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Angelica Yoga

An initiatic path that encourages the marriage of Spirit and matter

What is Angelica Yoga?

It is a yoga that combines a qualitative intention with a movement, in order to build the balance between body and mind. 

Angelica Yoga thus gives more importance to the quality of our intention than to the performance of a movement or a posture. 

With Angelica Yoga, we can focus on a quality that we wish to develop, or a weakness that we wish to transform, and the various movements and postures come to support this intention of transformation to incarnate it in our physical body. 

This yoga is for all those who wish to improve their inner and outer health.

An ancestral knowledge

For thousands of years, human beings have been searching to understand the mysteries of existence and the meaning of their lives. 

This deep quest inspires him to question himself, to meditate, to pray, to close one's eyes in order to see beyond the external form and to find the answers to a thousand and one questions such as: Why live if one must die? Why suffer? What is the reason for all these injustices and discrepancies in the world? What are the problems and difficulties for? 

The human being wonders about all the energy he deploys to find happiness and to transform his fears into victories. He wonders why life goes on this way.


To receive answers to your questions

These questions have never before been so present as in our century, where new generations are thirsty for Knowledge coming directly from the soul and where Angelica Yoga is emerging to offer us multiple elements as answers and tools for meeting with ourselves. 

This initiatory yoga focuses on our ability to receive personal answers and teachings through dreams, signs and symbolic language, as well as the balanced development of our emotional, intellectual and spiritual intelligence.

How to choose the right exercise?

There are 144 Angelica Yoga exercises, each of which is connected to an angelic energy, linked to a pure Quality. 

The exercise can be chosen according to what you wish to develop in yourself, in terms of Quality, or weakness that you wish to transform. 

Associate the exercises with the Angelic Mantra

The practice of Angelica Yoga can also be accompanied by the recitation (aloud or with our inner voice) of the Name of the Angels, which is also known as the recitation of Mantras - Angelic Mantras or Angelica Mantra - while simultaneously performing movements and symbolic postures, which will trigger a series of reactions and metamorphoses on the different planes of our being, reminding us of our connection with the Universal Intelligence inherent in all that exists. 

The combined practice of Angelica Yoga and Angelica Mantras multiplies our dreams, facilitates their correct understanding and interpretation, and helps to decode the signs and synchronicities that manifest themselves in our lives. 

In this way, we recover the memory of who we really are and what our existence on Earth represents.