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72 Angels - Introduction Bundle

Discover the 72 Angels simply

The wisdom and guidance of the 72 Angels to develop profound qualities and virtues.

Introduction to the Teaching of the 72 Angels with lectures, yoga classes, music and meditations.

Evolve with the best spiritual tools

Through this bundle containing a lecture, 2 yoga exercises and 3 meditations, access a unique knowledge, from your home.

Deepen what is an Angel, how to meditate and work on oneself, thanks to the angelic mantras and notably by the qualities of the Angel Haziel.

Find the videos in your account, accessible at all times and download the meditations and mantras for unlimited listening.

In this bundle :


Knowledge that feels good!

Thank you all for your inspiring testimonials.

Nadia A.
Nadia A.Finally I am evolving!!!
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Discovering the knowledge of the Angels has changed my way of walking spiritually. Thank you to Christiane for her deeply touching conference on Universal Love!
Henry K.
Henry K.Thanks to Christiane :)
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To be honest I didn't know about angels and I can tell you that Christiane explains wonderfully how to work with them. Conferences to see absolutely, whatever our beliefs we are respected.
Leslie L.
Leslie L.The mantras of Kasara
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Mantra has given me so much in my time of need. It has become as important to me as my yoga routine every morning. I already knew the mantras, but not the ones with the angels' names.

About this bundle

The 72 angels play an important role in determining our destiny and guiding us on our life path. Each person is assigned a specific birth angel, also known as a guardian angel, who guides us to evolve throughout our lives. By connecting with our birth angels, we can access their wisdom and guidance to navigate our journey to develop profound qualities and virtues.

In addition to connecting with our birth angels, incorporating angels into our yoga practice can enhance the spiritual benefits of this ancient practice. Invoking angels during meditation can bring an increased sense of protection and guidance in our quest for self-discovery and enlightenment. Angel cards and mantras can also be incorporated into a yoga session to invoke specific qualities, such as love or abundance.

In general, incorporating angels into our yoga practice can strengthen our connection to them and bring a greater sense of peace and alignment into our lives.

To find out your birth angel, you can enter your birth information on our 3 Birth Angels.

It is also helpful to meditate and ask for a sign from your birth angel, such as seeing numbers repeated at specific times and indicating momentum in synchronicity.

In romantic relationships, angels can play an important role in helping to harmonize and heal any conflicts or challenges. By invoking the angels during meditation or by communicating with our partner, we can open ourselves to receive their guidance and support to reconcile differences and strengthen our bond.

72 Angels - Introduction Bundle

Introduction to the 72 Angels Teaching with lectures, yoga classes, music and meditations. [...]



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The Book of Angels

Ancestral knowledge applied to the modern era

The Angel Books are worldwide reference books and best-sellers in many countries to better understand working with Angels, the benefits it brings, and how to integrate Angelic energies into our daily lives in a modern and multi-dimensional way.
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