The Book of Angels, The Divine Couple

Authors: Kaya and Christiane Muller
ISBN: 978-2-923654-74-4
6" X 9" (15 cm x 23 cm)
480 pages


“You feel tired, but you don’t know why… Your senses are changing, do you know why? The more you think and feel, the more questions you have… Why does love have to be so complicated? You’re tired of the superficial tendencies around you… When you ask yourself, “Why live, if I have to die?” But think about it… are you always truly authentic or have you become good playing the game?” 

Have you ever received an inner answer that shakes your entire existence? Do you know that the Universe, God – or whatever name you prefer -, this true Living Computer, speaks to us through dreams, signs and symbolic language?

Would you like to develop your emotional intelligence & start remembering your dreams more and more clearly? Do you want to learn how to understand them? If the answer is yes, then all you need to do is read this book to learn how to invoke the Name of an Angel like a mantra and the answers will be revealed to you in your dreams and through signs in your daily life. By invoking the Angels, you will enter the heart of Destiny and you will activate your divine potential. You will receive continual, concrete guidance beyond anything you have ever imagined. You will realize that signs and dreams are composed of symbols and that Angels are not little cherubs with wings but a symbolic representation of our divine conscience, our multidimensional existence.

With this book, you will enter the most profound ancient wisdom of love, and you will learn how to unveil and transform your own deepest unconscious wounds and secrets. You will learn a new way of seeing life by understanding the synchronicities of the Universe we live in. You will begin by integrating the fact that coincidences don’t exist… how, one day or another, we always reap what we sow… how we always attract a facet of who we are, whether we know it or not.