• Banniere Dru Delmonico UCM Assistante Professeure

Dru’s original background is in Classics, which she sees as a wonderful study of the human condition: while discovering the core of what we share with our ancient ancestors, we also appreciate how much humanity has evolved. Dru went back to school for a second degree in Computer Information Systems, where she developed her interests in interactive learning and instructional design and editing. It is a joy for her to apply her experience at UCM today, by helping with web content, translations, assessments, proofreading, and she has done also with great joy and devotion the English narration for the upcoming Angelic Yoga videos. For Dru, helping Humanity and contributing to the non-profit organization UCM are an especially profound and humbling experience--to connect with others and share knowledge on this path.

Dru is a California native who in 2013 discovered UCM with her husband Nils during one of Christiane and Kaya’s tours. In fact, fate would arrange for them to host the UCM founders for a life-changing visit. After moving from the Bay Area to Nils’s home country of Switzerland, the two began the DSSI (Dreams-Signs-Symbols Interpretation) training, which has been transformational on both the individual level and as a couple.