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The law of resonance, its principles and its usefulness for our evolution

Does someone upset you? Does a situation make you angry? You can't resolve a conflict? Or maybe you've been betrayed or hurt... and you can't forgive... Did you know that this is related to the "law of resonance", or the "law of attraction"? This law represents a universal, scientific principle, very concrete at the same time... which explains that each object, which has its own vibration, will start to resonate with any other object which has the same vibration... It seems very simple... But are we really aware of the depth of this law?

The law of resonance

Why does the law of resonance, when properly understood and applied, allow us to take great steps in our evolution? This article helps us understand the fundamental aspects related to the principles of resonance, and how it can serve as a basis for evolution in our daily lives.

Concrete life... and the resonances it can bring us...

Imagine, we can sometimes get angry, upset or impatient in certain situations... we can lose a lot of energy when we let out our frustrations and discontentment... It's normal! you might say... The other person hurt me... or insulted me... or made decisions that went against me, he even abused me...

How to get out of a role of victim, frustration or conflict (internal or external), thanks to the law of resonance?

For this, it is enough to understand this law and its application in terms of emotions and memories at the human level, and not only to see it at the concrete level, between a very high-pitched sound and a crystal glass that breaks for example.

Let's take a concrete situation: according to the definition, if I have a certain vibration, a certain emotional frequency inside me, then by resonance, a person who will have the same vibratory frequency will enter in resonance with me... For example, if I am friends with a person who represents joy, kindness, benevolence, it is because I too am able to manifest these qualities, and by resonance, I attract people who vibrate at these frequencies of joy, kindness and benevolence.

How to apply the law of resonance?

However, a law being a law, one cannot say that it works "from time to time" or "just about"... A law, especially when it is a fundamental principle of the Universe, is absolute. Also, it requires a lot of humility and the ability to question oneself when one has to apply a law in a more negative context than the one presented above.

So, when my neighbor annoys me, for example, or if a member of my family is disrespectful and that saddens me, or hurts me, it is time to apply the law of resonance, because it can help us...

According to the principles of this law, we must be able to recognize that we will vibrate at a frequency of conflict, disrespect, aggression, anger, or any other negative emotion that may emerge from a situation that disturbs us.

However, we do not want conflict, we seek the good... Or we have been betrayed by someone, and we say to ourselves that we would never have committed such an act, so the law of resonance does not apply... or we wonder if it only works in one direction, or only to a certain percentage...

Even when he feels that the other person bears most of the responsibility for the conflict or the problem (and this can indeed be the case), a being on a deep journey, who is working on himself, remembers that the law of resonance exists, and that if he attracted such a situation, it is because he had something to understand... it is because memories vibrated at the same frequency as the situation or the person who poses a problem in his life...

Thus, we understand that we are always angry at aspects of ourselves that we have not yet resolved, and that the other person, as long as he or she disturbs us or triggers negative emotions or thoughts in us, represents a part of ourselves, to a certain percentage.

Examples of hidden resonances...

Because yes, a person who has been cheated on, even though he or she has always been faithful, has resonances with infidelity. How is this possible? Infidelity must be understood in terms of unconscious memories at that time, more subtle, where the person may have accumulated needs of all kinds but never manifested them concretely for example... She may have sometimes nurtured desires, thoughts and emotions that did not respect her commitments or values, and this creates a form of infidelity...

Or they may have been too kind, too stimulating of their spouse's needs at times... This too creates a form of infidelity, because by being too kind, too gentle, by accepting or endorsing almost everything, it will generate codes that the person is too accessible, that it is too easy with them and will lead to infidelity in the other.

Or, the person may have closed himself or herself off from the other person, having difficulty being close to his or her spouse in every way, and this too, on some level, represents a lack of fidelity to the values of the couple.

It is the same with a situation with a colleague for example, or a neighbor, or a family member who gets on our nerves. We could believe that it is his fault, because it is him who shouts, or insults, or speaks badly... But nevertheless, the law of resonance is there... When we know it, we can no longer put ourselves in the position of victim...

We tell ourselves that we don't shout, we don't speak badly to others, we don't insult anyone... We ask ourselves why, but why do I attract this when I am a good person?

If we look deep inside ourselves for the times when we may have, in the past, communicated too intensely, or refused to communicate, because we kept too much inside ourselves... if we look in our thoughts, in our heart, to see if sometimes we are not criticizing or sending arrows to the other, at a more subtle level... Only by looking in our negative memories can we truly reprogram our frequencies that resonate with negativity and attract it.

How do you reprogram the negative that you attract?

The awareness of the memories shown in dreams, their symbolic understanding and the ability to observe and decode the way dreams manifest themselves in our daily lives, as well as the study of signs, the practice of mantras and meditation, are real keys to our evolution. With time, by becoming aware of our memories, our resonances, and their influences on our inner energy and our behaviors, we can progressively change in depth and reprogram our old ways of functioning.

In conclusion, what is the purpose of working with the law of resonance?

The different examples above finally lead us to realize that what we attract is what we are, in terms of percentages, according to our degree of disturbance. Because yes, one day, a person can hurt us, insult us, set a trap for us, betray us, and we are no longer disturbed, we no longer feel like counter-attacking, nor taking revenge, nor blaming them...

At that moment, we understand that the other is a part of us, we reprogram ourselves, and we know that we can end the cycles that led us to attract the same types of problems...

Imagine... the law of resonance is like a compass of evolution... it leads us to understand where we come from, what we can do, and in which direction we can go... because when we no longer have negative resonance, we make better choices, we make better decisions, and we follow a path that is always healthier and more beneficial for our evolution, and that of others around us...