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Preparing for a harmonious life - Angel 38 Haamiah


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Does the monotony of your daily life seem like a dead end, does it weigh you down, does it bore you, does it make you live on automatic pilot? In short, has your life become a real martyrdom?

Sometimes you are afraid of spirits or entities, being possessed, and you would like to know what exactly is an exorcism?

Or are you looking for an extraordinary love story and are ready for anything?

If these questions seem familiar to you... this conference is for you...

In this course, Nils will share inspiring examples and teachings to help you transform your life into a ritual in its deepest sense: doing your daily activities with a qualitative and symbolic intention to perceive the multi-dimensions in every moment. The sacred meaning of everything... Then everything you undertake will bring you energy and satisfaction, and you will feel efficient and well organized, on the outside... and on the inside YES!

Nils Delmonico, expert in martial arts and symbolic language, will welcome you with his beautiful heart energy for this online course on Angel 38 Haamiah, one of the 72 Angels of traditional angelology. He will explain how to practice mantras in a sacred way and how to prepare, plan... For preparation is an important key to true success...


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