working in the heart of the Teaching that has transformed her life.
Nils Delmonico
Assistant Professor
Nils is a trilingual language teacher. He studied at the Faculty of Arts in Geneva. Today, he is also a project manager and assistant professor at UCM. Nils embodies solidity and altruism.
Dru Delmonico
Assistant Professor
Dru is an artist at heart, originally from California, she lends her voice to the Angelica Yoga video project. She is also an assistant professor at the UCM Teaching & Research Center.
Caroline Chabot
Assistant Professor
An assistant professor and well involved on many levels, Caroline has been volunteering at UCM for many years. She is currently an organizational pillar of the IRSS Training and supports UCM with kindness & altruism.
Denise Fredette
Assistant Professor
Denise is a UCM assistant professor, naturopath and teacher by profession. Having attended the first conferences of the Teaching & Research Center, she carries this Teaching in her heart and supports it since the very beginning.
Thomas Vinay
Assistant Professor
Mountain Leader, Assistant Professor UCM and Expert in Symbolic Language and Dream Interpretation.
Blanaid Rensch
Assistant Professor
Originally from Northern Ireland, Blanaid is fluently bilingual in French and English and has been a dedicated translator of UCM books for many years. She is also a teacher by profession.