I can tell you about dreams and nightmares... I've had so man every night for more than 25 years... today I understand that our life is like a dream... that we grow with our errors and our experiences ... that the negative is just a school in which we improve ourselves...

Professor, Author and International Speaker and Specialist on Emotional Intelligence (Emotional Quotient or EQ) and the Interpretation of Dreams, Signs and Symbols in more than 50 countries throughout the world, Francis L Kaya is also the President of UCM Teaching & Research Center, established in several countries of the Americas, Europe and Asia. His example of devotion and humanitarianism as a philanthropist has become a source of inspiration for millions of people on the planet. His capacity to understand and explain the functioning of EQ, of human consciousness through symbolic language is an extraordinary source of knowledge. An excellent educator and lecturer, he helps us discover in depth the importance of our hidden potential and our autonomy of consciousness.

His journey has become an inspiration testifying that everyone has the power to improve, transform their life, build it or rebuild it. His overall history leads us to discover the many steps and changes he has made in his life to become a modern-day philosopher.

Symbolic language will become one of the major understandings of our century... because symbols are expressions of our memories, the fundamental codes of who we are... — KAYA

In the 1990s, during an intense period of working on himself that lasted many years and continues today, he began to study his dreams methodically in order to find consistency in nightmares and pose profound questions about symbolic language. He emerged from this period inspired to continue and devote his life to research in the fields of EQ and dreams, signs and symbols. He is now a guest professor at several universities around the world as a specialist in the field of symbolic language. His students are doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, professors, therapists, business people, etc., from several countries. He shares this devotion to teach and help humanity, and to understand the multidimensions and the powers of consciousness and the unconscious, with his wife Professor Christiane Muller.


Together they have written many books which have become bestsellers translated into several languages. In 2001, Kaya and Christiane founded the non-profit & international organization UCM with their philanthropic friend and lawyer Jean Morissette. Since then, a team of authors, creators, editors and translators including more than 1000 volunteers from several countries have helped to create this wonderful non-profit organization that has become the UCM Teaching & Research Center.

In 2010, he sets up the Angelica Clinic, which now receives several hundred patients per year from several countries around the world. The Clinic offers holistic health care to understand dreams-signs and symbols, as well as the fundamentals of EQ with a whole new symbolic approach to the physical and metaphysical levels.

In 2014, Kaya and Christiane begin the first cycle of the Dream, Sign and Symbol Interpretation (DSSI) training. The initial courses were given in Canada and Europe with one of the objectives being the training of new therapists and teachers, as well as doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses and medical personnel. The DSSI training became available in India in March 2016 and starts in Vietnam in February 2017. Kaya also began to offer a school program to more than thousands of students in several cities of India. Many schools have followed this unique and fascinating curriculum that prepares and inspires youth to understand the functioning of EQ and the symbolic language of dreams, signs and symbols.

Professor Kaya has also published a long-awaited book that has already become a worldwide reference and bestseller in the field of dream interpretation, signs and symbols as much as on the personal, social and medical levels: The Source Code, a Dictionary on Dreams, Signs & Symbols. This unique book is the result of more than 25 years of work and research for Kaya, during the last 10 of which he was joined by a team of over 100 people, including doctors, nurses, therapists, teachers, etc.

He is currently working with a team of computer engineers to implement a new technology called Source Code Technology that will integrate symbolic language with artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics via the Source Code Technology Foundation (SCT). This advanced software will be used for medical, therapeutic and educational purposes.

In parallel to his work as CEO and Professor, Kaya gives interviews around the world to demonstrate the importance of deeply understanding our EQ, dreams, signs and symbols. He also presents weekly international webinars in dreams, signs and symbols in English and French where people from several countries attend live.

Updated 26-jan-17