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Your body expresses itself, it speaks to you... But do you know how to listen to it, how to understand it? Do you know its language? Would you like to discover the mysteries it has to reveal to you? Because it does not only speak to you about your physical health, it is much deeper... Your physical health is a consequence, not the cause of what you live sometimes... Your body has things to tell you to rewrite your life, to create health at all levels in you.

The coded language of the body: symbolism

When I started to study my unconscious, I gradually discovered that there was a coded language, it is the language of the unconscious. I will give you a simple example to help you understand what the coded language is, the symbolic language.

Our unconscious speaks to us

People often say "I like dogs more", "I like cats better". Do you really think it's a coincidence? Not really. When we know the symbolic language, we understand that the person in his unconscious wishes to express and likes the states of consciousness inscribed in a cat, dog, or animal.

If you prefer dogs, then it means that your soul wishes to develop spontaneous love, fidelity, loyalty, natural joy but that you should be careful about emotional dependence. If you prefer cats, then your soul wishes to develop a beautiful autonomy, an independent side, a calm and composed side that knows how to take care of itself, but on the other hand, you should be careful not to be over-independent and put others at a distance.

Understanding the code

You see, behind everything, there is a state of consciousness that is inscribed. And it is the same for the human body. If, for example, we have a liver problem, we have to study and understand what the state of consciousness of the liver is. The liver is used to store energy, to transform and purify certain toxins in the body. The liver also participates in digestion.

So if a problem occurs in the liver, we must see in our daily life, where we may have difficulty to purify the negative, the thoughts, the negative emotions that affect us, whether it is our own thoughts, our own emotions or what those of others awaken in us. It is necessary to study which events, which situations it is difficult to digest, to accept. By meditating on these difficulties, you will be able to transform your daily experiences into wisdom and deep understanding...

Applying knowledge

If you wish to understand your body, learn the coded language of the unconscious and no more secrets will remain... You will know what the body wishes to communicate to you and thus you will be able to improve yourself in an extraordinary way and transform your life thanks to these understandings which exceed all that you could imagine...

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"Last night I had the strangest dream... I lived each moment as if I was there... The landscapes, the sounds, the colors. The smells, the sensations. Everything seemed so real..." Are dreams only a figment of our imagination? Or is there something deeper behind it? Do dreams have a hidden reality? A deeper meaning?

Dreams: imagination or reality?

We receive so many dreams in our lifetime. So much information that we don't pay attention to when we are less spiritual... So much information that is revealed when we sleep, through our dreams.

However, this question has always been present in the minds of humans: are dreams real? What is the meaning of this gigantic amount of information that is downloaded into our consciousness every night? We have to imagine that the universe is like a "Cloud" in which we all live... And our soul is like our own personal computer, which is always connected to this gigantic universal "Cloud", and which constantly receives and sends data.

What are dreams?

In the ancient Sanskrit language, dreams are called "Sapna", which means "something that concerns us". Throughout the day and over the years, we record many experiences within ourselves, some of which are conscious, and some of which become unconscious within us.

Even if some experiences (like sometimes traumas) can be momentarily repressed, repressed in our unconscious, our mind uses this mechanism to protect itself, as a defense mechanism. But nothing is lost, everything is recorded, and can be resolved when we gradually become aware of these parts of ourselves, these % of memories...

Why do we dream?

Dreaming is a natural phenomenon, just as we all have other natural activities like washing, going to the bathroom, eating, etc. What the mind is not able to process or integrate immediately, it begins to project into our dreams to get our attention and begin an inner work of cleaning. What this means is that the things we cannot understand or digest immediately stay with us until we are ready to do inner work. This can be done by decoding them to extract their true meaning, i.e. their symbolic meaning, in order to rectify the patterns that are no longer functional.

It takes a deep understanding, through symbolic language, to be able to understand our dreams and use this information to change, to evolve. Because a single dream, well decoded, can change a life, by what it shows us about ourselves, and the changes that we can create in our concrete life thanks to these realizations...

Dreams are our own inner reality

Yes, dreams are real... And they can even be more real than our real life. Dreams reveal various facets of our personality that we live throughout our lives through the roles we play (child, parent, friend, spouse, student, worker, etc.). Dreams show us our blocks, our weaknesses, but also our strengths, our qualities.

Very often, the conscious mind tends to reject what it doesn't like, it creates a façade to escape from what puts it in difficulty, and which requires efforts to be worked on. But dreams open the veil, without any bias, and show us clearly what we need to rectify in ourselves, and also our potential. This is why dreams speak about ourselves... They tell us who we have been, who we are, and who we can become.

Dreams show us what we sometimes hide from ourselves because of our protective mechanisms. They are true reflections of who we really are deep inside. Like clear water, dreams show us the different facets of our deepest personality, the good and the bad. So yes... Dreams are real, and they have a lot of secrets to reveal to us! Secrets that, when used properly, can lead us to the highest qualities... To a better version of ourselves...

For more information on symbolic language and its concrete application in everyday life, find our books on our online store.

