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Assistant Professor
Team Canada
Originally from Switzerland, Martine immigrated to Canada several years ago with a deep desire to help UCM... With her true support and altruism, she works as Executive Director & Assistant Professor.
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Martine was born in Switzerland, into a simple family, living the values of the land, of work and respect for the cycles of nature. She remembers her childhood with her parents on the farm, the feelings of freedom, spontaneity and friendship. But even as a young girl, deep existential questions were already inside her. In her teenage years, she was plagued by deep anguish and remembers a significant event when she was 18 years old and unable to cross the Pont Bessières in Lausanne (Switzerland) to return to her school. She had to call her mother to come and get her (this bridge is especially known because of the many suicides). With hindsight, she understands that this was her first great opening of consciousness and that she was touching her inner void.

At the age of 25, she began a total reprogramming of her being. It was during this period that she began a personal journey with different therapies, to better understand herself and the discrepancies she was experiencing in her relationship at that time. She confides: "At that time, I was thirsty for answers, to understand and I read many books on personal development, participated in different trainings of kinesiology, coaching, etc., until the day when a friend, on a journey like me, lent me the book of Traditional Angelology of the UCM Research Center which changed my life and allowed me to finally find, after many years of research and inner torments, answers to my misunderstandings and inner discomforts. This first book and the many others on dreams, signs and symbols allowed her to meet herself. The discovery of her sensitivity, of the multidimensions of her existence. It is, as she says so well, "the most beautiful gift I received from life for the evolution of my soul and to be able to help others to understand themselves, to study the mechanisms of consciousness and the openings of the unconscious.

Martine, who has a background in Finance and Administration, has worked in Human Resources in multinational companies for over 15 years. This stage allowed her to help, advise and explore the depth of human behavior. This work and her multiple responsibilities allowed her to work with all nationalities of the world, in different countries of Eastern Europe and Africa. This experience and period of her life is a profound richness because Martine has always loved to discover other cultures and she remembers that in her childhood, one of her dreams was to have several passports, as it is the case today for her being Swiss and Canadian.

In 2008, after fifteen years of active involvement in an American multinational company, she decided to end her career to devote herself to humanitarian projects that are particularly close to her heart. It is at this moment that her destiny will completely change. She will never forget the discussion with Kaya and Christiane in June 2008 when she proposed to them to come and help UCM in Canada.

Since then she has dedicated her life and her multidimensional skills to the organization and expansion of various UCM projects around the world.

"Before I met the Teaching of Traditional Angelology, words like spiritual, Angels, etc. did not interest me at all, even frightened me in some way. But little by little I discovered all the logic and greatness of this Teaching which is very concrete and based on fundamental codes of life. For me, Traditional Angelology, the understanding of dreams, signs and symbols, is a way of life; a direct access to spiritual autonomy. I had recurring dreams all my childhood, I could not speak about it to anybody, because nobody in my entourage spoke about dreams and it feels good now to have this knowledge in me, to be able to help others, to analyze their dreams, their signs, their inner guidance with the knowledge that I acquired with the DSSI Training (Dream-Sign-Symbol Interpretation) from the UCM Research and Teaching Center. It is so wonderful to live your life as I am living it now. I can say now that I experience an expansion of my consciousness with each understanding, it is truly magical and liberating."

Martine now lives her life following the guidance through her dreams and the signs of daily life with the only objective to become a better person, to learn to materialize Divinely on Earth.

"This Teaching is for me the learning of the marriage of Spirit and Matter, the return to the Source of who we really are...

Her journey, her experience and her UCM training make her an ambassador and a true source of inspiration for her friends and for all those who know her. In helping relationships and in her mission at the Angelica Clinic, Martine counsels with all her heart and helps us better understand that dreams, signs and symbols are there to guide us, to help us reprogram our lives.

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