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The Source Code Dictionary - Dreams, Signs, symbols | Expanded 2-Volume Edition


The revised and expanded Source Code Dictionary, the most advanced symbolic understanding.
Cover: Solid
Number of pages: 1953
SKU: 978-3-906944-12-8
Theme: Dreams, Symbols
Language : English



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The first edition of 600 words is rated 4.5/5 stars on Amazon

* Consistent sales in several languages in bookstores, a classic in USA, France, Switzerland, Belgium, etc.
* It is now one of the dictionaries best sellers on Amazon USA and Amazon Europe

The Source Code Dictionary, Dreams-Signs-Symbols - developed on more than 25 years This research project by the author and a team of a hundred researchers, doctors, psychologists and experts in symbolism - represents a quantum leap in the access to knowledge and data allowing us to decode and understand the information we receive at night in our dreams, to extract its essences and to translate them into life equations.

This unique work is become a reference in the field. It represents one of the greatest advances in the study of the dream world, the vastness of our unconscious and the multidimensional logic of symbolic language. With this dictionary, which is a revolution compared to any other work previously published in this field, the reader will learn to interpret his dreams and understand their secrets and mysteries.

This work allows us to access a level of logic and symbolic mathematics that helps us to better understand the functioning of our conscious and unconscious memories. Dreaming can be considered as an access to a universal internet allowing to establish innumerable interconnections and to access the knowledge contained in the quantum field.

Dreams can teach us, enlighten us and help us to anticipate. They can make us travel in our personal and collective past but also in the future in terms of potentialities based on the concrete data of the present.

Some of the world's greatest mathematicians, scientists, philosophers, doctors, inventors, writers, filmmakers, researchers, composers, and musicians have received inspiration and information through dreams that have allowed them to make it real and share it with humanity.

Countless dreams have already changed the course of our history, the course of our existence... Are we ready to understand the deeper meaning?

We often hear people say that they have not yet found the right Dictionary to interpret their dreams, signs and symbols. The Source Code brings a whole new vision on the subject and is now an international reference in the field through its first volume, released in 2013, and distributed in more than 50 countries in French and English.

A book presenting the + and - of each symbol

The Source Code Dictionary, Dreams-Signs-Symbols, in its revised and expanded version, with nearly 2000 pages, gives us an in-depth look at some 1275 words frequently encountered in dreams and signs.

Each word is a symbol analyzed in detail with its physical and metaphysical characteristics, including a synthesis defining its positive (+) and negative (-) aspects.

This global vision of each symbol allows the reader to have a complete and comprehensible analytical vision presenting different possible variants of interpretation.

A word can sometimes have 2 to 3 explanatory pages, which makes this book very complete in every sense of the word. Readers will also find a very detailed introduction explaining how dreams work and the multiple angles and subtleties of dream and sign interpretation.

About the author Kaya

Professor Francis L. Kaya is an internationally recognized expert in the decoding of symbolic language, the study of human consciousness, and a thought leader in the field of dreams, sign interpretation and emotional intelligence (EQ).

He is now a visiting professor in many universities in Asia to present his research and work on the understanding of human behavior in the fields of philosophy, psychology and human management within large companies, including training high-level executives.

A best-selling author with millions of books and CDs sold in many countries, and an international speaker, Kaya has been giving lectures and trainings around the world for over 25 years.

Key words in this book

The Source Code Dictionary - Dreams, Signs, symbols | Expanded 2-Volume Edition

The revised and expanded Source Code Dictionary, a most advanced symbolic understanding. [...]



You can trust your intuition to choose. If you are drawn to a particular book, there is a good reason for it! In any case, we recommend our Source Code DictionaryThis book is the result of more than 25 years of collective research and represents the most advanced work to date on symbolic language and dream interpretation.

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