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Rediscover an ancient Knowledge, hidden in the symbols of a thousand-year-old tradition... This article is a journey into the heart of Indian spirituality, and will lead you to rediscover this ancient wisdom, beyond what you could imagine... Welcome to the great story of the evolution of humanity, and of spirituality, its profound nature.

The encoding of wisdom in symbols

The modern era we live in allows for extensive knowledge sharing. We have computers, the internet, social networks, televisions, etc., all of which are ways to disseminate our thoughts and ideas to the public. But have you wondered how it worked in the days before these technologies?

Human history is also filled with stages around the world where libraries full of books, research, and advanced works were destroyed! How then was it possible to save this wisdom for future generations? Of course, knowledge has sometimes remained intact at some level via folklore, folk songs, etc. in India as in the rest of the world. But what is fascinating, in India, is that this has resulted in the encoding of wisdom in symbols, symbolic stories!

The beginning...

Today, when people think of Indian spirituality, they often confuse it with religion, they often think of various symbols like Shiva, Ganesh, and various gods, goddesses, etc... considering that it is the Hindu religion.

But in reality, few people realize that this is not the true source of Indian spiritual wisdom. It may come as a surprise to many of us, but the ancient Indian spiritual wisdom comes from texts called "Vedas", which literally means "Knowledge" or "Knowledge of the secrets of the universe".

These books are supposed to have been heard/received (i.e. Shrutis in Sanskrit) in their meditations by the Rishis, and they are writings on the five elements that make up the universe and life on earth. In fact, the whole concept of Sanatam Dharma is based on working on oneself while living in the material world, understanding these elements and how the whole creation is composed of them.

That is why you will see Indians worshipping trees, rivers, mountains, the sun, the moon, etc. The concept of temples/statues came much later, perhaps only two thousand years ago, in order to bring people together.

The detailed writings explain the mechanism of these elements to create and animate life, but most people forgot this source and over time began to believe more in other forms of gods and goddesses, mentioned in other books called "Puranas", "Upanishads", etc... in order to share the teachings on life with the sometimes more ordinary, less spiritual people, who did not know Sanskrit and did not have access to deep inner studies.

It was a time when technology did not exist, when people lived in small groups, in villages, without any access to the outside world, and when work was divided among people for a harmonious social functioning. These symbols were spoken to share knowledge with less spiritual people, telling stories through dance forms. All this was done to introduce the Dharma among people, that is, to give them a sense of responsibility through their various roles, while remaining detached so as to always remember the existence of a higher power, which many would call "God."

Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh - The Trinity

Often when people think of Indian spirituality, these three names come to mind. Did they really exist in physical reality?

Well, maybe or maybe not, because it doesn't matter when you want to learn from everything with receptivity. Brahma symbolizes creation, Vishnu symbolizes perseverance and Mahesh (i.e. Shiva) symbolizes transformation by ending an old cycle and beginning a new one. The ancients introduced these symbols to represent the natural cycles of creation and the magnitude of these was indicated by these symbols. What is interesting is that most people do not always know the full story that is shared about this.

In the scriptures, it is said that at the very beginning was "Shakti", that is to say femininity, receptivity, life force. Then she gave birth to Vishnu, the preserver (contrary to what most people think, Brahma did not come first). Brahma came out of Vishnu's navel on a lotus, as the stories and statues in today's temples show. Then Vishnu and Brahma had ego conflicts, wanting to prove that they were more important than each other. To solve this problem, Shiva's energy was revealed. They both realized that it was an endless beam of energy, that it was infinite! This is why Shiva is also known as Mahesh, the Supreme God.

Without the symbolic language, all this seems strange...

If we read all this as a story, then it may seem unrealistic and we may wonder why they encoded it into a story, instead of clearly revealing the whole truth... Why did the ancients have to symbolize these deep secrets about the Universe?

Well, this was done to protect them, because they knew that everyone would decode them according to their soul's readiness, to receive only what one is ready to receive. It was also done to help people remember them, because the human mind remembers more what is described in the form of a story, since we are very emotional and symbolic beings.

The mind tends to easily forget what seems only intellectual. However, over time, people have forgotten the deep encoded wisdom behind it, and what has remained are the rituals that were mostly fear based or led by priests for power for some, while there were also very good priests... As in all other traditions.

But what were the ancients really trying to say through this story? We need to decode it symbolically to connect to its deeper wisdom.

Opening the veil with symbolic language

Through symbolic wisdom, it becomes possible to revisit the profound ancient Vedic knowledge, to connect to our ancestral wisdom that never gets old, that always remains true in the Vedas when decoded symbolically.

The knowledge of the Vedas was not easily understood by the common man, it was not only spiritual but also very scientific. In fact, we can see today how science is discovering again what is mentioned in the Vedas. Thus, the representation of the concepts was done in a symbolic way in the form of stories to make it more accessible to everyone. The teachings have been simplified to fit into everyday life.

The symbols continued to be transferred through these stories and rituals from generation to generation, but as time went on, the symbolic essence was lost and the symbolic language was forgotten by humanity until today. This is changing today thanks to the UCM Teaching & Research Center, which is bringing back this source language through which the intelligence of the Universe communicates with us all via Dreams, Signs and Symbols.

