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How can dreams help us? (English version)

Did you know that all dreams have a meaning? Beyond these images that we receive at night, there is a code, a language, that we can all learn to decode, to help us better understand ourselves in our daily lives. In this lecture, presented by the Professors and Assistant Professors of the UCM Teaching and Research Center, we will discover the secrets of the symbolic language present in dreams, but also in our concrete reality. 

We also present the DSSI Training (Dream Interpretation, Signs, Symbols), a unique program for learning to interpret dreams on a daily basis, with weekly follow-up in an online portal. This training represents the world reference in the field of dream interpretation, and our research is followed by psychologists, doctors, psychiatrists and therapists around the world.

When we understand the Symbolic Language, we enter a new reality: we understand the symbols that our dreams present to us every night, but we can also decode the symbols present in our daily lives. In fact, everything we experience during the day can be analyzed as a dream. Thus, when we study the Symbolic Language, we can not only understand ourselves better from the inside, but also learn to decode our external life with a new dimension...

In this conference, discover 14 exceptional sharings on various and multi-dimensional topics, presented by experts of the Symbolic language and the interpretation of dreams. Enter the heart of the Knowledge of dreams and symbols, with these inspiring and instructive real-life testimonies...

Conference Chapters:

0:00 – Introduction by Kaya
3:00 – Kaya | Presentation of the DSSI Training
27:00 – Martine | When the veil of illusions lifts
31:23 – Kasara | I still dream about my ex
36:30 – Anthony | This code that changes everything
43:17 – Eloi | A dressed cat
46:40 - Kaya | Studies and Research of the UCM Center
50:30 - Christiane | Sunflowers turned towards the light
1:00:19 - Kaya | Sharing
1:05:43 - Haritha | Spiritual Illusions
1:10:22 - Kaya | Sharing
1:12:30 – Santhosh | Decoding our loved ones with discernment
1:16:11 - Geoffrey | A dream to know how to intervene
1:22:12 – Ân | Healing Mental Issues
1:28:13 – Linh | The reflection of Change
1:32:46 – Alexis | Secret Conversation
1:37:40 – Emeline | The Butterfly Child
1:47:04 – Kaya | Conclusion & Credits