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Nils Delmonico

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Assistant Professor
Swiss Team
Nils is a trilingual language teacher. He studied at the Faculty of Arts in Geneva. Today, he is also a project manager and assistant professor at UCM. Nils embodies solidity and altruism.
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Discover the biography of Nils Delmonico.

Nils Delmonico was born in Switzerland, in the canton of Fribourg. He stayed there until the age of 20, and then left for Geneva to study at the University of Geneva's Faculty of Letters. Without knowing it, his taste for languages and poetry laid the first symbolic foundations. It is a time when he questions himself intensely...

After graduating, Nils decided to go into teaching, a profession that is very important to him. He attended teacher training courses and was actively involved with his students.

In 2010, he went on a long journey that started in California and met Dru, who would become his wife. It is together that they will discover the teaching of UCM, having the great joy to host their founders during a tour. Their life changes...

Back in Switzerland, Nils and his wife decided to enroll in the DSSI Training in 2016. Everything then takes on a new dimension; real answers finally arrive, and their desire to develop a common spiritual life takes shape in the most beautiful way...

He became involved in a more concrete way for UCM, notably through translations, including those that allowed the publication of the first volume of the +|- Code. His conscientious work in learning symbolic language and dream analysis opened new doors for him, and he had the great privilege of joining the team of assistant professors in his second year of training. He received his DSSI License and Diploma of Therapist in November 2020.

Today, Nils continues his journey and his involvement in UCM with heart. It is with deep gratitude for the Knowledge he has received that he accomplishes his missions of helping and spreading the Teaching, both for his own evolution and for that of Humanity...

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