Returning to the story of the Trinity, we can understand what the Rishis (the ancient scientists and scholars) were trying to say when we open the veil behind the symbols.

Everything begins with "Shakti", that is, love, receptivity, the feminine principle that exists in each of us. Everything that manifests indicates "Prakriti", that is, the nature of this principle in creation.

All the goddesses in the stories indicate what works well or creates a distortion when this principle drives our emotional world. Vishnu is symbolically responsible for establishing all the Divine Laws and Principles before anything is even created, to set expectations and goals, just as we do when we want to create a family or an organization.

In fact, everything starts in the world of concepts, of thoughts, as an idea first, before it ever takes a physical form. It is then that Brahma enters the scene through his navel on a lotus, i.e. the chakra of power, fire, which leads to motivation, to the will to create.

We see the lotus symbol in many traditions, as the lotus flower symbol represents the feelings of an initiate who focuses on Self-realization through deep inner work. A lotus blossoms in a muddy pond, symbolizing how true Self-realization takes place when memories of matter, the use/abuse of power in it are cleansed, memories where the power of emotions has been distorted in the world of matter, creating excessive fire. And when people enter ego-fueled consciousness, then the conflicts for supremacy begin. "Which is more powerful: the one who creates or the one who preserves?", all this is the game of the ego.

Often, as humans, we also become possessive of material things, forgetting the true intention behind it, which is to develop qualities by learning and experiencing in matter. As humans, we sometimes defy the divine laws and principles throughout our lives, in ignorance, feeding the ego and eventually becoming trapped in the conflict between good and evil, due to lack of knowledge. To free ourselves from this, Shiva is revealed. Shiva means to move from ignorance to knowledge, from being dead to being truly "Alive" in terms of state of consciousness and existence. Shiva reveals that we are in an infinite cycle of learning that will lead to many creations and the maintenance of learning, and then the end of this cycle to begin the next, for the continuity of evolution. Shiva thus symbolizes the state of being "Conscious". What begins must end one day, once its goal is reached, to give birth to a new cycle or stage of learning. Thus, Shiva brings here the symbolism of Detachment, his other Sanskrit name - Vairagi Yogi.

There is so much to say about this story when we begin to decode it symbolically. Indeed, we realize that it is not possible to understand Indian spiritual wisdom without the symbolic language! What a joy to share with you the ancient Indian spiritual wisdom, in the light of decoding the deep symbols that are also behind everything we experience every day... Everything that Life brings to us on the path can be understood, decoded and analyzed with the understanding of symbolic language. With this Knowledge that you can learn through the UCM Teaching and Research Center, you can rediscover what has been lost... Find the ancient wisdom, in your modern life. Therein lies the great story of evolution...

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Did you know that all dreams have a meaning? Beyond these images that we receive at night, there is a code, a language, that we can all learn to decode, to help us better understand ourselves in our daily lives. In this lecture, presented by the Professors and Assistant Professors of the UCM Teaching and Research Center, we will discover the secrets of the symbolic language present in dreams, but also in our concrete reality. 

Did you know that all dreams have a meaning? Beyond these images that we receive at night, there is a code, a language, that we can all learn to decode, to help us better understand ourselves in our daily lives. In this conference, presented by the Professors and Assistant Professors of the UCM Teaching and Research Center, we will discover the secrets of the symbolic language present in dreams, but also in our concrete reality. 

We also present the DSSI Training (Dream Interpretation, Signs, Symbols), a unique program for learning to interpret dreams on a daily basis, with weekly follow-up in an online portal. This training represents the world reference in the field of dream interpretation, and our research is followed by psychologists, doctors, psychiatrists and therapists around the world.

When we understand the Symbolic Language, we enter a new reality: we understand the symbols that our dreams present to us every night, but we can also decode the symbols present in our daily lives. In fact, everything we experience during the day can be analyzed as a dream. Thus, when we study the Symbolic Language, we can not only understand ourselves better from the inside, but also learn to decode our external life with a new dimension...

In this conference, discover 14 exceptional sharings on various and multi-dimensional topics, presented by experts of the Symbolic language and the interpretation of dreams. Enter the heart of the Knowledge of dreams and symbols, with these inspiring and instructive real-life testimonies...

Conference Chapters:

0:00 – Introduction by Kaya
3:15 – Kaya | Presentation of the DSSI Training
14:41 – Anthony | This code that changes everything
21:38 – Kasara | I still dream about my ex
28:15 – Patrick | You don't choose a job by chance
35:39 – Regine | Water Restriction and Emotions
41:53Kaya | UCM Center Research
45:30Eloi | A dressed cat
50:03Sophie | Yoga that communicates
55:02Geoffrey | A dream to know how to intervene
1:02:33Thomas | Dreams are concrete
1:06:26Christiane | Sunflowers turned towards the light
1:15:25Kaya | Study your dreams
1:28:10Thibaut | Be a good listener
1:33:36Claire | Premonition
1:37:37Alexis | Secret Conversation
1:42:42Emeline | The Butterfly Child
1:47:03Kaya | Conclusion & Credits

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Did you know that all dreams have a meaning? Beyond these images that we receive at night, there is a code, a language, that we can all learn to decode, to help us better understand ourselves in our daily lives. In this lecture, presented by the Professors and Assistant Professors of the UCM Teaching and Research Center, we will discover the secrets of the symbolic language present in dreams, but also in our concrete reality. 

