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Retreats & Seminars

Seminars in person or via live streaming, presented each summer and winter by UCM professors. Participate in lectures, sharing, meditations, yoga workshops, as well as workshops for children and adults on extraordinary topics.

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Testimony of Frédéric

"A UCM Seminar is one of those moments in life when you look inside yourself... You think back to what you have been through, to what has brought you to where you are at this moment... To what the future could become... And then you understand... One workshop after another, the riddles of your life make sense, things become clear... The solutions become obvious... During these three intense, deep, funny, touching days... Something is activated inside, agitated, surprised at times... It is our soul that awakens... And there we realize that the most precious gift is right here, in our hands. We realize that we can choose to evolve..."

Once in the summer and once in the winter, UCM seminars mark the year and bring together people from around the world...