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Thomas Vinay

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Assistant Professor
Team France
Mountain Leader, Assistant Professor UCM and Expert in Symbolic Language and Dream Interpretation.
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Discover the biography of Thomas Vinay.

Thomas grew up in the countryside of southern France, with parents who were doctors and a mother who was very open to spirituality. With his two sisters and his brother, their childhood was punctuated by the seasons. Thomas was a rather introverted child but at the same time very intense. His inner world was always very active, but for a long time misunderstood and repressed. Sports and nature were a refuge and a learning ground for many years...

During his studies in 2001, life led him to the mountains, where he was able to obtain, among other things, a diploma as a mountain guide. After several years of experience in this field, as well as the building of a family and the renovation of a mountain lodging, everything seemed to be perfect in his life: a beautiful family, a welcoming hotel, a simple social and sportive activity, many friends, a valued involvement in the town hall...

But this was an external facet of his personality, and the inside was quite off with intense and very mixed feelings. So in order to appear to be in control and to hide all this, he cut himself off from his emotions and fled into action, he became airy and haughty at times, also overconfident to compensate for the deep uncertainty of his inner life... He had always sought to understand the meaning of life by observing the universe, and he found it by turning to his inner universe.

In 2015, he changed his life when he separated from the mother of his children. It was an extreme period with a lot of intensity in his spirituality. He found himself in monastic memories and great precariousness with deep lacks ... Then he gradually rebuilt by reprogramming the memories and values in his soul through the DSSI training, and by working concretely in the construction of houses, to continue to develop the concrete aspects of life as well as the more metaphysical aspects of his inner world.

It was then that he met his wife, who supported and listened to him with love in his profound changes. She welcomed his children as a second mother, and today she accompanies him on the spiritual journey of life through symbolic language and dreams. Her beautiful Spanish energy and deep insights help them evolve together every day to marry spirit and matter.

He is now happy to be able to understand and evolve daily through this Universal Knowledge of symbols. With his experience of nature and symbolic language, he enjoys sharing his feelings and connections to the different states of consciousness that dreams and the environment provide.

Thomas now leads UCM mountain hikes in the French Alps, putting his expertise as a mountain leader at the service of the deep understanding of our inner nature...

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