We also present the DSSI Training (Dream Interpretation, Signs, Symbols), a unique program for learning to interpret dreams on a daily basis, with weekly follow-up in an online portal. This training represents the world reference in the field of dream interpretation, and our research is followed by psychologists, doctors, psychiatrists and therapists around the world.

When we understand the Symbolic Language, we enter a new reality: we understand the symbols that our dreams present to us every night, but we can also decode the symbols present in our daily lives. In fact, everything we experience during the day can be analyzed as a dream. Thus, when we study the Symbolic Language, we can not only understand ourselves better from the inside, but also learn to decode our external life with a new dimension...

In this conference, discover 14 exceptional sharings on various and multi-dimensional topics, presented by experts of the Symbolic language and the interpretation of dreams. Enter the heart of the Knowledge of dreams and symbols, with these inspiring and instructive real-life testimonies...

Conference Chapters:

0:00 – Introduction by Kaya
3:00 – Kaya | Presentation of the DSSI Training
27:00 – Martine | When the veil of illusions lifts
31:23 – Kasara | I still dream about my ex
36:30 – Anthony | This code that changes everything
43:17 – Eloi | A dressed cat
46:40 - Kaya | Studies and Research of the UCM Center
50:30 - Christiane | Sunflowers turned towards the light
1:00:19 - Kaya | Sharing
1:05:43 - Haritha | Spiritual Illusions
1:10:22 - Kaya | Sharing
1:12:30 – Santhosh | Decoding our loved ones with discernment
1:16:11 - Geoffrey | A dream to know how to intervene
1:22:12 – Ân | Healing Mental Issues
1:28:13 – Linh | The reflection of Change
1:32:46 – Alexis | Secret Conversation
1:37:40 – Emeline | The Butterfly Child
1:47:04 – Kaya | Conclusion & Credits

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Why do I have a lump in my stomach when I arrive at work? Why this anguish when I think about the future? And this sudden anger when I feel an injustice... ? Why these tears of sadness that I can't hold back while watching this movie? What if emotions, instead of being perceived as problems to be managed or as sensations that we would not want to feel anymore, were rather seen as an opportunity, a power to act on our life to improve it, a force to set us in motion and be happy?

What exactly is an emotion?

It is said that we are made of flesh and blood, and dust... but we are composed of more than 60 % of water. Certainly, we are Homo Sapiens (thinking, wise man), but we are mainly emotional beings, considering our biological, chemical composition. It would therefore have been more appropriate for our species to be called Homo Motius (emotional man) instead of Homo Sapiens, or Homo Sapiens Motius, which is perhaps a new stage in human evolution.

Neuroscience teaches us that we feel before we think. Emotions are at the very heart of our life; they have accompanied the evolution of the human being. It is thanks to them that we have survived, that we have been able to develop because they are reactions that allow us to adapt to the events of daily life, whatever they are, and also to transform ourselves in the long term. Emotional experiences are in fact learning about oneself and about relationships with others. Knowing how to recognize them, name them, understand them, is to take back our power over them instead of letting them sometimes "carry us away", or trying to repress them in a corner of our unconscious.


Why are emotions connected to water?

Because we cry when we are sad, or when we are in pain... but also when we laugh. We can feel very hot and sweaty under an intense emotion, or feel frozen, paralyzed by fear. Our emotional state is like water that moves within us, that changes and can take on several different states in its manifestation depending on what we are experiencing. It is a bit like our inner weather.

Our emotional state can resemble the calm water of a beautiful lake when we are serene, or a rough sea when we are disturbed, or even a tsunami that breaks on the horizon when we can no longer hold back our emotions... Or it can bubble up like a pressure cooker whose lid has been desperately tightened to the bottom, and then spurt out of control! Like the magma of a volcano that suddenly awakens when we thought it was extinguished, a sign of intense anger from repressing in our unconscious everything we don't want to (or can't) see or express.

An emotion provokes an inner movement, it makes you move inside, and sometimes it will also bring an external movement that you will express if it is positive, and that you will try to retain, to control if it is negative... and sometimes you will even "freeze" everything so as not to feel the possible consequences.

The origin and consequences of emotions

Emotion comes from the Latin "motere" which means "to move", and the prefix "é" which indicates a movement from the inside to the outside, thus a tendency to act concretely. From there also comes the word "motor". Emotions are therefore by definition energies that push us to act, to set us in motion; they will give us an impulse, motivate us.

This is when everything is going well, because if the so-called "positive" emotions can put us into action with a beautiful, just energy, there are also "negative" emotions that can make us act impulsively, reactively and not always very right ... Even slowing us down, to the point of blocking us in our manifestation.

