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The Book of Angels - The secrets found


Presented in Spanish
Date: 19/09/2020
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In today's world, what does it mean to be spiritual, to be... an angel? How can we reconcile the obligations of the material world with our deepest aspirations? What meaning can we give to current events, to our trials, to our difficulties and, quite simply, to our daily lives?

Where does this feeling I have, this desire to see beyond appearances, come from? What do these dreams I have, these coincidences I observe, these intuitions I feel mean?

If you also ask yourself these questions, if you also believe that it is possible to find a different kind of happiness, reasons and answers that are both higher and more understandable, that absolutely everything we experience in our lives has a real meaning, this conference will interest you...

In this presentation, our assistant professor Nils Delmonico will give a thematic introduction to the Book of Angels, published in Spanish. Through very concrete examples, the basic knowledge necessary to understand the concepts of memories, the law of resonance and the symbol of the Angel in the modern spiritual world will be presented.

Nils will also share poignant examples from his own experience, study illustrative dreams and provide important keys to the development of a deep spirituality adapted to our contemporary society...

El libro de los Ángeles - Los Secretos Reencontrados

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