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The construction of our personality - Angel Sitael 3 -
Conference with Regine Thomas


Presented in Spanish
Date: 28/10/2022
Presented by

Building with the angel Sitael N°3 is a very broad subject that can be understood on many levels: you can build a house or an object, you can make a garment, you can have a child, and you can also build your personality.

We will see how we build ourselves with positive and negative aspects according to what we lived in our childhood and also according to our memories and experiences?

In this conference, Regine explains these mechanisms and illustrates them with concrete examples. In addition, she gives keys to help them.

When we have a solid and balanced structure, then we will have strength, balance in our life... we will be able to make the right decision... we will be able to materialize in the right way.

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