A person always reacts in a way determined by his or her emotional state. Thus, despite the universality of an emotion, its expression will vary according to each individual. It is normal, we do not all have the same history, the same emotional experiences. The emotion is thus associated with the personality and especially with the memories recorded in the unconscious of each one.

Emotions are spontaneous reactions to a given situation.

They can cause physical manifestations (pallor, blushing, agitation, increased heart rate and breathing rate, sweating, etc.) and psychological manifestations (thoughts, mood changes, etc.) that are temporary. Joy, surprise, fear, anger are examples.


Feelings represent a more lasting emotional state that evolves over time. Thus feelings (such as love, hate, trust, distrust, gratitude, etc.) are born, grow and sometimes change, or even disappear.

Although they are different, emotions and feelings are intimately linked. Feelings cause all kinds of emotions and, conversely, emotions can generate feelings. For example, a feeling of joy can spontaneously generate tears (emotion). If a child was frightened (emotion) when the neighbor's dog barked loudly at him, he might later develop a feeling of fear at the mere sight of a dog. This feeling may last over time, or it may change or even disappear as the child develops.

It is therefore important to understand the emotions that we feel before moving, because this is how our personality will express itself and also develop. We grew up in a kind of emotional "bath" with our parents, our entourage, at school, etc... and this will color our everyday life, in positive as well as in negative.

What to do with our emotions?

Our emotions and their level of expression come from our different learning experiences and emotional experiences that we have recorded deep within us. It is necessary to study them to know how to identify them, name them and go back to the memories at their origin in order to be able to transform and reprogram those that we no longer wish to manifest.

This requires an inner worker to transform the unconscious memories, the resonances that make us live this or that situation in our life, and therefore experience emotions related to these experiences.

It is a whole inner re-education to live our emotions well and not to be afraid of them anymore, to manifest this great potential, this great force of inspiring motivation which makes us progress on all levels.

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-Hi, how are you?
-Yeah, great, except for this weird dream I had last night. It left me with a weird feeling when I got up.
-Okay, what was your dream?
-Oh, it was intense. I dreamed that our house was completely ravaged by a huge flood and our dog drowned.
-Oh yes! Still! But hey... The good news is that it's just a dream! Don't worry about it; your dog is alive and well, and your house is fine! Come on, let's go have a good coffee...

The pre-manufactured answer, a blow to the first domino

How many times have you heard in a conversation, in a movie or even in a hallway conversation that a dream is "just a dream"?

What if this kind of pre-manufactured answer, said in semi-automatic mode to reassure the other person (and quickly change the subject because it becomes uncomfortable) was that ultimately, we struck the first blow and triggered a real domino effect under the surface? The kind that alters life opportunities or even worse, pushes the dust deeper under the carpet?


The keystone: perceiving beyond our senses

If a dream, no matter which one, was in fact the keystone to be identified and thus the cascading collapses could be changed, the wounds healed and the hopes founded, would it still be "just a dream"? Would you be willing to look beyond the symbols and to understand the code that governs this fantastic and sometimes even terrifying universe?

It is hard at first, as a human being, to be interested in an intangible world, which seems 100% virtual and without any visible relation of cause and effect. Then, on the other hand, the technology and science that is being developed is grandiose, flourishing with brilliant and avant-garde ideas, even touching the boundaries of the physical and metaphysical worlds. Pushing the limits to go from an idea, a dream, to a reality.

The possibilities and intelligence are there more than ever, but why then are our dreams perceived as "just a dream"? When an idea, just as intangible as a dream, can give birth to a technological revolution and change the quality of life of humanity.

Answering "it's just a dream" would become, in a way, an attempt to reassure ourselves about something that our senses are not yet able to identify and understand. We can see to what extent our societies tend to value the external world in relation to success, to personal accomplishment and, simultaneously, all our main senses are turned towards this environment to identify it, to understand it and ultimately to survive.

Thus, we see, we taste, we smell, we touch and we hear. It's simple, innate, and it's effective. It works without us even thinking about it. We then naturally maintain ourselves in a mode of action and reaction that supports a certain sense of seeking functionality of things, clarity and advancement.

These perceptions are undoubtedly invaluable. They create the harmony to manifest well. Remove one of them and a handicap appears. Each of these extraordinary sensors makes us into real computers, managing an extraordinary amount of information in just a few seconds.

But, in the long run, this innate nature could also become an operating bias if not taken further. Something as extraordinary as our senses could, by omission and lack of will, become a real limitation for our evolution. If we see the same roads, if we hear the same atmospheres, if we smell and taste the same ingredients and if we touch the same sensation, then, maybe in the end we live in closed circuit… ?


Our Source Code, the logs of consciousness

There is the external world, the one that our senses have always known, and there is the internal world, the one that requires us to do an update of our senses. The latter continuously transmits an influx of information in resonance with what is perceived from the outside. In all situations and discussions, we inevitably judge, evaluate, are happy, content or even angry, impatient or sad. We may envy, begrudge or even reject, simply because of what we feel inside, within us, and by the echo transmitted from our senses.

Finally, we can say that we make decisions about invisible things. Things that cannot be seen, touched, heard or tasted. That's where it gets really interesting, that's where you can say that metaphysics really influences the physics of things.

