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Become an official UCM sponsor

Did you know that you can donate and help the Universe/Cité Mikaël (UCM) financially by becoming a sponsor and that it becomes a 100% advertising expense for you as a company. 

We can work with you to create a sponsorship plan for one or more of our projects and give your company international visibility. 

Contact us today to discuss the different plans we can offer you:

Companies that help us

With non-profit pricing or 100% offered to UCM

Sponsors UCM actuels

Google Grant

We thank Google for its grant of 100,000 $ US in advertising on the Google Adwords site.

René Veilleux Enterprises

We wholeheartedly thank RENÉ VEILLEUX ENTERPRISES for their altruistic help in various UCM projects.

René helps humanitarian projects that are close to his heart.

Bamboo Village Beach Resort & Spa

Located in Mui Ne, Bamboo Village Beach Resort & Spa is an award-winning resort in Vietnam offering 147 bungalows, chalets and luxury rooms. 

Bamboo Village is known for its lush gardens, traditional trails and Water Lily Spa. We thank them wholeheartedly for sponsoring our non-profit organization Universe/City Mikael (UCM). Discover this beautiful and rejuvenating place on the website:


ANGELICODE is an official sponsor of UCM and we thank them for their expertise and knowledge.

To learn more about this talented company founded on the values of competence, social commitment and integrity, we invite you to visit their website:

TC Thierry Crétin - Patrimonial advice and services

Thierry Crétin is an official sponsor of UCM. He gives patrimonial advice and services in Courtemaîche in Switzerland and he helps humanitarian projects that are close to his heart.

To contact him :


 Research, innovation, manufacturing and international distribution laboratories. Multi-level protocol technology in aesthetic medicine and dermatology.