Thus, we can say of this world - which animates the life in us, programs the first lines of our thoughts, develops our emotions and then triggers our behaviors - that it "codes" who we are, our personality, it's our Source Code. Where we have an advantage is that, unlike in the real world, we don't need to be a senior developer to go and look at the logs (registers displaying information about the good or bad functioning of a code → very useful) of our consciousness.

This code is installed in us, which can create slowdowns as well as accelerations, wow 🤩 as well as ARGH!!!😩, and ultimately it's up to us to choose whether we decide to update it or not. To know if we want to stay on a version of the code that can limit our possibilities, or multiply them by adding knowledge to our perceptions.

The dreamverse, the metaverse that opens the night

Have you ever heard of the metaverse? These 100% fictional and multi-dimensional universes in full expansion, where you can own a piece of land, attend a play or even go shopping, are the perfect metaphor for dreams. They are virtual and yet connected to reality, they are there and yet if you don't care about them they continue to exist.

You can see all kinds of colors (in every sense of the word) and everyone can move around with an avatar that represents them. That means if you decide to be a lion with a DJ helmet and a jet pack on your back, you can do it.

In short, I won't go into details because it is not the purpose of this article, but take a look around, get information and you will see that we are at the borders of the world of dreams, with the pluses and minuses that this implies, of course.

So, when we dream at night, we visit our "dreamverse", that is to say the universe of our dreams, the one which we represents by the symbolism that is there. Indeed, each symbol that we see, no matter how it looks, becomes a sort of holographic projection of who we are and a certain percentage of our personality.

In fact, if we dream about a car whose brakes don't work, a cat that is not happy, our father who hugs us or a colleague who helps us, all these represent strengths and weaknesses that we carry within us.

When we have beautiful dreams, we should see them as an encouragement to everything we do constructively in our lives and to continue to manifest ourselves well with others. We can say that it is a positive resonance towards our senses.

However, because of this aforementioned predisposition to go outward, there is often an unconscious or repressed buildup that leads more to receiving less pleasant dreams or even nightmares. One of the keys I invite you to try is to see them more as a warning signal on your dashboard when you are driving. You only stop if it's the red light! So, most of the time you are able to stay operational while being aware of the parameters that need to be corrected.


Identifying is fundamental and universal

Any dream remains important to identify in order to be able to analyze it and avoid the famous domino effect. We know that the key to any problem resolution, whether in management, aeronautics or web development, is the quality of the identification. The more accurate and precise our identification is, the better we will be able to apply a relevant and adequate solution in reaction, without dramatizing or exaggerating the magnitude of the problem in question.

If you want to begin this identification process yourself, here are some key points to help you. No matter if you are a novice or an expert in dream analysis, these steps are fundamental and it is always a good thing!

First steps of identification

  • Is it a positive or negative dream?
  • Are the symbols in the right place?example: if you dream of a camel in your living room, it is not in the right place; it will create more problems than benefits)
  • What do the people I see in my dreams represent?You must estimate the qualities and weaknesses that you believe these people represent)
  • Did the dream scenario resolve itself in a positive way or not?
  • Is it night or day? (night = unconscious dynamics; day = active dynamics)


If we identify that the dream is negative, it indicates forces (thoughts, emotions, behaviors) that need to be reprogrammed and transformed to avoid an increase in problems in this area. In the same way, in computer science, if a bug appears and is not solved, it tends to amplify itself and affect other areas of use. In other words, the sooner the better!

"Okay, but the antidote is what?"  You will tell me. In fact, the resolution of a situation perceived in the dream will depend on your ability to monitor these forces identified in the dream. To put it simply, if you have identified impatience because of the symbol of your brother-in-law, George, present in the dream, then you need to keep a closer eye on this fragment of your behavior, to prevent it from playing tricks on you in your day-to-day exchanges and projects.

Your log file tells you that you have a line of code like "George" that could cause you to be overly impatient or impulsive right now if a situation X or Y were to resonate with that line. So the more you are able to do global and background self-monitoring, (be careful, don't go extreme with this either! Practice makes things easier with time and much less robotic than when you start to be alert to those forces within you), the easier it becomes to identify the triggering moment of your inner George and to catch up.

But be careful! Your real brother-in-law, George, in real life, has nothing to do with your dream. In fact, he becomes a symbol that your consciousness knows to illustrate certain angles of your personality. So don't rush to the phone to talk to him about the dream where he was impatient, you'll add another problem in the process 🙂 Finally, George also has extraordinary qualities and surely in another dream you will also discover his magnificent qualities in yourself.


The potential impact: if everyone analyzed their dreams

By communicating with different CEOs, leaders and managers in this world, or just by being an actor observing the exchanges, one can quickly assess that the biggest source of difficulties at the heart of work and getting things done is human behavior.

The machine, the computer, does not complain, does not create gossip or hallway discussions. It does not aspire to the position of the other, nor does it dominate its employees or jealously guard its boss. If we bring more knowledge to solve the difficulties arising from the individual to the heart of a social and collective movement, we can really bring a new step in terms of work and life qualities.

In business, when you talk to Human Resources, you can very quickly see the magnitude of the potential damage caused by poor decisions based on impatience and impulsiveness (and more!). So many dominoes have been toppled by inner forces when you think about it...

Now imagine a work environment where everyone would arrive in the morning having received their own logs of their strengths and weaknesses, aspects potentially harmful to the relationship. Everyone having in mind their own "bug" to watch out for to avoid more problems.

The quality would literally be enhanced because everyone would have an interest in doing things right, while coming back to themselves according to their own resonances. Of course, this does not mean that everything would be perfect and rosy, but a new stage would be established without a doubt. And since all change takes time, if everyone starts with themselves, one dream at a time, we can say that one day, one dream, is no longer "just a dream".


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Are you still dreaming about your ex? You would like to understand why it comes back at night, when you have moved on? Your reality is one thing, you are sure of yourself, but when you wake up, you sometimes feel mixed up? What is true? What is real?... Did you know that your dreams show you the keys to your future? The keys to your change... The codes that live inside you and influence your thoughts, your heart, and your choices... Even when you don't know it.

I still dream about my ex

During the day I love one man and at night I love another... Am I normal? 

You were in his arms, you even felt his smell... You had forgotten about it... but at night you still remember it... And your dreams are so real that when you wake up you feel guilty... Your husband sleeping beside you... You feel embarrassed by these dreams that come back again and again... 

In this article, find out why millions of people dream about their past relationships and what it really means.

Haunted by the past

However, for many it is clear that this relationship is over, but the fact remains that in dreams the past often resurfaces in surprising ways! 

We all have a reservoir of memories and this reservoir defines us as a person. This reservoir defines our attractions, our disturbances, and even our way of loving... 

Someone who has suffered in the past, suffered from having been betrayed for example, has recorded hundreds or even thousands of negative memories about love which will influence the way he or she will close his or her heart sometimes, for fear of suffering again.

And when our being "forgets" its sufferings, that it represses them for example, it then enters into a reservoir which one calls the unconscious. Where the data of who you are resides, of which you are not aware... And when this reservoir fills up - here in the context of negative memories -  it can lead to depression. Because the "system" has built up too much pressure... Just as a couple that builds up too much frustration, unspoken words or anger, may eventually choose to separate.

We are all living computers that record positive and negative memories, every moment of our lives... And at night, through dreams, our consciousness dives into this unconscious reservoir to better understand ourselves, to avoid even more intense misfortunes sometimes.

If only you knew how many problems we can avoid in our lives through the science of dreaming... Human beings, it's absolute, must sooner or later learn to decode their consciousness and their memories to clean up inside themselves.

If you are haunted by the past, it means that your soul is looking for answers now... That you are ready to go further too... Learn to transform old negative memories into positive ones.

Is it possible to love again?

With this article, I wish to say to all those who are living a heartache and who look to the future and ask themselves: "Is it possible to love again?" Yes! I tell you, it is possible to love again... It is even possible to love better again... Like getting up after falling and moving forward better afterwards... But to achieve this, we sometimes have to clean up our inner computer... Like in our way of conceiving the presence of the other in our life.

And in this journey of repairing the "broken heart", dreams are really the key to open the doors of the memories within...

And with courage, in a dream, you can face the truth, go and see why you hurt, why this relationship failed, and especially what you can improve in yourself so that one day you will find love again under a new day... one day you will find love again under a better day... and also so that love will be synonymous with happy longevity...

Is it possible to still love him?

Yes, it's possible that you still love him, often dreaming that you are in a relationship with your ex... But the more expert we become in analyzing our dreams, the more we understand that it's all a matter of "percentages" and "parts of oneself"... Let's start by explaining the percentage dynamic:

A beautiful dream or nightmare always represents percentages of our thoughts, emotions and or actions. This means that you can dream about a sadness that you carry within you, but it will only represent 3% of your current state... Or you can have the same dream but it will represent 40%... It all depends on your accumulation of memories and your ability to renew yourself.

Someone who is super jealous in love will also dream of jealousy situations sometimes... And if this person is super jealous their dream may represent 79% of their current personality... While someone else might get a similar dream and only have 0.8% of jealousy in terms of accumulation...

All this to explain that yes, if you are constantly dreaming about your ex, it is possible that you still love him or her, or that you still love what he or she represents for you... If he or she was rebellious for example, if that is what your ex represents for you, then you can understand that you are still attracted, not always but at times, to this force of rebellion, of countering others to get what you want, and sometimes of wanting too much to do things your way, etc.

We attract what we are

We attract what we are, so your dreams show you that you are still a bit like your ex somewhere, often in the negative, because sometimes we have not finished learning from a situation, even when we have finished living it... We can still process several parameters in ourselves...

And living with someone, sharing as a couple is a very intimate experience... We often say: "I've got you under my skin" and this kind of expression is very graphic, but at the same time it symbolically means how much we share of ourselves and how much the other person can influence us, enter into us in terms of behavioral, memory and emotional influence.

And if you are super-orderly as a person, but you attracted a completely disordered ex, that also means something... Life can be analyzed exactly like in a dream... It means that somewhere, deep inside you, you are also a little bit like that at times or in certain specific contexts... And you can also attract in a couple a person who resembles who you used to be.... Hmm... it's super interesting when you think about it, the science of resonances.... 🙂

A part of me

The other is always a part of you in the dream... Why? Because we visit our own consciousness at night, so you see how this symbol lives in you... Ok, stop! What does it all mean? 

It means that if you dream about your ex, on a beach with a dog: all the symbols are a part of you: you are your ex, you are the beach, you are the dog and you are you... You visit yourself at night, you visit your own percentages of memories

So, you shouldn't be afraid to dream about your exes 🙂 Because they are actually a symbolism that represents facets of the past that still exist within you as a symbol.

Sometimes you are too nice, sometimes romantic, sometimes too distant or dependent... Like this or that ex... And your dreams show you... Show different sides of you.

It's over in reality, but what if it's not yet over in you?

In short, dreaming about your ex means that certain percentages of what this person means to you are still there... Still sticking to you...

You can change your house, but still feel sad... It's not the concrete change that will change everything in you... So it's the same thing in a couple, you can change your spouse and still feel sad, not finding the real happiness... The one you shouldn't look for through the other one, the one you should find in yourself... Even if one day a happy and fused couple can really self-generate mutual & deep happiness...

When you dream that you are making love to your ex or you see yourself kissing him, what you have to be careful about is not to wake up thinking about him all day long, thinking that he is going to come back in your life or that he still loves you, because sometimes it can be only symbolic!

Even if premonitions exist, there are few contexts where it becomes a premonition, because millions of people dream about their ex and they don't all come back together (laughs)!

So it's important not to project and conceptualize a reunion, or get lost in the meanderings of the past... Because often you can dream about your ex and maybe he or she doesn't dream about you or doesn't share the same affinities, etc.

It is then necessary to be vigilant not to project on the outside, but rather to wonder about what this person represents for us because it is very interesting to understand it becomes a symbol in a dream equation, about oneself and about what we still have to finalize with regard to this old relationship. 

Changing relationships like changing shoes

Do you want to know the truth in all of this? The truth is that most people will change relationships too quickly. They finalize a relationship that has created a failure in their life and out of need, out of a search to fill the void, the lack, they will start a new relationship too quickly. Often without having taken the time to take stock, to make peace and to renew themselves as a person.

We cannot change relationships like we change pairs of shoes, because our unconscious is filled with memories with the person, memories that have been shared at an intimate level, at a much deeper level than we can imagine... 

It takes time to take stock of your life when you choose to end a relationship and as most people do not take the time to go inward, to take stock of themselves, dreams remind us of what is still living in us in terms of memories... Dreams can bring back to the surface a difficult past, not digested, a fear of being cheated on, etc... Always to help you to improve yourself and eventually to free yourself from what still holds you back...

Why dream about your ex?

So, in the end, why dream about your ex ? To know yourself better... To understand these percentages of memories...

Because if you are still "connected" to him or her that you once loved, still connected even to 20%, in your heart, in your soul... This 20%, it prevents you from loving to 100% the person who is currently present in your life or the one who will come one day... 

Hmm... So cleaning up our memories is interesting in the end, to one day find our full potential at 100%... To one day love at 100% ❤︎

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Life is constantly in motion, and never stops, like a river flowing endlessly... But that doesn't mean we can't take a moment to appreciate the past. To remember good times, as well as ordeals that made us evolve. So take a step back, and look at your life. See how much you've accomplished and how much you've learned. And be grateful for each moment, each sign and each dream that guide you on you. For they are all part of your story, and build who you are becoming.

We are happy to share a poem passed on by a student of the IRSS Formation, a beautiful inspiration that leads us to rethink the role of time in our evolution... 


For long I defined you in hours, in months, in years
Perhaps in the end to try to master you
I counted you, calculated you, quantified you, to satisfy myself
Before, I believed you only linear.

Time of the past,

Too often nostalgic for you
You are much more than a memory, you are part of me
In ignorance, I often mourned you
But you, Past, you are still present so that I can know myself, study myself and transcend you.

Time of the present,

I know, Time of the past influences you inside me
You go by too fast or too slow, you pull me sometimes
I don't always live you consciously enough
But I want to do my best to live you now.

Time of the future

You have sometimes created anguish for me
You are the past and present time that intertwine
You are finally the most beautiful fruit of my unconscious and my present
To form a program that will lead me to live more consciously and Angelically one day.

Time of the past, present and future,

You all live inside me, at every moment
I see you in my dreams
You never stop, nor truce.

Multidimensional time,

Time of the past, you are thought to be gone
Time of the future, you are thought to be still undefined
And yet, in the shadow and the light, like an interconnection, you interact
In every moment, through my emotions, my actions and my thoughts.

But you, Time,

Finally, what is the point of defining your speed
You have so much more subtlety and wisdom
You are simply here, a part of me... to know myself better?
Are you here for learning, understanding, transcending and finally being reborn?
Can I conclude that you are finally timeless, because you are so multidimensional?


A student from the DSSI training

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